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Just like I promised:

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I wrote this back in 2010, and the secrets contained
in this eBook, have allowed me to create and live the
most beautiful, fulfilling life I could’ve ever imagined.

It is actually a “channeled” book, are you familiar
with what channeling is?

Back in 2010, I met The Teachers who showed me
how to create my ideal life experience no matter
what I was going through.

(The Teachers are the true authors of this eBook)

Following Their words, led me down a path more
magical, beautiful, filled with joy, love and freedom,
than anything I could’ve ever dreamt up.

Because they taught me how to truly follow my heart.

There’s no secret, following your heart, is the key
to creating the life of your dreams.

The question is:


You know you want a life of freedom, but how
do you get there?

The mind can be so strong in it’s fears and doubts.

We are so controlled by societal pressures and other
people’s expectations of how we should live our lives…

So the question is, above all of that, how can you
still follow your heart?

This is the key to your most fulfilling life, ever.

And this eBook gives you the answers. Showing
you the exact steps of how to create the life
that your heart and soul so deeply yearn for.

It’s time!

Enjoy this eBook and I’ll talk to you soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite gratitude, so happy to share this,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Here are some beautiful comments from people
who have read the eBook:

“Your eBook connects one back to the realization
and discovery of their real self, period.

It illuminates why it is important to liberate the Soul
from the animal body. I felt the energy generated
from the eBook at the highest level. 

The wisdom within is transformative, in itself, if
read with a sincere heart.  It is an experience of
self-evolution and the possibilities of Man, the Soul.

I was able to connected to your consciousness and
it resonated a bright light beyond time or space
which do not exist in the reality of divine energy
and divine consciousness. 

I love this journey and feel empowered when connecting
to the brotherhood of light beings such as you.

Objectively speaking, the book appears to have
many avenues, methods and components of
achievements, but view from the inner plane there
is only “oneness” or the experience of “wholeness”. 

If one read the eBook in a state of submission
– giving up letting loose of false beliefs – to the
divine energy it emits, they will experience a
fullness and completion in all of life yet
experience the law of inter-correlation to
know difference in rates of matter.

My friend, I could write a book on your book
but it is not necessary for I feel the connection
with your energy veil of love and caring.

The eBook content connects one to and activates
an awakening of the creative life force and the
intelligent life substance which implodes a strong
desire to return to the divine intelligence creative

Hope we can someday meet on the physical plane.
You are a great Soul and you are manifesting the
attributes in the eBook.

I am elated and grateful to have met you, my friend.

May the joy of love and harmony engulf you for eternity.”


“This ebook is an absolute testament of itself. The
only thing that can dispute the information in this
book is dispute itself.

Reading Trinity’s ebook was one of those instances
where I couldn’t help but to laugh at the reminder
there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Every moment in time leads to now. And now is
always when your inner self is guiding us to be
who we want and DESERVE to be. I am always
grateful for holy encounters, like that with Trinity
and his ebook.

When I get an over sense of a random encounter
they seem less random, and more attracted.

You’ll read this book.

You already decided to before you knew it.

Positive Vibes sent from myself to all there is.”


“This book has definitely helped me within my
inner transformation tremendously!

Where I can say these are techniques I am very
fond of, reading this book has really added to
my growing perception.

Thank you for all of your generous time it took to
create this fantastic read! Peace & wholeness!”


Click here to get the eBook, “Would You Like to Wake Up?”


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