Special Invitation

Join Us In Conscious Community!
Where We Celebrate Life With LOVE, Consciousness & Awareness
Where We Grow Together, Heal Together, Share Together,
and ENJOY Life To The Fullest… Together!

Private Invitation to Our Little Paradise

Join us!
For 1 month or more in Community Living, and experience the deepest transformation,
joy, and grow in ways that no other experience can give you.

We also hold plant-medicine ceremonies and lead powerful group processes,
to release the deepest emotional pains we all carry…
To truly, and finally step into and live the beautiful life we’ve come here to live!

Here, we invite you to our private paradise home at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!

Why Do We Do This?
The Big Vision

Imagine –

A world where LOVE is what guides all.

Where community, family, gathering, sharing and celebration are all a part of the daily way of life.

Where presence, being, stillness, simplicity and a deep reverence for being alive, is felt in the very air we breathe.

A world where we live together, laugh together, share together and grow together. Where we enjoy food, music, touch, closeness and the deepest joys and pleasures that this life has to offer. Together.

Where creative expression has free reign. Art, music, dance, movement, and however our hearts choose to express themselves, is how we love to spend our time.

As individuals, we are deeply connected to our purpose and our passions. To our gifts and talents. And sharing, being of service to the whole, guides our very existence.

Together, as a family, we serve a Collective Vision. With a deep understanding that we are One, we lift each other up to lift up the Unified Whole.


A way of living where we are so deeply here for each other. Where you are surrounded by people who understand you and embrace you completely for who you are. With no judgement, control, or expectations for how you should live your life.

Rather, we all support each other so deeply in our endless journey of evolution and knowing the True Self. Through ceremony – and every day – we grow, heal, release and let go, layer by layer, all the illusions and beliefs that we’ve picked up from an unconscious world.

As we welcome the Children of the Stars, the Awoken Beings who are here to pave the path, and carry the torch of Love, Light and Truth into the world.

We create this reality, for them.

So they may emerge into this world, so deeply connected to Who They Really Are. And their Spark of Divinity can burn so bright, as they hold on to the deep knowingness of their Divine Purpose, and why they are really here…

To wake up the world.

We create this community, this paradise on earth, deep in nature, surrounded by the rich, lush beauty of our Mother Earth. As she holds us, and reminds us to stop. Slow down. Remember Her…

And celebrate life.

We walk this path, and create this community, ground this vision, and welcome these children, as our deepest gift back to the world.

THIS is the vision we are here to create. Together.

And we call forth those of you who KNOW deep inside, this is why you are here…

How Do We Make This a Reality…?

The answer lays in coming together

There is no map. No guidebook. No step by step instruction manual to create Heaven on Earth. 

There is only the heart – Divine Guidance – which shows us the way moment by moment. 

The most important is that we gather.

We come together. To celebrate life with consciousness and awareness. 

And we open ourselves to these community experiences, whether for a month, two, three, or however many months your heart feels most guided to experience. 

All that matters, is that we show up. With our Unified Intention, to grow as individuals, so as to uplift the Collective Whole. 

Piece by piece, we unravel this beautiful vision.

We all play our special role in this magnificent vision, as each of us are a unique piece in the million-piece puzzle that is our planets ascension. 

We will get there. For energetically, it is already done. We always return to Oneness. Whether in a thousand lifetimes, or in this one, we always return back Home. 

Now… we gather.

We come together in community. 

And most importantly, we live the values we envision this Paradise to have, here and now. Every day, in each of our own individual lives.

As we come together, some of us will receive all we need from a short period of living in community. Seeds will be planted, and they will continue to blossom in your life, showing you and guiding you towards what truly matters for you. 

Others will be called to live in community longer. And those who are, will be guided, drawn and magnetized to us. Our visions will pave the path, little by little, slowly and humbly, for the rebirth of the Garden of Eden. 

Now, we invite you.

Do these values below resonate with you?

Whether as ideals you strive towards, or values you are so powerfully living and radiating in the world, this is what guides this community forward…

Our Community Values
How Deeply Do These Resonate?

  • LOVE & Abundance

Everything we do, think and say… All our actions and intentions are rooted in the highest vision of Love for ourselves, the people around us, and the world. Love is the Highest Purpose. The greatest medicine. And we seek to BE Love in all we are, in every moment.

Unconditional Love is the truest form of abundance. Not money, wealth, or any material possession. True abundance lays in being able to love unconditionally. Every person. Exactly as they are. In their entirety.

No judgement, no prejudice, no projections of what is right or wrong. Only… Love.

  • Presence & Stillness

We honor the silence. We seek the stillness. We rest in the Pure Presence of Being. Here and Now. We see the deep value and importance of calming the mind, and always returning to peace with what is.

And together, we ground this way of living, where there is nothing to do… nothing to achieve… nothing to accomplish… nowhere to get to… other than sitting in the seat of Perfect Presence. Here and Now.

  • Consciousness & Awareness

We seek to be the most Conscious, Self-Aware beings that we could possibly be. Conscious of our own patterns, triggers, projections, fears, habits, addictions and anything that we do, rooted in pattern or unconsciousness. So we can shine the Light of Truth, and allow the Infinite Power of the Divine, to unravel the knots from which these are rooted, through loving allowing and acceptance of all we are.

We are aware of how every action and choice we make, every word and intention set, effects not only our own personal experience, but the Collective Whole. For we are One. And through living as the most Conscious and Aware beings that we can be in every moment, we become the most clear mirrors to reflect to the people around us, what they most need to see within themselves. Serving as a beacon of light for those on The Path to discover their Highest Truth.

  • Oneness. Knowing The Self.

Who We Really Are. That which is infinite, boundless, and beyond all labels or words. We seek to know the True Self. Not from the mind, as a mental idea, but to experience this from the very depth of our Being. And as we wake up to this Truth, we bring this deep understanding into how we live our lives, every day, in every moment.

