Lesson #3 – What Is Ayahuasca REALLY?

Ayahuasca, or mother Ayahuasca, as they call her
in the Amazon…

Is the feminine spirit of Mother Earth, manifested
into a plant, a sacred vine, that is turned into
a tea and consumed.

As much research as you can find on DMT,
psychedelics and entheogens (which is a plant
substance that invokes the Divine within)…

I’m here to share with you a perspective that I
feel is more important when working specifically
with Ayahuasca.

Just as we’re going through The Great Awakening
right now in the world, what’s happening, more
specifically, is that the Divine Feminine is finally
being awoken within our collective consciousness.

It’s the unconscious masculine energy, of greed,
hunger for power, money, and this endless need
for more, that has played a big role in bringing this world
to the
state of dis-harmony that it is currently in.

This is the energy that drives cities – the
unconscious need for consumption.

And just as this egoic need for more has brought
so much of the war, chaos and unhappiness in the

It’s the Divine Feminine that is bringing back the
peace and harmony that our world so deeply needs.

If you look at it in Tantric philosophy, feminine
energy moves up, and masculine energy moves down.

That is exactly what is happening in our world
during this mass Awakening.

So, masculine energy, that has been very much
rooted in the lower chakras of physicality,
power, sexuality and will…

Is moving up, and coming back to the heart,
returning to the inter-connected Divine Nature
of all things.

Moving towards the crown chakra, that is all
about connection to Spirit and Who We Really Are.

And then the feminine energy, is moving down.

The feminine energy, naturally rooted in the
upper chakras, of connection to Spirit,
intuition, and most importantly, Love…

Is moving down, towards the lower chakras, grounding
more into the physical, and the world.

This is what is happening energetically in our
planet, and it’s the Divine Feminine energy
that will wake us up.

So when you sit with mother Ayahuasca, and they
call her mother, because just like a loving mom
she can be so kind and gentle, showing you the
deepest love you could ever imagine…

Or if you need it, she can give you some tough
love, and scold you, although from a place of
deeply caring for you, to really teach you.

As you sit with this medicine, the feminine spirit
of mother Ayahuasca, you invite her and the Awakening
of the deepest parts of your heart and love within you.

This is what each of us as individuals need in
the world for our Awakening and to return back
to our natural state of love, peace and presence.

And as we as individuals have these parts of us
awoken within, we impact the collective, grounding
this love and what it really means to live from
the heart, more and more into the world.

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

And we make it so much easier for each and every
being in the world to reach the same knowingness
and to return to the same joy and peace within.

That’s why we do this inner work.

That’s why we share this medicine.

Because we know that for every person who drinks
this sacred plant, we’re not only bringing
healing into one life…

But it’s creating endless ripples of love and
consciousness in the world.

That’s what Ayahuasca really is.

It’s the Awakening Divine Feminine, entering
the heart of the world, through the heart of
every being who sits with Her.

And as we all wake up to the beauty and majesty
of the Divine Feminine – LOVE – within, we
ground this into the world.

And to paradise on earth, we shall return.


It starts with each of us.

It’s not the world that needs peace.

It’s humans.

And as we humans have peace within our own hearts…

Then the world will know peace.

If you resonate with this, then perhaps
one of our Ayahuasca retreats is for you:


Feel free to read more about what we can help you
with, and please be in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you so much, truly, for all the love you shine,
and for bringing more love into the world, by being you.

To grounding more love in the world,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS – I’ve heard so many times from people that I’ve
spoken to who have sat with the medicine…

And I’ve personally had my own countless experiences
with this…

That in sitting with Ayahuasca, we’ve come back to
the realization, that we’re madly deeply in love,
with every being and every moment of existence.

What a beautiful perspective to see the world through,
and imagine if we can all live from that place…

And in the next lesson, I’ll go into how to know if
Ayahuasca is for you or not. A simple question,
with a simple answer.
But the greatest teachings,
I’ve found, are always
the simplest. CLICK!

With so much love, talk soon!