Lesson #8 – What To Expect From Your Ayahuasca Ceremony

What can you expect from your Ayahuasca ceremony?

First of all, it’s important to know that each ceremony
and each experience is different. It’s important to
surrender to the process and not have many expectations.

You may receive the deepest healing on every level
of your being, physically, mentally, emotionally…

You may experience the Truth of Who You Really
Are, from such a deeply experiential place…

You may feel and experience the most beautiful level of
love and compassion that you’ve ever felt before…

Or you may have a difficult time, puking all night,
and cleaning yourself to the deepest depths.

You might even cry all night in fetal position,
releasing the deepest pain and hurt that’s
within you.

Or you may experience all of that.

But the fact is…

If you really want the best ceremony or retreat
that you could possibly have…

You have to expect nothing. No expectations.

At all.

I know that can be hard to do, especially for those
of you who are going through such lengths, to
perhaps come to Peru, to drink Ayahuasca.

How could you not have any expectations?

Well, by reading these words, you’re one step
closer to wiping the slate clean.

See, nothing means anything, but the meaning
you give it.

Everything in life, every experience, is a
blank canvas.

It has no meaning, but it is up to us as
individuals to give it any meaning at all.

For example, you got into a car accident.

Is that good, or bad?

It’s neither.

It’s a blank canvas, and you as the painter of
your magnificent creation – your life – get to
paint the meaning on to it.

You can say it’s good, because it taught you
a valuable lesson, whatever it may be.

Or, you can be horribly upset, for weeks, maybe
even months, about what happened.

You can complain, about your car, about being
hurt, and whine about all the inconveniences
it has brought you.

It’s a choice.

Because the experience is not good or bad.

It’s a white canvas, and you give it its meaning.

The exact same is with Ayahuasca.

Every experience you have…

Is neither good, nor bad.

And no matter what happens, regardless of how
love-filled it is, or how difficult it may be…

It’s up to you to give it its meaning.

For me, the best perspective that I like to
have, is that no matter what happens in my

It’s good for me.

Why do I say that?

Because I know it, to such a deep degree.

If I have a hard time, which happens every
now and then, I know I’m being cleaned to
such a deep cellular level.

And even if I don’t understand what happened
that night of my ceremony…

I don’t need to.

It does no good whatsoever to try to reduce
such a profound beyond-words experience,
into a box of mental concepts.

It’s like trying to put the ocean into a
water bottle.

You can’t.

And if you try to understand your experience
from the mind…

You won’t.

The fact is, the medicine cleans you to such
a deep degree.

Cellular reconfiguration, and layers deep
within your psyche are being cleaned up and

All that doesn’t serve you, comes up and out,
through drinking Ayahuasca.

Not all in one night, which is why people continue
to sit with the medicine for years, but bit by
bit, it happens.

You get cleaner, lighter, and return more and
more to your Essential Truth.

You don’t always get what you want with Ayahuasca…

You get what you need.

So release your expectations. All of them,
if you want the best experience that you can have.

Once you drink, you’ve done your job, and
there’s nothing more to do.

You let go, and let the medicine work.

If you can do that, then perhaps our Ayahuasca
retreats are for you:


Remember, release all expectations.

Your only job is to make your way to a ceremony.

If you feel the call, you feel the call.

To helping you let go, and let love,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

In the next lesson we’ll go into how to get the
most out of your Ayahuasca experience AFTER
you’ve finished your ceremony or retreat,
so your deep healing & realizations can be
a life-long gift

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Much love! <3