We see ourselves as an extension of the Infinite One I AM Presence. We feel the Interconnectedness of All. And we recognize our journey back to the Self. Back to Oneness. As Infinite Potential Source Energy, manifest into physical form, we play this game, and enjoy the limitless beauty and richness that this physical life experience offers us.

  • Expansion & Growth

We see this life as a never-ending journey of growth, expansion and evolution. We are continuously, perpetually deepening the understanding of Who We Really Are, and seek to be the most loving, conscious, aware, present, joyous, beings that we could be, in every moment. Knowing we’ve never “arrived”, we walk this path with joy and love, for the rest of this life.

  • Joy & Emotional Responsibility

We know, deep down inside, life is meant to be ENJOYED. We are here to have FUN and PLAY in this Divine Game of creation and manifestation.

We are emotionally responsible and take accountability for all that we feel. We do not blame, play the victim, or point the finger at anybody for what happens in our life. Rather, we understand that we create every experience in our lives – that we are the Ultimate Creator of Our Reality. And if there is something happening “out there” that we are not happy with, we look inside for what is it within ourselves that is creating such an experience.

  • Sharing & Service

Deep inside, we can not help but feel the impulse to not only live the most beautiful lives for ourselves… but to share this with others. The beauty that surrounds us, and all the blessings we are showered with through walking this path of Love and Truth… our deepest fulfillment comes from sharing this, and enjoying this with others.

We understand, our greatest service to the world is not in what we DO… but in who we are. The light we shine. The love we radiate. The joy in our very Being, and the vibration we carry. Through living as the most present, loving beings that we can be, this is our greatest service to the world. We uplift the Collective Whole through how we live in every moment, adding to the Vibrational Momentum of Awakening, to support all who are ready to wake up to Who They Really Are.

  • Community, Family & Gathering

We are here to enjoy life together! This is the core belief and foundation of this entire community. Together, we lift each other up. Together, we share our gifts, passions, skills and energy. And together, we grow, expand, and contribute towards the greater good of all.

We have lost the natural way of living in tribe and community. This vision is about bringing us back to the natural way of existing with each other, where we are One Collective Whole. One unit, one organism, and the uplifting of each individual, is the uplifting of the whole.

  • Childlike Innocence & Non-Judgement

Like children, who have no judgement about what is right or wrong. Nothing, but the complete acceptance and love of every moment and every person, exactly as they are. This childlike wonder, this love of life, this way of looking at the world with awe and amazement, with first-time eyes, is where we all return – as we welcome the Garden of Eden once again.

  • Inspiration & Creative Expression

The voice of the soul sings through our creative expression. Through music, song, dance, movement, art, painting, and creation in every way, we let The Artist free, as we paint the masterpiece that is our life.

The Highest Creation lays in living from a place of Pure Presence. Through existing from this place, we allow Inspiration to truly guide every moment, and step aside so we can truly allow the Divine Plan to flow through.

  • Honoring the Earth

She calls us to Her. To Remember Her, and gather again as brothers and sisters. Around the fire, we sit, remembering and celebrating Our Mother. The Ultimate Giver and Provider. With Her silent teachings, She reminds us to stop… and listen. To breathe. Appreciate life. And come together again, as family.

We eat from the earth, surround ourselves in the infinite beauty of Her nature, and we celebrate life through food, music, dance, art, creativity, and gathering, as One.

  • Purification

We believe there is nothing more important than the process of purification, on every level, to clear the energetic densities that keep us rooted in unconsciousness, and this physical 3D world and its pain. In order to ascend to higher dimensions and frequencies – where only Love and Light exists – we prioritize above all, our purification, so we may be the most clear, pure channels to allow the Divine to flow through.

  • Sacred Ceremony

With consciousness and intention, we come to Plant Teachers – Sacred Medicine from the Earth – with reverence, honor and respect. With the intention to grow, heal, purify, expand our awareness and connect deeper with the Self, we sit in Sacred Ceremony, and offer this healing not only for us as individuals, but for the Service and Healing of All.

  • For the Children & Our Future Generations

For the Children of the Stars. Those who have come – and even yet to arrive – who are here to help Wake Up our world. We are the stewards, guardians and protectors. To ensure their emergence into this world is filled with Love, and they hold on to their Divine Spark. As they carry the torch, and pave the path to bring the Kingdom of Love back to this planet.

We create these communities, all over the world, so that our children’s children’s children may drink the nectar of the fruits of our labor. For True Freedom – our birthright – not to be something we struggle and fight for, but something ALL who come into this world may have.

  • For the Mothers & The Divine Feminine

It is the Divine Feminine that is the Key to our Global Awakening. The feminine in each of us. As we awaken the Truth-filled expression from our hearts, the feminine in all of us is let free. After 15,372 years, The Divine Feminine re-awakens, so LOVE may be the single guiding force once again.

To the Mothers, the carriers of the children who are here to wake up the world, we support you, give to you, and are here for you in every way we can be. To create the home where you can raise your child, free of the influence of Western Society, materialism, and addiction to technology… so the Truth of the Heart may reign once again.

  • For the Sacred Masculine

For the Masculine to remember, His Purpose. As a guardian and protector. As a provider and space holder. To allow the feminine to blossom, be free, and express herself in all Her beauty. We do not seek to take, own or possess, rather we honor, bow and acknowledge the deepest gifts of the Feminine, in the most intangible ways that She blesses us.

Free of the need for money, power, possessions and “more”, the Sacred Masculine is in control of his emotions, takes accountability for all he feels, does not project or blame, and most importantly, masters his sexuality, and does not let it control him, rather, uses this as fuel for the highest states of Divine Union with All That Is.

  • Health & Fitness

Our body is our Temple. The home for our soul. The vehicle in which our Consciousness rides the waves of this physical human experience. We cherish these bodies, and care for them with the highest quality food, water, nutrition, exercise, and intention, to maintain their vitality, strength, balance, mobility and radiance, to enjoy this physical experience in the highest.

  • Physical Touch

We all want and need physical closeness and touch. But we live in a world that over-sexualizes everything. And it has not become “safe” for a woman to be close to a man, because of a man automatically thinking “that means she wants to have sex with me”.

