How I Created My Dream Life…

It’s January 2011.

I’m living in a town called Leon, in
Nicaragua, a small country just North
of Costa Rica.

The weather is perfect, the food is
incredible, and the people are the
happiest I’ve ever met.

I just learned Spanish (in 2 weeks!)
and I’m surfing, boxing and dancing
salsa every single day.

There is somebody preparing all my
meals, I live near the beach, and I’m
paying only $150/month for all of this.

It’s my dream life. In every single way.

How did I get here?

How did I go from struggling so much
in Canada…

To being able to enjoy everything that I
ever wanted? (in such a short time)

The answer is simple.

I learned to follow my Heart.

I learned to trust my Inner Guidance.

And I learned how to not let my mind,
fear, or what other people think about
me… stop me from what want in my life.

I was willing to let go of the idea of
how my life “should look” based on
the societal pressures or “norm”.

I was willing to stop chasing money, and
I learned that real happiness comes from
something that no money can ever buy…

Because True Success is gauged not by how
much money you have but how much joy
you have in your heart in every moment.

When you start to prioritize your JOY
over anything else…

You’ve learned the secret to creating the
life of your dreams.

Don’t let materialism or the idea of what
you “should” be doing with your life
control you.

It’s time to stop caring about what other
people think about you and to start
prioritizing above all what is most
important to YOU.

So, the question is…

What IS most important to you?

What kind of life would you really like
to live?

And what do you think is holding you
back from that..?


Sit and ask yourself those questions.


Whatever your answer is…

No matter how “real” you believe
the obstacle is…

It is an illusion.

Because there is truly NOTHING
stopping you from creating the life
that is most important to you.

I know it’s easy for the mind to disagree.

But slow down…

Take a deep breath.

Really feel into what I am saying.

You are Infinite Potential Source Energy
manifest into physical form.

You are not a human with a soul, but a
soul, having a physical experience.

You are capable of truly anything that
you want in your life.

The Nature of your Being is infinite,
endless, and beyond all measure.

It is time for you to return to this deep

Not just so you get these words from
the mind.

But so you can experience this Truth.

Mother Ayahuasca… does exactly this.

She can show you so deeply, Who You
Really Are.

Not just as something you understand
from the mind, or words that you read
on a monitor…

But so you can have this experience
first hand.

To deepen the connection with your
True Self.

And when you do…

When you understand the Source of Your
Infinite Nature.

You start to see… that the illusions or
obstacles that you thought were in your
way… were exactly that: Illusions.

And taking action, stepping forward
into what you really want in life becomes
so simple. Easy. Almost automatic.

Because you see…

You are capable of anything.

And why live anything else other than
the life that you really want?

These are the deep insights that Mother
Ayahuasca can teach you and show you…

So join us.

Come to Peru.

It’s time to stop letting the mind or fear
get in the way.

And time to really move forward on the
life that you want most.

It starts by shifting your belief that it
IS possible.

We’ll talk again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, as a servant to the Truth of Who You Really Are,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

I’ll be sharing a very valuable video training
next week. Keep an eye out for it!

Much love!!

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