My First Ayahuasca Ceremony

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was on one of the most intense nights
of my entire life.

It was March 2013, on a dark night…

I arrived at the home of a local shaman
in Peru.

He gave “the talk” on what to expect with
Ayahuasca, how to get the most out of my
ceremony, and he asked:

“Who here is sitting with Ayahuasca for
the first time?”

I raised my hand, as others raised theirs
around me.

“Wow, this is really happening,” I thought.

Nervous, yet extremely excited, not knowing
really how to feel, I made my way into the
Ceremony temple.

We sat in a circle, got our buckets and
our blankets, and one by one, went up
to receive a cup of this potent, powerful,
life-changing tea.

The lights dimmed.

The room went still.

And then, like popcorn, I could hear
people around the temple starting to
purge into their buckets.

And it hit me.

I started to get these colorful visions,
that I didn’t know how to make sense of.

Of course, I didn’t try to make sense of
them, as I entered a space of no-mind,

I felt this energy moving inside of me,
like a snake, slithering around…

It was the Spirit of Ayahuasca ceremony.

I watched her, and I could see her go
into places inside my mind, inside my
heart, inside my soul…

And break them open. Tear them apart.

There was this sensation almost like
an explosion going off inside of me.

And “the purge” began.

I vomited, purged, released and cried…

I saw experiences from my life I had
long forgotten about…

I witnessed scenes of my life, like
a movie playing in front of me.

And things that once pained me so
deeply to just think about, seemed to
instantly resolve and heal themselves,
as I watched it, from this birds-eye

I saw my first girlfriend, and how I
sadly cheated on her…

I saw my mind’s need for more…

I saw my parents getting divorced…
and my difficult childhood…

Experience after experience, they
played before me.

And I continued to purge, simultaneously,
as I saw these painful memories re-emerge.

I went between crying, vomiting, and
curling into a ball in fetal position…
and this continued for hours.

Until eventually, the worst of it was over…

And I could see the light at the end
of the tunnel.

I was filled with this somewhat euphoria.

A new-found sense of “lightness”, like
I just took off a 100 pound backpack of
rocks that I didn’t even know I was carrying.

And a smile crept on my face.

I started to laugh, at the journey I just
went through…

I could see – I knew – how powerful what
I experienced was.

And I knew, in that moment, I am here
to share this medicine with the world.

I have never experienced anything that
has helped me so deeply, so quickly.

And I knew, the world, and people
NEED this.


Is why I share this medicine.

Because, coming from the Western
World like we do…

So driven by the need to make money,
and the backwards value system our
society teaches…

We NEED this.

It’s as simple as that.

We need healing.

We need to heal our minds, and let go
of the emotional traumas and wounds
that we all have.

We need to wake up, to our true purpose
in this world… which is about so much
more than just “making money”.

So, come to Peru.

Come find the answers you’ve been
searching for…

Let us help you.

We are here for you, more than any
other Ayahuasca retreat center is.

We promise you that.

There is nothing more important to us, than
your deepest healing and transformation.

Which is why we provide ongoing support,
even after your retreat with us.

Click here to learn more, watch the video
at the top of that page, and apply today.

Much love!!

Talk to you soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here for you in every way,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

My second ceremony… was no easier.

This journey isn’t easy.

I won’t ever tell you that.

But it’s worth it. Beyond words.

And anything that is ever really worth it,
isn’t easy…

So I’ll share with you more about my
second ceremony, in my next email.

And pray that my story, inspires you to
take this leap for yourself.

Talk soon!!


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