Note: Please forgive men in their unconsciousness, for many have not yet understood the true sacredness and power that lays within their sexuality. Nor have many mastered their desires, and learnt how to fuel it towards a higher purpose…

This is a space where physical closeness is not only welcomed, but encouraged. As a part of our every day life, we yearn to be close with others. Feeling the warmth of another being, their presence wrapping you in the safest blanket of love. This is a safe space for physical closeness, touch, cuddles, and most importantly, open, honest, transparent communication.

  • Open Communication

We believe that being completely transparent about how you feel, always, is one of the most important things to living in harmony with others. That means, if something does not feel good: not hiding it, pushing it away, or silently feeling inside “it is wrong to feel this way”. (This is what our society and upbringing has taught us on how to relate with our “negative emotions”)

The solution is not to push them away, but to feel them completely. And the open communication is simply a reflection of first accepting those emotions within yourself. As you become more aware of all that transpires within your very being, you will be more open to communicate that with others, in an open, transparent way. Without fear of being judged or made wrong.

This is the space for that open, honest, transparent communication. As you are held in the most loving container, where you are loved and accepted in all you are.

  • Gratitude

Gratitude! Infinite Gratitude! For this life, for the air we breathe, for every moment! There is always something to be grateful for. And this is one of our greatest keys to being Here and Now. This land inspires that gratitude so easily. And being grateful, appreciating life itself, is something we can not help but LIVE in every moment!

If you feel these words speak directly to your soul, and you have been looking for a space where THIS is what life is about… we invite you to read on!

More About Our Home –
Magical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!

There is SO much that makes this lake the perfect place to call our home.

After traveling for 7 years, having visited countless countries, there is nowhere else I would rather be, to ground this community and to bring our baby daughter into the world. (Yay!)


  • The Energy!

First and foremost, the energy of this land is so incredibly powerful. It is known as an energetic vortex in the world, and just being here brings such a deep transformation on so many levels.

The energy here accelerates the purification process that we are all in. And releasing layers of unconsciousness becomes naturally much easier here. This land can not help but bring up and show us parts of ourselves that we need to look at, as we are held in such a supportive energy that really helps us to process and let go of what no longer serves.

It is said that Lake Atitlan is 10 months ahead, vibrationally, compared to the rest of the world. So what we are experiencing here, in terms of frequency and all that opens up with a lifted vibration, will be commonplace in the world in 10 months.

The lake is known to answer prayers, and instant manifestation is a very common experience here.

You can not help but come to the lake one person, and leave completely different – in the best way possible.

  • The Weather

Being in the mountains of Central America, you have the perfect combination of tropical weather, without it ever being too hot. It feels like permanent summer, with an average of 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) pretty much all year round.

October to April is dry season, and it barely rains. In these months, it’s dry, sunny and incredibly beautiful.

May to September is wet season, and personally, this is my favorite. It is sunny in the morning and early afternoon, with powerful showers in the evening but only for a short period. Leaving everything so green, lush and vibrant!

  • Silence: Living away from the city

The only way you can get to our property is by boat. There are no roads, cars or motorized vehicles anywhere around.

It is so quiet and still. Which really brings such a deep stillness within, and reminds us of the sacredness of life.

Most importantly, in living here, returning to nature, we really get to escape the density and unconsciousness of the city.

Being in the city is one of the hardest things we can do if we really want to evolve, and step out of the collective unconsciousness.

So being here naturally helps us in our process of stepping into higher dimensions, presence and love.

  • So much to enjoy!

We are a 30-40 minute boat ride away from this little conscious town on the edge of the lake, called San Marcos la Laguna.

Here, you can experience an endless array of conscious activities, all designed to bring healing and balance to the self.

Sound journeys, cacao ceremonies, healing circles, retreats, yoga, delicious food and a teacher for pretty much anything you could think about learning… you can find here.

Plus, you can enjoy incredible hikes, horseback riding, kayaking, paddleboarding and so much more!

Breathtaking Nature

Lake Atitlan has 3 perfectly shaped volcanoes – natural pyramids –
that surround the lake and bring such a powerful energy.

ayahuasca healings special invitation

Just 100 meters down a jungle path from the lake, you get to our property.

Our home sits upon a massive beautiful, lush, perfectly manicured garden.

These pictures are beautiful, but they still don’t capture the true beauty that lays here.

ayahuasca healings special invitation to women

Everyday we can not but help but be in awe at how breathtakingly beautiful it is here.
It really does feel like paradise, in every way!

Now, let’s show you the house!

Virtual Tour of the Home

As you approach the house, you come across these natural hummingbird feeders,
creating a natural archway to welcome you:

Then you get to the outside common area, with a little dining table,
amazing daybed, and a beautiful space to enjoy together:

This is the view from the outside living area, during sunset:

Watching and listening to the rain from here is one of the most incredible experiences.

Then, you enter the house, and find the indoor living area.

From here, you can open the dual french doors and have a massive view of the jungle,
or enjoy a fire in the fireplace:

To the right is the bathroom, with hot showers (rare in Guatemala!)

And to the left is the highly equipped kitchen, stocked to the max:

Downstairs, you will find Bedroom 1, which has a private entrance with a view into the garden.

Note: The image below is the current state of this room.
For the community, this room will either have two single beds for two individuals,
or a double bed for a couple.

Upstairs, you have Bedroom 2, which also has amazing views of the jungle canopy.

Note: The image below is the current state of this room.
For the community, this room will either have two single beds for two individuals,
or we’ll
keep the double bed, for a couple.

Also upstairs, there is Bedroom 3. This open area will be sealed off with a curtain for added privacy. Here, you have a single bed, writing table and of course, a beautiful view:

The two rooms upstairs, share this bathroom:

When you walk back outside, just beside this main home,
there lays a separate building (Bedroom 4) which will serve as our shared-room option.

The image below is the current state of the room.
For the community, this room will have two bunk beds, for 4 people.

