Lesson #1 – Why does Ayahuasca Even Matter?

We are so passionate about sharing this sacred
medicine and Teacher with the world.

But why?

Why does Ayahuasca even matter?

Why are we going through such lengths to share
this medicine with the world?

It’s simple.


But what is Healing?

Healing… is all about clearing away the illusions.

See, so many of us are operating in the world, not
even aware that we’re living in a world of illusion.

That there are so many things that are taught to us,
that we continue to believe and hold true…

That keep us unhappy.

That keep us stuck, and running around in a hamster
wheel of unconsciousness and unhappiness.

What are these illusions I speak about?

There are many.

And for those who aren’t ready, speaking about them
doesn’t make any sense.

But if you’re reading these words, I believe it’s
because you are ready.

You can feel there’s something off with the way
the world operates.

There’s something simply not right about not only
the systems that govern our world, the values, of
money and the endless need for more…

But more importantly, you can feel this part within
you that just questions… and looks for answers…

This part of you that seeks Truth…

Basically, I’ll put it this way…

Life is a mirror.

What you put out, is what you get back.

So if you’re unhappy in any way, it’s not that you
need to change what’s happening outside of you…

But you simply need to look within, and change
whatever is inside that is making your external
reality the way that it is.

Everything… absolutely everything in your life
is your own creation.

Every experience, every joy, every pain, every
moment of happiness and sadness…

All the things you like about life, and all the
things you really really dislike…

It’s all been created by you.

Not consciously, or on purpose, however.

So many things, especially the things you’re not
happy with, are created because of parts within
you that need healing.

Which brings me to tell you about one of the
greatest illusions that we were taught in this

First, I have to say, the only reason you’re reading
these words is because you’re ready to Wake Up.

To this Truth, that reality is what you make it.

That you are the Ultimate Creator of your reality.

That you are Infinite Potential Source Energy, manifest.

And why Ayahuasca matters in all of this…

Is because there are so many illusions, and stories
that we hold true about ourselves…

“I can’t do that”
“I don’t deserve it”
“I’m not beautiful enough”
“I’m not good enough”

Or whatever they are…

These countless stories we hold about ourselves, all
these illusions, get in the way of us creating the
life that we really want.

And these parts, need healing.

We all have parts of us deep within, that are so
hurt, so sad…

Sometimes we like to pretend they don’t exist.

Or sometimes people aren’t even aware that
they’re there.

But they are.

They exist inside each and every one of us.

You know, the pained childhood; the hurt inner-child
that never got love, or was told you’re not good enough,
you can’t do it…

The inner-child that was abused maybe physically,
verbally, or maybe even sexually…

Unresolved past relationships, or grudges we hold
against family or exes…

Whatever they are, we all have parts of us that
need healing.

And these parts of us leave us with stories about
ourselves, an internal self-talk that keeps us
playing small, and unfulfilled.

And this is why Ayahuasca matters.

So we can finally heal these parts of us.

And see through the illusions that have kept us
stuck in life.

There are countless, which you have to discover
for yourself. You may know of some, and others,
you aren’t even aware of.

And if you’re ready, to really take a deep look within…

To go into your shadows and find all the parts
of you that need healing…

To find all the illusions that you hold to be
true, that keep you unhappy and playing small…

And to fully wake up to your greatest potential,
your greatest joy, and your deepest purpose.

And most importantly to Wake Up to Who You Really Are…

Then you can see if there’s an alignment for
you and one of our Ayahuasca retreats here:


We’re here for you, to help you in every way we can.
Only if you feel the calling, of course.

To fully Wake Up.

To see the illusions for illusions.

And to finally see through them.

So you can return to living as the Infinite Potential
Source Energy, with no limits, that you really are…

And fully live the life that you came here to live.

To your deepest awakening,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS – In the next lesson, we’ll go into why Ayahuasca is
arising in popularity so quickly in the world, and
how it’s playing such a vital role in The Great
Awakening we are going through as a collective.
To learn more, click here!

With so much love! <3