How To Know Your Next Best Step…

“Sell everything you own”

They said to me.

“Buy a one-way ticket to San Diego”

With no income, no plan, and no idea what
would happen…

I was proposed with this guidance, that went
against everything I knew about the world.

I used to live my life based on plans, goals,
the need for security, and “knowing” what
was going to happen next.

And The Teachers shared with me one of
the most important lessons that changed
the way I lived forever.

Imagine –

A stairwell, that goes from the ground in front
of you, all the way to the heavens above.

At the end of this stairwell, is everything you
desire. Your dream life and all that you want.

But the only stair that you can see, is the
ONE stair that is lit up in front of you.

And the only time the next stair lights up, so
you can see it, is when you are standing on
the one before it.

Can you imagine that?

This is exactly how life is.

You don’t need to know every step, of how to
get to where you want.

You don’t need an A-Z plan that shows you
exactly “how to get there”.


Because it doesn’t exist!

All that matters is the ONE thing you need
to do now.

We all know deep inside, even if it’s just a
slight feeling, what is most important for
us to do next.

Call it your intuition, your inner guidance,
a gut feeling.

Even if you’re not 100% sure that’s what
you’re supposed to do, maybe there’s an
idea that keeps coming up inside you.

Often, that little idea is the thing that
scares you most.

And so many people, do not take that step,
because of fear…

Fear of the unknown.

What will happen next?

What if this. What if that.

The mind that plays the “worst case scenario”
in our heads.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Can you think of one thing that you feel
is calling you forward?

A change in your life.

Big or small.

Something you feel is really important…
that you need to do.

Maybe it scares you.

“Quit your job”

“Move to a different city”

“End that relationship”

“Go to Peru”

Or in my case, “Sell everything you own”

Getting clear on this guidance is the key.

So, the question is…


How do you get clear on your next step?

In this free eBook I sent last email, there is
a valuable technique that teaches you exactly
how to know the “right” next step for you.

And how to take action on it, without
letting fear get in the way.

(I really recommend you read this eBook
if you havn’t already)


What happened next for me?

I took a deep breath and I leaped...

I trusted the guidance and sold
everything I owned.

I put the few items I had left into a single bag.

And I left Vancouver.

Where did my trust lead me…?

To the greatest adventure of my life!

So I got on my one-way flight to San Diego…

And guess what?

[To be continued..]

With so much love, so excited to share more,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

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