On the property lays our private home where my beloved Infinity and I spend a lot of our time with our baby. In this home is our Temple Space, where we lead Ceremonies.

Speaking of Ceremony, let’s go into the list of Community Perks / additional experiences
available to you by joining us in community.


Community Perks

There are SO many that aren’t listed here, from affordable living, to having all your food prepared for you, to living in paradise! The list goes on and on. But to highlight certain points that aren’t described elsewhere on this page, this is a short list of all the ways you can benefit from joining us in community.

1) Plant Medicine Ceremonies

We believe plant medicine is one of the most powerful aids and tools in our process of healing, clearing, and bringing light to the deepest aspects of ourselves and our shadows…

With Cacao, San Pedro, and most importantly, Ayahuasca… we consciously sit with these plants in sacred ceremony to shed light, gain awareness and release the deepest layers of unconsciousness that no longer serve us.

Here in Central America, we have what is known as an Ayahuasca analog. It is the same bio-chemically as Ayahuasca, however the plants that are used to prepare it are not the same as they use in Peru.

Personally, after having experienced over 100 Ayahuasca Ceremonies in my life, there is no difference between the Peruvian version of Ayahuasca, and what we are able to prepare here, using local plants.

Although there is no set schedule for when we hold these ceremonies, we do in fact lead these medicine circles on our land. Based upon the energy of the group and requests for ceremony will determine how often ceremonies are shared.

For those who live in community with us, these ceremonies will – without a doubt – be the most powerful and deeply life-changing experience of this all.


2) Deep Emotional Processing

Throughout this experience, naturally and organically, we will lead and guide powerful and deep emotional clearing processes. This is on top of the medicine ceremonies we will lead, and allows the deepest stored, stagnant energy within… to come to the surface, be seen, and finally healed.

How this unfolds, is unique to the energy of the group, and the energy in every moment. Spirit guides all. And we simply listen, as the guides and facilitators of this community, we are here to help bring you inside, and support you in the deepest emotional release process, that is absolutely inevitable as a part of joining this community experience.



3) Long-term Living Opportunity

There is no explaining it.

Some of you will be called to living in community with us for just a few months.

Others will be called back again and again, to really make this your life.

And those of you who are on this path to ground Heaven on Earth with us, will stand out. There will be a deep resonance, alignment and an instantaneous knowing. That we are here… to create this together.

We are here to find the people who are just as passionate as we are, to make this your life’s work and highest purpose. To ground Heaven on Earth.

Not just with your words, but with your very Being. It takes more than just a written application and your words to know if we really align or not. And this is why, we are so looking forward to meeting you in person.

To really see, and find those of you, who not only say that this Vision and our Community Values are important to you… but more importantly, those of you who LIVE these in your life.

And when we meet, we will know if we are meant to co-create for longer together. To ground a bigger vision of Love, Light and Truth for the Whole.

To those of you, you are given the opportunity to really step away from the system. To step away from the constant need for making money just to survive, and really be able to direct your gifts, talents, passions, skills and energy, towards this Bigger Vision with us.

If that is what is meant to unfold between us, we will know when we meet. And the benefits of joining our family in that way are infinite beyond measure. A ticket out of the system, and a bigger purpose beyond anything our minds can even imagine.

We are looking for you!

Note: If you feel like you are called to really go the distance with us, commit yourself to grounding this Paradise on Earth with us, and making this your life with us…

Click here to read more about the Big Vision, in detail.


4) House-Sitting Opportunity

Every year, we intend to spend about 5 months in other countries (Approximately May – September).

During this time, we will invite one of the community members to live on our land for free, in exchange for managing the property / Airbnb while we are gone.

A way to live without paying rent, in paradise!


5) Live Away From The City

The city is full of energy that does support our evolutionary process into a world where our Community Values are honored most.

With the backwards value system – where money, your image and what people think of you comes first – and a constant need for more drives the very population, living in the city is one of the hardest things we can do if we really want to grow and evolve.

The technology addiction, vanity, unconscious sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse…

The very palpable sadness and lack of fulfillment that is accepted as the norm, and the constant advertising that teaches you, you are not enough

The expectations from our friends, family and society – for how we should live our lives, and what we should do…

All of this makes this process of discovering our deepest truth, following our Heart, and living our highest purpose harder than it already is.

Everything is energy, and living in the city is like standing in the muck of a sewer, hoping it doesn’t effect you. It is one quantum soup that you are in the very middle of, while living in the city.

This is why we create these communities, and we give you this opportunity for a sacred space in nature, to really come back Home. To your Heart. And what really matters most.

6) Sacred Space

“Stillness is the momentum upon which the transformation can unfold”

We are in the middle of a very deep transformation. Energetically, and on a cellular level, there are profound shifts that are happening within us.

To allow the shifts to unfold in the most effortless way possible, we need presence. Stillness.

A sacred space.

To really go deep. To listen. To the voice of the True Self.

For She is our ultimate guide.

And there are infinite lessons awarded to us, when we can drop into the stillness, and truly listen.

Here, we give you this sacred space. To go deep, and really be present with all that is unfolding within.

Together, we are on the same journey.

Separate paths, all leading to the same place.

Here, we come together because the Light of the One calls us forth.

And here, you are given the space to fully be You. And be present with all that is being asked of you, from the depth of your very Being.


7) Community & Belonging

“If you never felt like you belonged in the world, it is because you are here to help create a new one”

This is a space where like-minds and like-hearts gather. A space where all of us are on our own individual path of evolution. And we are consciously taking the steps to grow, evolve, let go of what does not serve, and really step into a life where Love and Joy fill every moment.

This is a space where you can share the deepest parts of yourself, your heart, your soul, your own judgements that you carry about yourself, and a sanctuary where you can find peace, self-love, and forgiveness from within…

If you never felt like you belonged in the city, or you were growing ever-more different from the people around you, this is where you can truly feel at home.

Where conversations about what actually matters to you, are found. Consciousness, awareness, love, family, healing, gathering, celebration, gratitude and just LIVING life in the way that it is meant to be enjoyed… calls us together.


