My Dark Past…

There is something you need to know
about me.

I havn’t always been this being of love
and light.

I havn’t always been here, to give, serve,
love, and open hearts, like I am so
committed to now.

In fact, I’ve had a past that I’m sure,
a lot of you can relate with.

I, too, was brought up in the “Western world”
where I was taught the importance of money.

You know, where money is more important
than anything. And the focus is always on
how much you earn.

What do you want to do with your life?

…Doesn’t matter. Go to school.

Want to travel?

…Great, save up, and then you can.

What makes you happy?

…That doesn’t matter either. The question is,
what will pay the bills, right?

You know the story.

I was programmed with this compulsion to
make money, from a very young age.

So after graduating high-school, that’s all
I cared about.

I was brainwashed to believe money was
all that matters.

So I chased that illusion and from the young
age of 17 – 19, I sacrificed everything…

My friends, my social life, my girlfriend
at the time, every dollar I had, and sadly
enough…  even my values.

I locked myself in a room for 2 years
obsessed with this goal…


Sidenote –

I did this, because I didn’t stop to really ask
myself, “what do I really want in life?”

Society told me, money will make me happy,
and because I wasn’t in tune with myself,
I just believed it…

But the truth is:

Money is not what will make you happy.

It is just a means to an end; a path to what
you really want.

The real question is…

What will make you happy? Truly happy & fulfilled?

Beyond money, what do you really want to
experience in life?

If you had a magic wand, and you can make
your life look like anything you wanted…
what would you make it look like?

Ask yourself this question.

And really take time to sit with this.

We’ll come back to this in another email.


Back to the story.

At this young age, blinded by the illusion
where I was taught, “money is all I need
to be happy”…

I did some things that honestly, I’m
not very proud of.

I sold things online, that didn’t provide
any real value to people.

All I cared about was making money,
and I didn’t care how I made it…

It’s embarrassing. It’s vulnerable. But it’s true.

And this is what I had to go through…

This was the path that my soul chose,
to lead me to the life that I now live.

To be someone who cares about nothing
more than the healing, love and joy
of the people around me!

And in that journey, it showed me so

What I do NOT want.

And more importantly, what I DO want
in life.

This is why I write these emails.

To be a beacon of light, to serve and support
you in your healing and awakening.

To find the love, peace, joy and freedom
that your soul so deeply yearns for.

And to guide you, through sharing my story,
letting you know:

There IS a way out.

I’ve been where you are.

I chased money.

I thought it will make me happy.

I got the money… and found myself even
more unhappy & unfulfilled than ever.

This is why I am so passionate about
sharing Mother Ayahuasca in the world.

Because this medicine played such a
monumental role in helping me truly
discover my purpose, my gifts, and
my greatest service to humanity.

She showed me why I am here, and
helped me get out of the illusion of
chasing money

So join us.

And discover a way out of the endless
loop of paying bills, working, and
thinking that’s the only way to live…

Mother Ayahuasca can show you the way out.

Are you brave enough to take the leap?

Come to Peru.

We look so forward to supporting you
in your journey!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, grateful for all of you who seek this freedom within,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

During this time when I was chasing
money, feeling so lost…

There was a woman I met, who
changed my life forever.

She taught me something that changed
the entire way I looked at the world.

And she gave me the keys to creating
the success that I wanted so deeply.

Her name is Aliah. My first Spiritual Teacher.

What did she teach me?

How to access my spiritual gifts…

And I’ll share this with you in my
next email!

Much love!!


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