How You Create Your Reality

It’s February of 2013.

I was telling a friend a story, about
when I hitchhiked from Nicaragua
to the United States.

(That’s like from Florida to Washington)

One of the most transformational
experiences of my life, to date.

Why I did it, what it was like,
what I learned…

She quickly responded by saying,
“I can’t do that, I’m a girl”

But at the core of why I did what
I did…

Was to test out the Universal Truth…

That we truly create our own reality,
through how we feel.

(I’ll go into this much more, over
our journey together)

Because I was taught, that “negative
experiences” can only happen to us
if we create them, internally, and

In other words, if you feel fear,
anger, jealousy or any negative
emotions, you create negative

If you feel joy, gratitude, love, and
positive emotions, you create
positive experiences.

That’s the most basic form of
the Law of Attraction, which
indeed is Universal Truth.

But she really listened to what
I shared with her…

And she was willing to test out
this new belief with me.

So, we went on a little hitchhiking
adventure together.

From Guatemala to Costa Rica.

And one day…

While we were in the back of a truck,
she was singing a medicine song
to me.

A song used in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

And I had the most profound visions…

I saw, Mother Ayahuasca, coming to
me, speaking to me, holding me,
calling me…

And in that instant, I KNEW –

I had to go to Peru.

It was an unshakable knowingness.

And there was no doubt in my mind
that Peru, was where I needed to be.

So, I bought a one way ticket to Peru,
as soon as I could.

And not too long after, I had my
first ceremony, which changed my
life forever…

But the point is –

There was an INSTANT.

When I knew, I needed to go.

I didn’t have much money.

I didn’t know what I was going to

But Mother Ayahuasca called me.

And I had to listen.

So, pay attention… if this medicine,
this sacred sacrament, is calling you.

Don’t question how, or why…

But listen. Unconditionally.

And the gifts that She showers you
with, will show you, you are on the
right path.

I’ll talk to you again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, so grateful to share my story,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

The friend I hitchhiked with, had
such a profound experience, which
was so eye-opening for her…

She continued to hitchhike around
Costa Rica by herself.

The point is –

YOU create your reality.

Don’t believe in fear or lack…

Don’t believe in other people’s
limited thinking…

Simply KNOW, you can create any
experience that is important to you.

If your heart calls you to do something…


THIS is the secret, to your most
beautiful and fulfilling life EVER.


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