New to Ayahuasca? Start Here (10 Days)


For those of you who are new here, or new to this medicine of Ayahuasca, we have written 10 lessons that we feel are very helpful to anyone who is called to Mother Ayahuasca.

We highly recommend you read these lessons below.

They will give you so much more insight into what this path is truly about, if Ayahuasca is really for you, and how to have the best possible journey with this life-changing medicine.

(And to make sure that you don’t get lost in this path of healing)

If anything, and all you do is read one of these, I would read Lesson #1.

Understanding the importance of Ayahuasca in the “big picture” is crucial if you are serious about really wanting to step into your true purpose here in the world, and let go of the things that may be keeping you trapped or unfulfilled in life.

Click any of the links below, to be taken to the Ayahuasca lesson:

Lesson #1 – Why Does Ayahuasca Even Matter?

Lesson #2 – The Great Awakening & Ayahuasca

Lesson #3 – What Is Ayahuasca REALLY?

Lesson #4 – Who is Ayahuasca for?

Lesson #5 – The Deception of Healing

Lesson #6 – How To Choose The Right Shaman

Lesson #7 – How Do You Protect Yourself?

Lesson #8 – What To Expect From Your Ayahuasca Ceremony

Lesson #9 – After Your Ayahuasca Ceremony…

Lesson #10 – If You Only Remember 1 Thing…