Lesson #10 – If You Only Remember One Thing…

Over the past 9 lessons, we’ve shared with you
several things that we feel are the most
important for you to know, to get the most
out of your journey with Ayahuasca.

And today, we share with you what we truly believe
is the most valuable and important tip that we can
teach you.

It’s all about your intention and attitude as
you approach the medicine.

Essentially, if there is any one thing that you
can learn from all that we’ve taught you…

It is this:

The intention and attitude that you have is THE
most important factor in determining the quality
of your experience.

If you look at Ayahuasca, and the gates of Truth
as a door…

How do you approach the door?

Do you come bowing?

In complete respect and reverence?

Only there to learn, to grow, to heal, and to
connect with the deepest depths of yourself?

Or do you come kicking the door down?

Or maybe with a drink in your hand?

What we’re saying is: Ayahuasca isn’t for those
who want to force their way to Healing and Truth.

It isn’t for anyone who comes demanding and
expecting something…

Ayahuasca is for those who can come honoring
the medicine, respecting the spirit of the
plant, and the Divine Feminine energy that
she beholds.

This medicine is for those who are truly serious
about their inner work and healing.

Or for those who are really ready to be serious.

For people who are truly dedicated to Truth,
to Awakening, to finding the answers you seek…

And most importantly, it’s for people with the
highest and purest of intentions.

If you come to Ayahuasca with an intention that
is anything less than pure…

To just have an altered state.

To just have fun.

Or to just “try it”…

She will very likely give you some “tough love”
and you’ll have a hard, difficult experience,
probably very purgative.

And then maybe you’ll never want to drink again.

So before you take this leap, to come to Peru,
and experience the profound transformation that
madre, mother Ayahuasca can possibly give you…

Check in with yourself.

Are you serious about your inner work?

Are you committed to the deepest healing within?

Are you able to let go, surrender, and have no

And are you here to help others in the world?

To bring healing and love, not only to yourself,
but to the collective?

Your family, ancestors, and generations to come,
all benefit from this inner work that you do.

We are all connected.

Every single one of us.

And every time you drink Ayahuasca, every time you
sit with this profound master plant and teacher…

You bring Love, Healing, Awareness, and the Truth
of Consciousness…

Into your heart, and the heart of the world.

This is why we share the medicine.

To bring love, back into the world.

We all need more love.

And that’s what will heal the world of all the
problems that we’re globally facing.

Love, Peace and Presence within our own hearts.

And at the end of the day, that is why we do
everything that we do with this project.

So check in, are you doing this simply for
self-satisfying, ego-driven desires?

Or are you doing this, for the service of not
only yourself, but the whole?

These are the people we really want to work
with at our center…

And why everything that we do,
always comes back to this.


If that resonates with you, and this is what
you want to bring into the world, and yourself,
then you can learn more about our retreats here:


To opening the heart of the world,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

Thank you!