Why We MUST “Do The Work…”

“If you don’t clear your pain, you will hurt others.”

This message came through from Spirit.

As I was sharing with the community and family who now live with me in Guatemala –

It became so clear:

This is why we do this work…

We must PURIFY our desires…

Because they have been tainted by growing up in the Western Society.

(We have been taught to chase money, to lust, to want status and be recognized…)

And if we do not PURIFY our desires –

Meaning, releasing any need to gratify the little I or ego…

Then, and only then –

Can we truly walk the path back to the True Self.

Because if we don’t do this –

If we don’t do this inner work…

If we don’t look inside…

If we don’t face our fears and our pains…

If we don’t look at our past…

And if we don’t commit to TRULY walking this path with EVERYTHING we are…

Our pain and unconsciousness HURTS others.

“If we don’t purify our desires, we HURT others”

This is why we do this work.

So we don’t pass on our unconsciousness to our children; the next generation, here to create the New Earth.

We are here simply as bridges for the Children of Light…

We do this work, so we don’t pass on the unconsciousness that we’ve picked up from our parents and our society, on to them.

So many of us are walking this path… lost, and trying to come back to the Self.

We are looking for our Purpose because we’ve forgotten… why we are really here.

What if we never forgot?

What if we never lost touch with the Divine Spark that we came here with?

What if we always remembered our True Purpose and WHY we are here…?

What our True Gifts are…

And our Trust in the Heart, the Self, and the Divine, had no end?

What if we were never told “you can’t do that”…?

And we KNEW that we are the Ultimate Creators of Our Reality…

What if…?


Is why we do this work.

For our Children.

So they don’t pick up the unconsciousness that we’ve picked up from the world.

And they can be FREE. In JOY and LOVE with life, like we all were as children!

And they never lost that!

Only kept it, cultivated it and grew it!

And shared it with the world!

THIS is why we do this work.

Because it is not us who will welcome our Awoken Humanity…

It is our Children.

And we are simply here to pave the path for them.


With infinity love,
Trinity, Infinity & Baby AvaSanika
~ Your Soul Family

Why We MUST "Do The Work..."

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