8) Create New Habits

“Change your environment, change your habits” – Tony Robbins

There is no easier way to create new habits, than to change the environment in which you live.

The old habits you carry, hold an energetic charge to the very place they were created.

By moving places, physically, you are able to let go of that energetic charge.

In doing so, you are given space to create – and Choose – new habits.

From a place of Self-awareness and Choice. This is your birthing ground for the True You to emerge.


9) Expand Your Belief of What is Possible

We live in a reality where ANYTHING is possible. Truly anything.

There is no creation, no experience, no manifestation that is outside of your reach. Anything you want to have, any state of physical wellness, or anything you want to experience in the world, CAN be yours.

This is where we live from, so deeply. Where truly, ANYTHING is possible.

And we understand the very laws of manifestation that make it so. We see this all as a game. The only question is:

What do you want?

And being here around us, naturally expands your belief of what is possible.

Being around us, you can not help but think bigger. Think more globally, and get out of the little mind that is often so stuck in it’s own dramas and problems.

This is one of our greatest gifts to you.

As you go back out into the world after living with us, you are gifted with new eyes to see. To really ask yourself:

What do you really want?

And the old mind that would often see the obstacles or reasons it can not be…

Learn to be silenced, and fall away as the only thing left to be heard is the Infinite Inspiration, and Infinite Possibility of life itself.

Note: A caveat of this power, is that we must align our personal will with the Divine Will. Then, and only then, do we have the infinite power of the Universe behind everything we want, wish and intend


10) Be a Part of Something Bigger

This is about something so much bigger than you and I. This is about true global impact. And deep down inside, we all seek to be a part of something bigger. To be of service, and to play our role in a bigger gift for humanity.

This is what this is about, and this is exactly that calling.

Year by year, this vision will grow. It is but a seed right now, but showered in our loving intent, it can not help but grow to be a massive movement in the world.

I’ve seen it. 10 years from now, how big this will be. How many people will be touched. How many people will gather in love and community.

This is what this is about. Bringing us together. And offering our love, our highest vibrations as a prayer for the world.

Everything is energy, and as we gather with a unified vision… As we gather with uplifted emotion… As we gather for greater lengths of time…

The power of our intent grows. And is felt so deeply on such a global scale.

Giving a true gift back to humanity, in ways the mind can not even fully understand.


11) Purification Through JOY

We all know, life can be intense. And not always easy.

We are amidst a very deep process of transformation and purification, on many levels.

For many of us, this process is overwhelming, as we are taken to the darkest aspects of our self, in order to bring Love, Light and Consciousness to them.

Many of us, do not know what to do when this darkness, and deep rooted pains, traumas and fears arise.

Here in community, the collective vibration is lifted to a level far beyond any of us experience in our daily lives. This frequency of LOVE and JOY is one of the most powerful, potent healing experiences we can ever have.

Through this collective energy that we experience together, we can stop being so stuck in our minds, and step back to really allow the divine, cosmic purification energies pulsing through, to do their deepest work.

This is not a place to escape your problems, but rather, gain a new level of perspective, and through the uplifted energies that are created here, you will undoubtedly leave with a brand new view of life.


12) Movement!

Movement is my greatest medicine.

Being in our bodies. In every way.

Yoga, (acroyoga is one of my highest passions!), dance, massage, touch, fitness, working out, stretching, just being in our bodies…

This is one of our greatest keys to stillness.

And this is my greatest medicine to share with you all.

Being around me, leads you to reality where you are IN your body. Where your mind naturally becomes still. It’s one of the easiest ways to enter a meditative state. Where no mind, and no thoughts exist. Which allows the deepest unfolding of love, joy, gratitude and higher vibrational energies to flow through.

Plus, on a physical level, serotonin levels skyrocket when you increase your heart-rate.

Deep down, we all WANT to be more active. We WANT to be in our bodies more because we know how enjoyable it really is – once we actually do it.

But the mind is strong, and it is so easy to stay stagnant. To not step up and push the boundary of what is comfortable. (The mind LOVES comfortable.)

This is why being around me naturally gets you IN your body. Moving. Breathing. And enjoying what it means to have a physical body!


13) Personal Training

To emphasize, fitness is a huge part of my life!

If you’re into exercise and fitness, or you want to be, I workout regularly and LOVE training people!

When we workout together, we train harder and it’s more fun!

I focus on calisthenics and acrobatic training, but no matter what your fitness goals may be, I’ll happily help you get there!

This is a Community-Run Gathering

How will you contribute?

Before we go into the prices, it’s important to say:

We are all here to co-create this community together.

Although the transformation you will receive will be beyond any retreat out there, this isn’t formatted like a retreat, with schedules and every day set out for you.

Rather, those of us who gather, put this on for each other.

We each have a unique gift, passion or skill. An offering, that we can share with others. This is the space for you to step into sharing exactly that.

Whatever you offer: music, dance, art, food, healing, massage, ceremony, yoga, fitness, meditation… or teaching about something you hold dear to your heart. Anything!

This is the space for us all to experience each others’ gifts.

If you don’t know what you are passionate about… you can take a backseat and just experience. As undoubtedly, inspiration will flow, showing you where your gifts lay, and what you are really passionate about. It may be something you havn’t even recognized within yet!

This is the space, where you can discover your deepest joys and passions.

And above all, where all of us share that with each other.

Plus, we are always grateful for help with organization, improving our property and overseeing that everything runs smoothly. There is always space for you to help, as long as your genuine willingness is there.

When you apply (more info below) we will ask you what you see yourself contributing. Speak honestly, from the heart, be creative, and let us feel your intention to share!

Because ultimately, that is what this is all about!

Dates Available

Update as of April 2018:

Thank you so much for your interest in joining us!

Conscious community is such a huge vision we hold for bringing us together, for a bigger purpose, and after experiencing the first season of community, with 6 incredible months of people living with us, we have received SO much clarity about how we continue to bring this vision to the world…

We have learned how important community is, but realize… before we can come together and create a beautiful, blissful, magical experience for all involved, there needs to be a certain level of self-awareness that each member of the community needs to have.

