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You are here, reading these words, on this site, feeling the call to Mother Ayahuasca because, consciously or not, you are looking to free yourself.

Free yourself from the invisible chains that have been places on your hands, feet, and heart. Without you knowing it, growing up in the society and culture that you (and I) have, we were brought up, unknowingly, in a world where our freedom was never ours to begin with.

This freedom, is why you are here. It’s what you seek. What you search for, crave for, and why your soul brings you to this life-changing medicine and path.

This journey, our meeting, is not just about Ayahuasca.

Mother Ayahuasca, although one of the most powerful tools to achieve and experience this freedom, that I’ve ever experienced, is just one aspect of the picture.

One puzzle piece in the million piece puzzle, of our Global Awakening:

The times have changed. What used to work, no longer does. The rules have changed. The same rules that we were taught growing up, simply don’t apply anymore.

Our world is shifting, our values are re-aligning, and the old way of doing things no longer works. It’s time to either evolve, or continue suffering like the masses.

Mother Ayahuasca is one tool, out of countless tools you have, stored in your own Heart, in your own Consciousness, for your freedom.

The greatest tool? Is your own desire. Your own intention. Your personal will to move forward, to walk this path, to go inside, and find the trail that leads you into the depths of your own heart, where the secrets of true happiness lay.

I’ve walked this path for countless years, or really, countless lifetimes, and this is all about one thing…

Our Global Awakening.

You, me, the people around us, the communities we build, we are all serving something so much greater than us. We are serving the Whole, Mother Earth, our Collective Humanity, to achieve the peace that is destined for us.

Mother Ayahuasca, Father San Pedro, our conscious communities, the infinite love that flows from all we live and exist as, this is all just in service for the Divine Plan to flow through.

So instead of telling you my story, telling you who this character Trinity is, I simply share me heart, I tell you why I’m doing all of this, because that’s what really matters if you want to know anything about me.

I’m just like you. A human being, on this earth, who decided to come here during these extraordinary times, for a monumental shift in consciousness that I am to assist.

That’s why you’re here, why you were called to Mother Ayahuasca, and as you take each step forward in your deep inner journey, you will learn more clearly – not from a simple concept of the mind – but from the depths of your Heart, a deep knowingness, that you feel in every part of your Being… you are here for the same reason.

Or else you wouldn’t be reading these words.

Let me help. Let our creation, our birthing of America’s public Ayahuasca Healing Church, serve you in your journey.

It’s all here to support you in this Divine Remembering.

Finding your purpose. Your reason for why you’re really here. And helping you live that, unquestionable, unshakably, and without a doubt about any single aspect of it. In the deepest joy, and love, throughout it all.

Welcome to the family!

We look so forward to serving you in every way we can <3

Trinity de Guzman

PS – If you want to learn more about our Ayahuasca Healing Retreats in America, then this page here will explain all of it in full detail.

Much love!!!