“Let Go & Simplify…” Why We’re Leaving It All Behind!

Whew! Where do I even start!

Some of you have been following our journey, as we’ve given birth to our amazing baby daughter, back on August 15, 2017!

baby photo
I’ve never felt so much love in my life! (Photo Credit: Gabriel Ng)

And opened up our home here at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala…

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Aerial shot of our property in the jungle! (Photo Credit: Gabriel Ng)

"Let Go & Simplify..." Why We're Leaving It All Behind!
It’s true paradise here… why are we leaving? (Photo Credit: Gabriel Ng)

Back in September 2017, we invited people to come live with us, share with us, grow with us, and enjoy life with us in conscious community at our home at Lake Atitlan.

But something happened, as we shared our life for 5 whole months, that was far from what we expected…

What Happened With Community?

First of all –

It became very clear that this Big Vision for community… and creating Paradise on Earth, together…

Is far from ripe.

There is so much that needs to happen still, not only within me and my beloved as leaders, but within the collective consciousness…

Before we are READY to actually ground the Kingdom of Love, as beautiful as the visions have been shown to us…

There is so much growth that I personally need to go through, as well as the collective, before we can be ready for this…

Ultimately, it’s about timing. And I see that it isn’t until at least my mid 30s, that I will be the person that I need to be, for really grounding something as powerful and impactful for the world, as this highest vision of conscious community.

So for now, it’s time for me to TRAVEL, to LEARN, to continue being the student, enjoy being a new papa (yay!!) … all the while sharing my journey & life with you, to inspire & support as many of you as possible!

To discover what YOUR deepest gifts are, your greatest joy, and what YOUR Highest Truth really is…

The New Vision

As a result of bringing people to our home, and running community, we have refined this vision of community in a HUGE way.

We see so clearly, this journey of healing, growth, self-awareness, self-discovery, and letting go of all that we are NOT…

Is an ONGOING journey.

And as much as we can invite people to our home for some months…

This is a journey that we are here to support you with, for LIFE.

This path…

Is about CONSTANTLY shedding what does not serve

To let go – again and again – of the beliefs and false-desires that we’ve picked up from our society, that STOP us from living our Highest Truth…

And I saw…

The greatest way for me to support you on this path, is not simply with our Ayahuasca retreats, or living with us for some months…

But by being here for you in an ongoing, consistent, reliable manner… for LIFE.

That means, creating an ONLINE community for us all! Where we can support you, regardless if you can come to Peru, or live with us!

What does this mean for you?

Click here to stay involved, and enter your email to keep up to date with the amazing developments on this project, that will support you more than you can even imagine!

Huge Shifts Within Me…

I’ve always known I’m here to be a guide, a teacher, a leader, and somebody who INSPIRES others to LIVE the life that they REALLY WANT, deep inside…

And ever since my beloved and I brought our baby angel from the stars into this world…

Childlike wonder at it’s purest…

This leader inside of me, has matured and evolved, more than it ever has.

And I’m getting to a point, of really seeing myself as that teacher, who supports and uplifts people around me in a HUGE way… more than I ever have before.

Which is so exciting!! As I just feel more inspired than ever to SHARE!

At the same time, I’m also learning how to slow down

By looking at my astrology, and seeing what I am here to experience in this lifetime…

I am able to let go, zoom out, and stop feeling so rushed and stressed like: “I need to do it NOW”.

I’m starting to see things in terms of 5-10 year periods, rather than 1-2 year periods, like I used to.

And I KNOW this vision of community – Heaven on Earth – WILL absolutely happen…

But there is more preparation that is needed beforehand.

What Kind of Preparation?

By inviting people to our home, we were able to get a glimpse into the collective consciousness, in a huge way.

And for the most part, the world is NOT yet ready for the highest vision of co-creative living that we see.

We recognize how hard it is for people to LET GO… of the very things that keep them in pain and struggle…

Of course, people don’t WANT to suffer…

But the PROGRAMS, beliefs, and the inner mental habits that we have… (that we’ve been brainwashed with…)

Of how we look at ourselves, and how we look at others…

All that keep us unhappy inside…

Are SO strong.

And for many people, it is just SO HARD to stop letting these thoughts rule us.

This is WHY…

We Need a Guide

I’ve been so blessed to be able to study with Masters around the world…

To spend years living in Peru, sitting with plant medicine…

And to have such clear dialogue between my non-physical guides and angels…

That I can now see so clearly, through the very patterns and illusions that keep us trapped by our minds.

And this is what I am here to share with the world.

How do you get YOURSELF out of the pain that you may find yourself in?

I’m simply here to show you that the answers are INSIDE of you…

But what does that really mean?

This Is An Ongoing Journey

Through running community, I recognize so clearly:

I’m not here to “heal” anybody.

I’m here to EMPOWER You to be able to heal yourself.

To go inside, and first recognize what is holding you back… and then how to actually let that go.

This is why we create THIS

And why we are closing community for now… in order to put more energy into teaching, and preparing us for Being WHO we need to be… to create Paradise on Earth.

That means:

Supporting you in discovering Your Greatest Gifts.

Your Unique GENIUS…

Remembering Your Divine Purpose.

And Mastering your Self, your mind, and LIVING Your Highest Truth in the world.

Because there’s no doubt that you are here to be a part of this Movement of Awakening, if you are reading these words!

Now the question is:

Are you willing to SHOW UP… for yourself? And let go of the familiar, to really live the life you want to live?

This question is one of the greatest gifts I can leave you with, right now…

Really ask yourself this…

When We Are Ready, We Will Come Together

For now…

We let go of our home at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala…

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Sunset at the magical-beyond-words, Lake Atitlan. So grateful for this lake!! (Photo Credit: Gabriel Ng)

And we spend the next year traveling, visiting family, looking for land to buy, and TEACHING:

How have we have been able to create this life of true freedom and LOVE beyond words…?

We’re here to help as many of you as possible, to level up, and truly discover how to let go of the familiar… how to trust… and say YES to what your heart and soul truly wants!

And just by sharing our life, we are showing what is possible!

Now, we’re packing everything up, simplifying and letting go of almost everything we own, and getting ready to travel with our 8 month old baby!

Next stop:


Stay tuned! For our wonderful adventures, and all the teachings, guidance, LOVE and LIGHT, that comes through as we live this life of inspiration for us all!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, so grateful for every moment unfolding,
Trinity, Infinity & Baby AvaSanika
~Your Soul Family

family photo - trinity de guzman

PS – Please share! Would be so beautiful for more people to hear this message of WHAT IS POSSIBLE! And bringing us back… to what really matters! Following our heart!

PPS – What’s happening with the video project Gabriel Ng & I are working on? I’ll share more about that in my next post!

Until next time!!

So much love!!!

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