This isn’t about bringing people “looking for healing”. This is about inviting people who are already so WHOLE and FULL in themselves. Who KNOW Who They Are… and LIVE their greatest gifts.

This is about bringing people together who are SO self-aware, and take full accountability for all that they feel and experience in life.

This is about bringing people together who are so on their path, living their highest truth, and seek to be around others who are living the same.

This is for people who can SEE inside themselves so clearly… when unconsciousness or old negative patterns arise… they have the inner tools and know how, to get past the old programs and beliefs that keep us limited, in fear and playing small…

What I’m saying is:

For many people, there is still a lot of “pre-work” before one can be ready for living in conscious community with us.

Meaning, before anybody can live in conscious community – in order to have it really flow, and be in harmony for all involved – every person in the community needs to be past the stage of our life where we blame anything outside of ourselves, for what we feel. Does that make sense?

After launching the first year of the community, and bringing people together, I got a very clear glimpse into the planetary collective consciousness. Which, in all honesty, we see is not ready for community at this level. There are many years, and much evolution that needs to happen, within myself as a leader, and within people before we can come together for a vision of this caliber.

And we realized, that there are so many people drawn to this opportunity because they “seek to be healed”. But here’s the thing…

Only YOU can heal yourself.

And if you are looking for anybody outside of you to “fix you”… then you’re giving your power away.

We are looking for SELF-EMPOWERED people. This vision is all about bringing together the most clear, passionate, gifted, self-aware, and on-purpose people.

And we realize…

That before inviting any of you to live with us in person –

We have to actually SUPPORT you in becoming that SELF-EMPOWERED person.

Because so few people out there are actually teaching that!


Before we can ever create a physical community of beauty and consciousness, we FIRST need to come together ONLINE, as a TRIBE, so that we can support you, in BEING who you need to be… to live life at the highest frequency possible.

Does that make sense?

So do this:

Click here, and enter your email address.

Because this first year of community that ran from Oct 2017 – April 2018, taught us SO much…

And gave birth to THIS.

So, sorry to say, but we won’t be running community again for several years, until we feel the time is right, and the people are ready.

We have left this page up for information purposes only, and to take you on the journey that WE went through… to get to the CLARITY and IMPORTANCE of this new and improved vision of community

Note: I have left the rest of this page in-tact, for information purposes only. For a more in-depth update, see this blog post.

Pricing Outline, Part 1

There are 3 categories for the pricing.

  1. Accommodation
  2. Food, staff and cleaning
  3. Ceremonies

The payment for accommodation is outlined below, and pays for your room and energetically compensates for all the energy that we put into creating the highest vibration space possible, to support you in the deepest of ways.

The space is created and upheld to such a high vibrational standard, which plays such an important role in your time with us.

The below pricing outline is for your accommodation and all utilities (gas, internet, electricity).

We are only opening up our home to a maximum of 3-4 people a month, as we are very deliberate with who we are willing to share our space with, in order to uphold the highest and most harmonious space for us all.

Below, you will be able to apply and if we like your application and feel a resonance with you, we will invite you to a Skype call with us to explore further.

The pricing for accommodation is as follows:

– Shared Room: $700/month

– Private Room: $900/month for 1 person, $1400/month for 2 people

Pricing Outline, Part 2
Food, Groceries & Cleaning – Done For You

As part of this growing community, we see that it would create much more of a bonding experience if we eat together, and take care of all the food preparation for you. That means doing groceries, cooking, and cleaning, will all be taken care of for you.

This makes it so much easier and enjoyable for everybody, beyond words.

We believe that our time is so valuable and it is more important for us to BE than it is to take care of all these daily/weekly tasks like doing groceries, dishes, cleaning, cooking, laundry, taking care of the house, garden, etc.

The hours really add up!

What if we had all those hours freed up, where we can direct them towards what we really enjoyed?

This is why we have an amazing local Guatemalan helper, who supports us with all of this. And naturally, we share this with you as we invite you to come live with us.

So, for an additional $400/month, you get all of this taken care of for you.

This includes paying our beautiful staff-family from Guatemala, all your expenses for food for the month, as well cleaning (laundry, dishes, household etc).

The luxury of this is truly so beyond words. If you’ve never had somebody prepare your food daily for you, or help you in this way, you will instantly see how incredibly valuable it is, and how much LIFE you get back, to direct towards what matters most to you.

The diet we will eat is a delicious vegetarian/vegan diet. Prepared fresh daily with local produce, plenty of vegetables and so much HEART, you will absolutely love the food prepared for you!

Note 1:
If your passion lays in raw / vegan in food, that’s great! We would love to have you share your gifts with us! We are always here to grow and evolve, and happily intend to co-create a menu with the community that we all enjoy, and serves us in the highest.

On top of the meals provided, you are always welcome to purchase your own groceries and use our kitchen to prepare any dishes you’d like.

Note 2:
This $400/month for food, cooking and cleaning, is a mandatory addition if you want to be a part of this community with us. If you were to do all your own groceries and make all your own meals, for the quality of food that we provide (especially living in North America) you would pay way more than what we are asking. Plus, cleaning!

Pricing Outline, Part 3:
The Shamanic Journey

When we first started this community we first thought that asking people to contribute per ceremony, was the best thing to do.

However, after having people come and go, it has been made very clear:

The best thing to do is ask for a monthly contribution for the ceremonies and shamanic work.


Because this isn’t just about Ayahuasca.

This is NOT for people who just want to come here and “experience Ayahuasca”.

I find, with people like that, they do not respect how deliberately and consciously I work with the medicine. Going slow. Really going deep. To get the most out of the experience possible. To really prepare, and really take time to integrate.

Ayahuasca is an extremely powerful and potent Master Plant Teacher. There is very little (almost nothing) that can take us as deep into the Self and Consciousness, which no words can ever fully describe.

If you come to my home, my role is not just to give you a cup of Ayahuasca, and then say goodbye.

No, I am here to support you in the deepest transformation beyond your imagination.

