Buy Ayahuasca Online, Purchase Ayahuasca Tea – Warning!

ayahuasca teaIf you want to buy Ayahuasca online, or you’re even slightly interested in purchasing Ayahuasca tea, you NEED to read this page.

Please, read every word on this page before you even consider if you should buy Ayahuasca tea or not. I don’t want to scare you, but you need to know the risks involved of taking Ayahuasca on your own.

Now, first of all –

If you really want to go deep and experience the infinite gifts of the medicine, doing a retreat is simply the clear answer. Traveling to Peru is an amazing experience, and working with the shamans there is the best way to experience this medicine for yourself.

There is no shortcut to deep healing, and if you really want to experience the gifts that Mother Ayahuasca can give you, it’s not going to be by doing it by yourself in your room, or with your friends.
You absolutely need a trained shaman to hold space for you, or you will end up having a very bad experience if you sit with Ayahuasca yourself. This isn’t a drug, nor something you “just try”. If you are simply curious about trying Ayahuasca, and your intentions are not rooted in the deepest healing for yourself, then please come back when you are ready to do real inner work and healing.

If your intentions are of course for your inner transformation and healing, and going to Peru is too time consuming / expensive for you, then we are so grateful to be able to announce:

We are in the process of setting up our Ayahuasca Church in America, and bringing this medicine to the United States. If you are interested in this, click here to learn more.

If for whatever reason, you are still really wanting to find ayahuasca for sale, or purchase ayahuasca tea to consume by yourself, this is what you need to know before you decide to buy Ayahuasca online or not…

3 Rules You Must Know Before You Buy Ayahuasca Online


Do EVERYTHING you can to sit with a proper curandero / shaman, instead of drinking Ayahuasca on your own.

Again, I can not emphasize this enough.

Stop looking for Ayahuasca for sale. Do NOT buy Ayahuasca online, or experience this medicine without a trained shaman. If you do, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Honestly, with nothing but love, please do not purchase the Ayahuasca tea to consume by yourself. Let me explain why, in more detail.

When you sit with Ayahuasca, you open up so many portals and doors to other dimensions. Unless you’ve been specifically trained in knowing how to navigate these realms, it can be very dangerous for you to drink Iowasca tea without a trained shaman to hold the space and keep you safe from entities that don’t have your best interest in mind.

I can go into this so much, explaining the dangers, what can happen, all the reasons why a shaman is so important, and all that, but there’s no need. Just trust me here. This really isn’t negotiable.

Find a shaman / trained Ayahuasca curandero (healer) to lead you through your journey. Period.

That’s why we go through such lengths to create the proper environment for each of our guests at our retreats. There is so much work that is actually involved in making sure your stay at one of our Ayahuasca Healings Retreats is as powerful and transformational as it can be. It’s not just serving you a cup of Ayahuasca tea, and that’s it…

There is SO much work before, during, and after your ceremony, to keep the space energetically clean, to keep you safe, and to ensure you have only a beyond-positive experience. The training that goes into this work takes years (lifetimes, really), and is no easy task.

That’s why it’s important to drink Ayahuasca with a trained shaman, simply because, you need to be able to surrender and go into your journey, rather than focusing on keeping the space energetically clean from entities. That’s the shaman’s job, and that’s why you need them.

The next rule is this…

2) Only purchase Ayahuasca for yourself (and/or others) if you’re already really experienced with the medicine.

That means you’ve sat with the medicine not once, not twice, but PLENTY (hundreds) of times before, and more important than the number of times you’ve sat with mother Ayahuasca, is that you have a STRONG connection with her.

Ultimately, you should have the permission from madre, to sit with her on your own, and you should know how to keep a HIGH VIBRATION throughout your entire ceremony.

This is a must.

I believe this is the only way you keep any negative energies away from you – by staying Untouchable in your highest vibration.

Mother Ayahuasca will tell you when you are ready to sit with her by yourself. But until then, you need to have your Ayahuasca ceremonies in the presence of a trained shaman.

And if you’re planning on sharing the medicine with others, you need to have PERMISSION from mother Ayahuasca.

This isn’t a game. This isn’t for anybody to just try, just because. Or to experience because you’re just curious. No, no, no… and this leads me to my third point:

3) Make sure your INTENTIONS are PURE.

As I’ve touched on before:

This means you’re drinking the medicine for your own personal healing, expansion, growth, evolution, awakening… To serve the whole, and bring this healing into the collective, and into the heart of the world… to offer this to the service of all beings, and to bring all the highest, purest values that you know you’re here to bring to the world…

THIS has to be the foundation of your ceremony. Not in those exact words. But your intention MUST be rooted in the service of yourself, your people, and your planet.

Not only if you buy iawaska tea to drink on your own, but no matter what Ayahuasca ceremony or retreat you go to, you must have pure intentions.

Make sure you have the highest intentions for yourself and the whole.


It’s all pretty simple actually.

Build a relationship with Mother Ayahuasca first, THEN, and only then, if you FEEL like you get the deep internal guidance and permission from her that you can sit with her on your own, then you can. Until then, do not purchase Iowaska tea, or buy ayahuasca online for personal use, until you’ve experienced many Ayahuasca ceremonies / retreats.

Keep growing in your relationship with her. Sit with a trained Ayahuasca shaman. Do a retreat. Visit Peru (the longer you can go, the better – if you can stay in Peru for several months, do it!). And even better, come to one of our Ayahuasca retreats in Peru. Ultimately, commit to growing within yourself and in your relationship with Mother Ayahuasca. It’s really a life-long journey.

All the best in your path, and remember, nothing beats having your own ceremony with a trained shaman, so even if it takes longer for you to sit with Mother Ayahuasca, and have your own Ayahuasca experience, it’s better to wait. Do not rush. Do whatever you need to do, to make it happen. Come to Peru and do it the right way.

It’s better you do it right, than doing it fast. Period.

Infinite love & blessings, always,