Love or Wealth? Spirituality or Money?
(Can I Only Choose One?)

“It is not more spiritual to be broke or have no money”

Just a couple weeks ago, my mom & step-dad came and visited my new family here in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

family photo in jungle
Loving family time in the jungles!

To see our new born baby, and enjoy Christmas together. It was such a valuable visit, on so many levels.

One evening, my step-dad and I had a very revealing conversation.

I first met him when I was 12. He often shares the story of when we first met… how I shook his hand, looked him in the eyes and introduced myself. He said he’s never met anybody with as much confidence, even as adults.

He said to me a couple weeks ago:

“I really believe you can be extremely wealthy… but there’s something holding you back”

Now, my step-dad and Mom are amazing partners in business and wealth creation. They invest in real estate, and I have a lot to learn from them, especially when it comes to money.

After all, the greatest way to create the life we want is to find the people who have done it before us, and learn from them.

This sentence he shared with me, really struck a chord so deeply.

I continued to ask myself… what is it? What is it that is holding me back?

And I found a belief that has been my biggest obstacle towards true abundance in every way. Not just in love, joy, freedom, and amazing relationships… but in money, wealth and financial abundance as well.

We are here to have BOTH


It is not more spiritual to be broke!

If money wasn’t a problem, what would you do with your time?

What would you really want to do with your life?

Most importantly, what difference in the world would you make?

The point is –

I found this belief within myself, that held me back so much.

That I almost thought it was wrong to have money.

And all I wanted was “just enough” for my family and I to live the life we want.

Deep down, I though I could only choose one.

Either a beautiful life and family… peace, presence and love…

OR money, wealth and true financial abundance.

It’s really silly when I now see it.

The problem is…


So many of us have such deep-rooted beliefs about money, that really stop us from having it.

Especially those of us who are on the spiritual path.

And as a result, you either see people fall in one of these two categories:

1. With a lot of money. With busy minds and many fears. And probably have less-than-ideal intimate relationships. Often feeling stressed or rushed.

2. Genuinely happy! Spiritually connected. In LOVE with life. Joyous and radiant! Willing to trust their hearts and enter the unknown! Free spirits, travelers and adventurers. But… they don’t have much money.

Of course, there is everything in between, but those are the two ends of the spectrum.

Where in this spectrum do you find yourself?


Or more importantly, what beliefs do you have about money…

That may be stopping you from having more of it?

Look inside.

Ask yourself.

Do you believe it is almost “more spiritual” to be disconnected from money? To push it away? To ignore it or disregard its importance?

Do you believe that “money is wrong” or “the rich are evil”?

Do you believe “you don’t need it”?

Think of it this way:

Money is like a friend.

If you had a friend that you didn’t like, or thought was wrong or even “evil”. Or you judged people who hung around this friend, in a negative way…

Would this friend want to spend a lot of time with you?

Of course not.

We have so many deep-rooted beliefs around money. From our parents, and their parents… From our society, and our upbringing…

That ultimately makes SO MANY of us… push away one of the most important aspects of our lives.

Money is here, and we are here to really MASTER how to work with it.

So we can have a lot of it! And make a difference in the world with it!

Pay Attention

I’ve walked this path.

For years, I strived for money above anything else… and then got a lot of it at a young age. Which brought me to the point where I realized there is something SO much more than money.

Then, I pushed money away, and made my life all about spirituality, discovering my True Purpose, following my heart, and cultivating the deepest JOY possible.

Now… I realize, it’s NOT “one or the other”.

It’s not joy OR money.

It’s not spirituality OR wealth.

It’s not an amazing family life OR financial abundance.

We can have both!

We are MEANT to have both!

And I finally realize this… after my step-dad shared with me that life-changing sentence, one fateful night…

So This Message Goes To Those of You:


  • Either constantly chase money
  • Or constantly push it away (and as a result have very little of it)

The question I have for you, is:

Do you really want one over the other?

Or do you believe that you can be HAPPY and ABUNDANT?

This is what true spirituality is about!

Look At Our Karma

We were born in the Western World.

We were born into a society that is driven by money and finances.

If we wanted to make life all about Spirituality, we would have incarnated in the East.

But we didn’t choose that. Our souls CHOSE to incarnate in the West. And there is a collective, national karma that we share.

For example, someone born in Thailand has very different national karma than we do as someone born in North America. (or the western world)

We are not here to AVOID the world and money… we are here to master it! AND master the True Self.

This is how we give our greatest gifts to the world!

This is how we make a difference in the world!

Because it’s finally time that those who live by the Rules of the Heart… lead our planet!

Imagine what changes we could make…

As people who want to make a better world for all of us, lead. And the people who control the world based on a desire for money and power… are over-ruled.

Bold statements.

But an inevitability.

It’s time we OWN our power. Our gifts. And say YES to money. And the bigger picture, of creating a better world for all of us.

Really Sit With This

Really sit with all that I’ve shared with you here.

Without knowing it, these programs played in the background of my life.

What programs or beliefs about money do you have, that may be stopping you from receiving it?

This is the key.

And I want to help as many of us WAKE UP. So we can be ABUNDANT and happy. Wealthy… AND on Purpose! Peaceful… AND receive a lot of money!

SO grateful for this journey together!

Here’s to OWNING our power, and saying YES to it all!
Trinity, Infinity & Baby AvaSanika
~ Your Soul Family

Baby AvaSanika

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