The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

I was living in Guatemala, in January of 2013.

At the beautiful Lake Atitlan.

A sacred site to the Mayans, surrounded by
majestic, towering, perfect shaped valcanoes.

One day, I bumped into a friend, who just
signed up for a ceremony.

I asked her about it, and she said:

“They burn your skin, apply frog venom,
and then you vomit like crazy.”

… “Why would you want to do that?!”
I proclaimed.

“Because it scares the sh** out of me.”

“And anything that scares me, I promised
myself, I would do,”
she said.

Such wise words, which continue to echo
in my consciousness today.

A day later, after her ceremony, I saw
her and was so curious to find out more.

“How was it?!”


Her eyes were glowing, and there was
a vibrance, an energy, and LIFE pulsing
through her.

I had to know more.

She told me how powerful it was, how
deeply cleansing and purifying, and to
my surprise, how she was attending
the next one in just a few days.

I signed up.

Of course. I had to know more.

And this would have been my first
official medicine ceremony.

The day of the ceremony came…

And wow. Little did I know, how my
life would be changed forever.

During this (Kambo) ceremony, I met
the shaman leading it, and there was
an instant and deep recognition.

Such a powerful connection, from
lifetimes ago.

And he invited me to his home in
the Sacred Valley of Peru.

My life, would never be the same
from this moment onward.

What happened next..?

Of course,W I ended up in Peru.

But the MOMENT I got clarity,
that this is what I needed to do,
is what really matters.

I’ll share that story with you soon.

But the point is –

Mother Ayahuasca shows up in your
life, when you least expect it.

How did you end up reading this email?

How did you end up hearing about
this medicine and sacrament?

Synchronicity finds you…

Because you’ve been asking.

You’ve been searching.

And you’ve been looking for answers.

There are no mistakes. Ever.

Pay attention to the signs, and listen,
when Spirit speaks to you.

You know, when you know.

And that’s why I’ll share another story
with you, about the moment I KNEW
Peru was my next step.

Because above all, I am here to help
inspire you, to follow your heart.

To listen, to the deep inner guidance,
that calls you to this medicine.

And the transformation that She brings.

Until next time, feel into your heart,
and really tune in…

Is Peru for you?

Is this your next step?

I’ll speak to you soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here to connect you to your deepest truth,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

My first ceremony in Peru was unlike
anything I ever expected.

In a good, and bad way…

I’m excited to share that story with you!


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