The Key to Happiness…

It’s November of 2010.

I just sold everything I owned, and got on
a one-way flight to San Diego.

I had no income, no job, and about $700
to my name.

My plan was to work at a hostel and live
there for free while I surfed and setup a
new business.

What happened, was nothing even close.

I expected beautiful, warm, sunny San Diego
like I remembered it to be.

But when I got there…

There was a STORM.

Pouring, torrential rain, palm trees being
blown over and flooding streets with water
up to my knees.

My dream of the sunny San Diego surf-life
quickly vanished.

And I knew I wasn’t meant to stay there.

I started to learn how to listen to my intuition.

And I asked:

“What am I meant to do now? Where do I go?”

Almost instantly, I got my answer.

In a very synchronistic conversation, I heard
from a fellow traveler that his friend just got
back from Nicaragua (Central America).

The weather is amazing, the surf is perfect
and he was living there for only $150/month!

Yup! That’s where I’m going!

And I knew I could manifest the same. Or better!

With all that I’ve been learning from The Teachers –

The exact process of how to turn my thoughts
and desires into a physical reality, life was a
fun new game to me.

So I wasn’t upset that there was a storm.

Because I learned the importance of letting go.

And one of the most valuable traits we
could all have, if we want to be truly
happy in life…

Is the ability to let go of attachments.

And let go of what you think you want.

Especially, when life doesn’t happen the
way you want it to.

(which is often)

So I have a question for you:

How do you react when you don’t get
what you want?

Take a moment to really ask yourself
that question.

And see…

How do you treat yourself and others,
when you don’t get what you a want?

This is a place we all need healing…

Because we all have attachments.
And as the Great Buddha says:

“All pain comes from attachment”

This is why Mother Ayahuasca is
so helpful in our journey back to
the deep inner peace we all seek.

This medicine can help you let go of
the attachments that hold you back.

And let go of all the things that you
need to let go of…

The past.


Emotional wounds, pain and trauma
from others who’ve hurt you.

Unconsciously, we hold on to pain.

And Ayahuasca can help you let it all go.

So you can finally experience the deepest
love, joy and peace in your heart.

Join us in Peru.

And discover how you can let go of so
many things that are holding you back
in your life, without you even knowing it.

We’ll speak again soon!

And I’ll pick up where the adventure
takes us next:

… Nicaragua!

The life I lived there was better than my
wildest dreams!

[To be continued..]

From the depths of my heart, praying my story inspires yours,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

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