The Big Vision – Explained

This page is for people who feel they may be called to create further with us. To really go the distance in creating not only this community, but grounding these with us all over the world.

For this is the Big Vision, even further described:

The community we are grounding and putting together now, is just the start. The first little seed of a much bigger vision.

Here, we create and discover a model. A model of what works. The ins and outs of how to make a beautiful little paradise a reality for those who are called…

As we solidify and clarify this model – like a blueprint – we create these all over the world. Slowly and humbly – always as the core principles of all this work – we buy land, and those who have already established themselves as valuable members of this first community, will go to help ground the next.

This is what this big vision is all about. And why we look for the people who want to really make this their life with us.

The people who stand out to be a part of this for long, we envision to have the following traits…

Note: For anybody reading this who does not yet feel they are at this place. That is perfect. You are exactly where you are, and that is exactly what is meant to be. We love you completely and unconditionally. You are welcomed to our community, no matter what. The words below will speak to only a few individuals, and this is the message directly for them:

– Upon living together, we are able to witness and see a very valuable internal skill of processing within you. Being able to process any negative thoughts, projections or beliefs that cause pain within, quickly and easily. To be able to stop oneself from going down the stream of negativity, and quickly return back to loving joy.

– Being humble and honest with oneself. One who is always able to look at the self, especially when unconsciousness has arisen. And be able to recognize the beliefs or patterns that are rooted in illusion, and quickly integrate them to return to Love.

– A clear desire that nothing is more important than being the most clear, happy, loving being that one could be. These are not just words, but point to a very real way of living and relating with the world, that we can only recognize within you, upon sharing space and time together.

– Emotional responsibility. One who recognizes that everything created externally is a reflection of the internal. And quickly uses any uncomfortable experiences “out there” as pointers and sign posts, for where to look inside, and what to shift internally. Then, quickly integrates the lesson, and comes back to joy as the natural state of being.

– You know, deep down inside, your purpose is here to create Heaven on Earth. To ground this Kingdom of Love, and make Paradise a reality. This is the highest calling that you feel from the depths of your being, and the very calling that brings us together, and brings you to read these words right now. This purpose, that is so much greater than any words can really describe, at its core, is about creating a world where Love and Light rule once again.

These traits describe the very person who is meant to build and ground this Kingdom of Love, back onto this planet with us.

From the stars, you originate. And together, we reunite.

And we are here for you beyond measure.

For those who have demonstrated the above characteristics and a very palpable commitment to making this their life with us, we envision ourselves in the highest, providing and creating the following…

This is one of our greatest gifts to you and highest intentions in this vision:

As we purchase land and really ground into a permanent place, we will offer to these special few, the ability to live with us for free. Free, as in, not needing to pay for staying with us, for the contribution that you provide, is in your energy and presence.

This allows you to be able to stay with us long term, and not have to return to the city to make money. You will support the vision in many ways, just through being you, and sharing your heart and your passion. Your gifts and your genius. The very things that you know you have come here to share. This is the space where you are here to live that, and spread that to all who are ready to receive.

Together, we will support others who are still on their way to this place of self-awareness. Those who have not yet discovered their passions, their gifts, their highest purpose or calling. We are here to create the bridge, for those from the city, to this paradise that we are so blessed to live in.

This “bridge” is defined as different experiences that we put together and offer. With a focus on retreats, and the community experience, this is one of the greatest ways we give our gifts, and support those who are on the path.

We believe that so many humans are unable to discover their highest purpose and calling because they are so focused and worried about money and “security”.

This is why, we are here to remove that from the equation for you. To provide for every one of your needs, especially safety and security. Food and shelter.

This allows you to focus on what really matters. Deepening your presence. Opening even greater to be the most clear channel for the Divine in every moment. Harnessing your gifts. Mastering the very talents that you have been gifted to share with others.

This is why we support you. Because your very Being is the greatest gift to humanity. Through your Presence, and Vibration you carry, you uplift the collective whole and make it so much easier for those on their paths, to awaken to the truth of Who They Really Are.

Just as you have re-awoken to.

We look at it this way: we are here to clean up the collective consciousness. There are countless programs and beliefs that are held collectively in the very makeup that creates our humanity. These are what we are here to clean up. The deepest illusions which we have transcended in our own lives. We have been able to step out of the collective stream of unconsciousness that carries so many, and now we help others do the same.

This is our work. On a global scale. To clean up the collective consciousness. Layer by layer. Program by program. We hold, collectively so many beliefs – rooted in illusion – about money, sex, love, and what the point of life really is, to name just a few.

We do this work, for the whole. We cleanup our patterns of unconsciousness, because we know deep inside that this uplifts the planetary collective in a huge way. Little by little, it all counts. This is why we go deep, look inside whenever it is called, and do the work to release every aspect of unconsciousness that we find within. For within is without, and as we do our inner work, we do the work for the world.

Being “God’s Janitor” is how it’s been described. And as we are employed by the Great Creator, we are provided for infinitely, in this job that we dedicate our whole lives to.

This vision is but a vehicle for that infinite abundance to come into your life and bring us together – as we are all on this same collective mission. As a result of doing this for the planet, we are provided for with beauty beyond measure, and a reality that is so blissful, it exists far beyond what many even think is possible…