I am here to guide you to the Self.

Who You Really Are.

The only way you can do this… is to let go of all that you are NOT.

There are so many patterns and programs, beliefs that you’ve taken on growing up in the circumstances and society that you grew up in. There are so many things you’ve learned that you “should do”… or false values you’ve picked up… that are NOT true to you.

Being around me, and the frequency that I hold, will naturally cause all that is NOT true for you… to come up. A very deep purification happens to everybody who comes around me. This is simply a fact.

The ego wants to hold on. Everything that it thought it was… is being released.

When layer after layer of all that does not serve you, and all that is not in harmony and resonance with Who you are really here to be – your Highest Potential…

When it all comes up, it can be quite challenging.

As humans… we hold on. We have attachment. And we resist the process of letting go…

I see it again and again.

The point is –

I am here to hold you through this very deep transformation and shedding of all that no longer serves you.

Many times, you will feel raw, open, sensitive. And taking time to the Self is the only key.

This is what this is all about.


The True Self.

And the only way I can guide… is from a place of knowing my Self so deeply.

And living so TRUE to Who I AM.

This is what we are all here to learn… To master…

How to be YOU.

And no one else.

When you do…

There is an internal paradise and depth of joy that emerges…

Which automatically creates an external paradise, and that which has always been most important to you… can finally be yours.

The Key is always the Self.

I support you in this process, not only with Ayahuasca, but with so many different types of plant medicine, depending on what the moment and energy of the space calls for.

I don’t only work with plant medicine, but sound journeys, breathwork, crystal healing, meditation and so many countless forms of healing that I’ve learned from Masters around the world…

So asking for a contribution for only Ayahuasca Ceremonies didn’t make sense to me.

Rather, asking for a monthly contribution for all that I do to show up for you, hold you, guide you and lead you through a shamanic journey into the Self, is what feels most aligned for me.

This is really deep work.

And you can not help but go through something like this with me… and be anywhere close to the same person you are before you come. In the best way possible.

I’m here to help you be… You.

The True You.

So, you have 2 options:

  1. If you are already registered, you can cancel.

  2. You say “Yes” to being guided by me through a month-long shamanic journey (or multiple months if you’re staying longer). And together, we will go really deep. Through countless healing modalities I’ve been so blessed to receive from Masters around the world, sound journeys, breathwork, meditation and plant medicine… We will peel away layer by layer of all that is not You.

I now see: I don’t just give one-off ceremonies. I either support someone in a process of transformation beyond words, or not at all.

And if you are coming here, you have this very rare chance to have me support you in a process that will purify the deepest densities from within and liberate the True You in the deepest of ways.

There is SO much energy that goes into supporting someone in a process like this, and it requires me to be SO strong in my personal practice and connection to the Divine / Self.

This is why we invite only a few people here a month.

The contribution that I ask for one month of shamanic medicine work, sound journeys, breathwork, and all the personal support that is inevitable in your stay here, is $500/mo.

This is simply the minimum that I ask, for all the energy that I provide for you, and for all that I put into Being who I Am, to support you in the highest way I can. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

I bring such a deep level of transformation to anybody around, when I show up with that intent.

This $500 is the minimum I would feel good to receive, for the energy that I put forth for you.

It takes more energy than can even be explained with words, and such a Strength in my Self, that requires me to live at such high standards, in every aspect of my life, in order to show up for you.

As a result of the countless practices I embody, and the deepest self-discipline I carry, I have so much to share, to show, and to guide you to the Self.

I can guide you. Because I live this path, so deeply.

Being, is all my life is about.

And I’m here to show what that really means.

Where it leads…

Is to the Self.

The True Self.

The Highest Expression of You as Pure Potential.

Able to Create Any Reality You Desire.

Rooted in Truth. Love. And Harmony with every moment.

What does it really mean to Be…?

It can not be explained with words.

We all seek it.

But few understand it and more importantly, LIVE it, to the depth I do.

This is why I kindly, respectfully ask for your minimum contribution for my energy and time, for my presence and my intent for You.

(If this is not something you feel is fair, or can not afford, please communicate with me if you are already registered.)

Asking for a monthly contribution is much more aligned than asking for $80/ceremony, because my support in this way does not “start and end” with an Ayahuasca Ceremony.

It is constant. In every interaction we clear layers.

Plus, you will get much more than 4 ceremonies, sourced from all the forms of healing that I’ve received initiation in.

“The only way to Know the Self,
is to clear that which is not the Self…”

That which lays beneath, is the True Self.

Beyond the programs and beliefs, the pain, sadness, and all that you may carry…

We walk this journey, to release all that is not True. Layer by layer, I walk this path by your side.

This is what this financial energy is compensation for. For all that I do to show up for you, in this space of healing, transformation and the deepest discovery of your Highest Potential and True Self.


I realize –

If you are called to this experience, there is a deeper part of you that seeks something…



The Self.

This is where I am here to guide you –

If you are willing to be guided, and walk this path together.

At first, I thought this vision was about bringing people together to create community.

But it has become clear recently –

The community will come automatically, when I bring specific, very select, rare people to my home, and lead what would be likened to a personal silence retreat.

Silence is of the highest importance, in this entire experience.

If you are looking to simply hang out, and talk about “stuff” (other people, drama, story, or anything that does not truly serve a process of Self-Awareness), this is not the space for you.

Rather, this is for people who are really looking to come Inside.

And seek a sacred sanctuary, where that is the intent we all carry.

As people come to my home, and I see what this is really meant to be, I see more and more clearly how I am meant to support in the highest. What my role really is. And how to facilitate and lead the deepest transformational experience, possible.

Because this is why I am here.

This is my Truth.

The expression of my Highest Self.

And I am here to help you find and live the highest unique expression of the Divine that seeks to flow through you.

Only through removing the noise, can we do this.

Only through removing the noise, can we truly hear the voice of the Heart / The Self / The Divine.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Removing the distractions and becoming more aware of the mind and it’s tendencies (unconscious habits / thoughts / programs) that distract you.
  2. Making the Voice of the Heart louder. Through plant medicine and shamanic journeywork.

