Powerful Reflections from an Intense 2017!

As 2018 quickly approaches, we are
asked to sit, to feel, to really go inside…

And ask:

What is most important to me?


And it’s time to stop settling for
creating and living anything less
than that in your life.

For me, this big vision of community
has continued to unfold in the most
beautiful, unexpected ways.

In November, 5 people joined us at our
magical home in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala:

Powerful Reflections

And after 10 days, some decided to leave.


We can look at all the external reasons, but
above all… I look inside. And ask, what is it
within me that created this?

… What did I find?

I wasn’t grounded in my Self enough.

What does that mean?

I live a powerful, connected, peaceful
life for myself, filled with SO much love.

But can I really guide people to that space?


But it requires such a deep STRENGTH in the
SELF that I needed –

Which I am deeply learning to cultivate in order
to support others around me in the highest.

Here are some key words of this chapter for me:

  • Limits
  • Structure
  • Integrity
  • Boundaries
  • Time
  • Mastery
  • Intensity
  • Challenge

(I’m going through my Saturn return!)

And as I take each step, with my new born 5 month
old precious angel from the stars, AvaSanika, and
my beloved Infinity from Switzerland –

Powerful Reflections from an Intense 2017!

I am learning how to be more grounded, STRONG,
unmovable and rooted in my Truth and in the SELF
more than I have ever been.

What does that mean?

I have noticed certain patterns about myself that
do not really serve me, and that I no longer want
to continue carrying as a part of me.

Patterns I’ve picked up from the world, somehow,
at some point in my conditioning.

For instance, I humbly and vulnerably share that I
have been very ungrounded in my relationship with
time and structure.

I live my life from a place of what I want, and what
is guided in every moment, but I recognize in order
to support others in their journey, structure is important.

So these experiences have been unfolding in a way
where I am shown these aspects of myself, and
really asked to step up. To stand up. And show up.

As a leader, and guide for others on the Path.

I constantly look at what is it within me that
creates any sort of difficulty or challenge externally.

And do the work… to let go of all aspects of myself
that no longer serve me.

As a result… awareness of the True Self emerges.

“The only way to know the Self… is to let go of all that is not”

It’s been a beautiful, intense journey!

Now –

(As we passed the winter solstice and Saturn
moves into Capricorn)

We are all being asked the same questions
from within:

WHO am I really here to BE in the world?

WHAT is most important to me?


We are being asked to LET GO of our attachments
to what we think we want and finally, start
listening to the Heart, as the ultimate
guiding force
for our life.

(That means, stop making decisions solely
based on money and security…)

This is a major step on the path to Truth.

To the life we desire, which fulfills us on
the deepest levels.

To the True Self.

Where all our power lays, and where anything
is possible.

And I am here to share my journey, as I live this
life and walk the Path with everything I Am.

There is so much coming through that I am
so excited to share with you!

So, stay tuned! As I share more from my
personal life, to shed light into yours <3.

Beautiful visions of a POWERFUL 2018
call me forward, and I’m excited to share
more soon!

I’m here for you!

SO much love!!!

Excited for 2018 beyond words,
Trinity, Infinity & Baby AvaSanika
~ Your soul family

Powerful Reflections from an Intense 2017!

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