Lesson #7 – How Do You Protect Yourself?

For thousands of years, ancient Amazonian
tribes have worked with Ayahuasca for healing
and Divination.

That means, to connect to the Divine within.

Ancient tribes looked at Ayahuasca as a tool
to be able to leave the body, and enter the
“Wilca Mayu” which is Quechua, the indigenous
language of Peru, for the Milky Way, which
translates to the “Sacred River”.

The tribes looked at the Milky Way, or Wilca
Mayu, as a passageway for spirits from this
world, back into the spiritual world and higher

And they looked at Ayahuasca as a tool to go
to this Sacred River, collect powers, and then
come back with new para-normal, beyond-human

People didn’t always use the abilities and
powers for good, however.

And we’re not saying this to scare you, but
there are a lot of shamans out there who
don’t have your highest intention in mind.

With the sudden rise of Ayahuasca popularity
in the world, and with hundreds of thousands
of people traveling to Peru for Ayahuasca
every year…

There are many people who are out there,
serving medicine, who aren’t qualified to.

Who are there to either get your money,
or feed off your energy, to name a few.

But we’re not saying this to scare you.

On the contrary.

We’re here to help give you the awareness,
so you don’t enter this realm of Ayahuasca
blind to these matters.

And we’re here to teach you how to release
any fear so you can enter your Ayahuasca
ceremony or Ayahuasca retreat in the
cleanest vibrational state that you can.

Very few people talk about this, but we feel
that it’s very important.

You’re opening so many portals, literally,
when you drink Ayahuasca.

And it’s the shaman’s job – the person who’s
serving you the medicine – to be able to
keep you safe, and protect each person in
the ceremony.

That’s why we say that many people aren’t qualified
to serve medicine, because many people sharing
medicine aren’t aware of this, or how to keep
a space energetically clean.

Ideally, you sit with a shaman who is aware of
all the spirits, energies and portals that are
open, and is very well-equipped to be able to
keep you and every person in the ceremony safe.

But for your own sake, it’s important that you
know how to protect yourself.

First and foremost, having only the highest,
purest intentions for your ceremony is a must.

We’ll go into this fully in Lesson 10, but for today’s
lesson, we’ll teach you how to protect yourself,
which is important to do regardless of who
your shaman or what your intention is.

It’s really simple actually.

There are 2 parts. First, is the invocation.

You simple say:

“I call forth Divine Love, Christ Consciousness,
all beings who come through Divine Love, Christ
Consciousness, and nothing but Divine Love,
Christ Consciousness”

Remember this.

As you can notice, you say it 3 times, because
3 is a very powerful, magic number.

And when you say “Christ Consciousness” – that
can be replaced with anything that vibrates in
the same energy…

You can say “God Light” “God Consciousness”
“Buddha Consciousness” or whatever feels
most aligned for you, that is calling forth
and invoking the same Essential Truth of Source.

This literally creates a force-field of energy
around you, that makes it so that only beings
who vibrate at that vibration and higher, can
enter your field.

Second, and this is even more powerful than what
I shared above…

Is to simply return to your heart.

To return to love.

At any moment, if your ceremony is ever difficult,
for whatever reason…

Just… Breathe.

Breathing brings you into the heart faster than
anything else, as the heart chakra is actually
much more about the lungs… than it is about
the heart itself.

So, come into your heart. Breathe. Feel love.

And in that vibration, nothing can touch you.

Nothing but beings and energies of the highest,
purest, Divine Love can enter your space,
regardless of what is happening in your ceremony…

This is the one way to always return to a place
of ease and joy, no matter what.


Take this lesson, not only into your Ayahuasca
ceremony or retreat, but into your everyday life.

Whenever it’s getting hard…

Make that invocation.

And breathe.

You will find so much more joy and peace, in
every moment, when you can make this your habit.

And when you feel like you’re ready, you can
learn more about our Ayahuasca retreats here:


To your deepest healing & awakening,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS – In the next lesson we’ll share one of the most
important things you need to know before you
attend any ceremony, in order for you to have
the most enjoyable experience that you can.

We’ll let you know exactly what to expect, and
what mindset to have before drinking Ayahuasca,
especially if it’s your first time.

If you want to learn more, click here.

Thank you!