Together, the stillness and the shamanic medicine work create the most powerful environment to be able to truly listen to the Self.

This is why, Stillness is such a key focus to this entire experience.

Please only come, if you are willing and truly desire, to live from this Stillness and have me support you again and again back to this space.

Who This Is For

I only invite rare individuals to my home, who are truly willing to do the work.

To listen and feel…

Many people never discover their Highest Purpose…

Because the Divine is Perfectly Deliberate. And only shares a vision of True Purpose, when One is able to truly listen.

Many people, if they hear their purpose… will not heed the call. Will not follow it. Will continue to choose fear-based security over what they really want.

This is why we only open our home to those rare individuals who have done enough Inner Work and are Self-Aware enough… to really listen.

To feel, especially when it is hardest.

Because so many layers will come up to be released, if you come to my home.

Are you ready?

And truly willing to do the work…?

Not run away when it is hard?

Not blame anybody, but to truly recognize that the source of any feeling that does not feel good… is within you?

This is the key, to live in a state of harmony with life in every moment.

This will only make sense to a very select few people.

And those who understand… and live from the place I speak of –

I write this, to you.

How to Apply

Now that we’ve explained all the important details, you can now:

Click Here to Apply

Please fill out this application with as much heart and energy as possible.
Put the time into answering all the questions, so we can really see if there is a right fit for you to join us.

For those we feel a resonance with, we’ll invite you to a Skype call and we’ll take it from there!

Exciting times!

We’re really looking forward to meeting those of you who are meant to join us in person!


Discount Available:
To Young/Single Mothers – We Are Here For You

(Especially if you have a child under 3 and/or are still nursing)

It is so dear to our hearts, especially having just brought a baby into this world, to really support young / single mothers. For so many reasons, we are here for you.

If this vision aligns with you, apply here, and we’ll happily give you a discount to come and join us. We would love to experience this with you!

A Special Message to Women, Couples,
Singers & Musicians

  • To Women:

In the Big Vision, we see that the community will ultimately be led by women, and the energy will be guided much more by the Feminine – LOVE – than anything else.

A vision led by women and the feminine has a very distinct energy compared to that led by the masculine, and without going too much into it, this is the very reason this community is meant to be led by women.

Ultimately, the energy and presence of the Feminine is the strongest healing force there is, and what we need on our planet most, right now.

For this very reason, we give priority and emphasis on inviting women, as you are held in the safest container for you to do the inner work that is most important in these times right now.

  • To Conscious Couples & Families:

Those who lead by Love, and live by Love. Those who are on this path of Consciousness and Self-awareness. We invite you! The more people, the richer the experience!

We are more than happy to give a discount and help with pricing for conscious couples and families with children. When you apply, make a note of telling us and we’ll see what we can work out for you.


  • To Singers & Musicians:

Do you sing or play medicine music, mantras, heart songs, or maybe even lead kirtan?

If so, we are looking for you!

Apply here and be sure to mention this, as we see this being a major part of the community and are calling forth more of this in our lives!

Additional Notes


On Cannabis, Drinking & Cigarettes

Although we are never about rules, we are looking for people who are no longer called to these substances.

We feel that the energies they bring are not in alignment with the vision we have, so we are very clear that if you are habitually using these, then this experience is not for you at this time. With nothing but love!

Of course, you can still apply, but we will ask you about your relationship with these substances in our application, and we are very clear about who we are looking for.

How do you get here?

In order to get to our land, you would fly to Guatemala City (GUA), and then take a shuttle/taxi to a town called Panajachel (3-4 hours away, depending on traffic), and then take a boat to our little village, Santa Cruz la Laguna (15 minutes). It’s far, and that’s what we love about it!

Final Words

Those of you who are meant to be a part of this with us… already know if you are.

If you are reading these words right now, there is no doubt that there is a very deep sense within, that this is something that calls to you.

Listen to your heart.

This isn’t about the money for us. This is about the people. The energy that we create together. The frequency that is the birthing ground for this beautiful vision to unfold.

Regardless of the skills you have, or how much money you can afford to live with us, let go of all these thoughts.

Apply here, and share more about who you are. Let us feel your heart, your soul, your passion, your commitment to The Path, and grounding the New Earth – if that is what you feel.

We have done this, again and again, incarnation after incarnation. As forerunners of Consciousness on this planet, this isn’t the first time that we are called to gather, to birth something the world wants and needs so badly.

This is what we have been asked to do. Why we are here. The very purpose for our existence.

To those of you who these words speak to so deeply –

YOU are the ones I invite, personally, from the depths of my heart to yours.

This is about something so much bigger than any of us can really imagine or fathom right now.

The depth of the process unfolding within us, through us, and collectively on this planet is a deep purification and purge, on every level. We are being asked to go deep. To let go of anything that stops us from living the most joyous life possible.

All the things the mind thought was important… we are learning to let go of.

All the things that our society has programmed within us – what we “should” want, or what we “should” do with our lives. They are falling away.

Leaving only a very deep knowingness of what matters most.

Simplicity and Joy.

Gathering in Community.

Love and Presence.

These very values, are not just words, but point to a Truth, a reality, and a way of living and existing in this world, that are so important for us to truly be the anchors of light in the world, and support the collective process in the greatest way we can.

As much as this is about the Collective, this is about the Self.

The True Self.

Who We Really Are.

And the only way we uplift the Collective Whole, is by uplifting ourselves. By doing the work. By living our lives so committed to Truth and Love, in every way.

This is why we gather.

This is why this community is being created.

And this is why you are invited, to this bigger purpose, and to join us in grounding this vision. Now.

So apply here, if you can feel deep down inside, this is for you. This is what you’ve been waiting for. This is what you’ve known you are here to live, create, and birth in the world…

We look so forward to your application, and more so, meeting you in person!

Until then…

With SO much love, so infinitely excited for what is being created through us all,
Trinity, Infinity & Baby AvaSanika