What I Learned After 30 Ayahuasca Ceremonies…

In 2013, I lived in Peru for 9 months.

I sat in ceremony almost every single week.

It was the most intense, powerful, challenging
and transformational year I’ve ever had.

Week after week, ceremony after ceremony, I
couldn’t help but keep coming back.

I didn’t do it because I “wanted to” exactly.

I did it because I knew I had to.

I didn’t do it because it was “fun”.

Because it wasn’t.

I did it because at the end of every single
ceremony, I felt something unlike I’ve ever
felt before.

There was a deep transformation happening.

Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon,
I could feel this year, 2013, was my time
in the chrysalis.

I barely did anything that year but sit in
ceremony, process, write, and share with
others who were on the same journey.

People from all over the world were called
to Peru for the same reason I was.

To heal.

To let go of all the layers that no longer serve us.

And to step into who we are really here to be
in the world.

I learned only the serious come to Peru.

Those who are truly serious about their inner
work and releasing our own blocks so we
could get out of our own way.

I watched countless people – hundreds upon
hundreds – come to Peru as one being, and
leave as somebody else. More whole.

What did over 30 Ayahuasca ceremonies in
one year teach me?
What was my greatest lesson from that all?

Ultimately, I saw that there are so many
layers of unconsciousness, limiting beliefs,
fears and self-sabotage that we all carry.

Pain, trauma, wounds and memories that are
buried within our subconscious that effect
us every single day.

In every situation.

Every time we react in anger or we get upset –
our beliefs, perspective of the world and our
PAST is what is behind it all.

And naturally, when we clean up our past, we
become a completely different being NOW.

How we react to situations, changes.

We’re not as easily triggered or made upset.

The things that used to anger us no longer do.

And we could watch life unfold before us, even
if things aren’t “going our way” and remain
calm, centered, peaceful and happy.

When we heal the limiting beliefs that we picked
up from our childhood…

And we really look at the value system that our
society taught us…

Layer by layer, Ayahuasca unravels us like an

Until eventually, you get to the Core. The Truth.
Who You Really Are.

Layers of illusion, limiting beliefs and unhealthy
thought patterns are purified.

The result:

We are so much happier. Present. Loving. Calm.

And following our heart, our deepest calling,
and our purpose becomes automatic.

It’s like she showed me the blueprint out of

And now, with this blueprint, I live it in my
every day life.

Equipped with the tools to handle any and every
situation from a place of consciousness and love.


Is what Mother Ayahuasca has given me.

And after 30 ceremonies in one year, I learned:

This journey never ends.

This isn’t something we do once. And then we’re done.

This isn’t about coming to Peru, and then everything
will be fixed.

No, this is about a life-long commitment to Truth.
To Consciousness. And living as the most self-aware
being that we possibly could be. Every day.

If this is the path you are on, then we are here
for you.

We aren’t here for people who want a “quick fix”.

Because there’s no such thing.

So join us in Peru.

If you’re ready to really make this commitment to
yourself. And let us, and this medicine, speed up
your journey unlike anything else.

“It’s like 10 years of therapy in a single night,”
I heard someone say in an Ayahuasca documentary.

We’ll speak to you again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, so grateful for this journey together,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

When I came back to Vancouver, Canada after
living in Peru for 9 months…

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.


What happened to me?

And most importantly, how does this apply to you
after you come to Peru and return back home?

Very valuable lesson, I’ll share in my next email!

Much love!!

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