Does Ibogaine Work?

does ibogaine workMore often than not, drug abuse and the addiction that it causes are a result of trying to fill the void left behind by the absence or lack of social bonds in a person’s life. People with adequate social stimulation are less likely to turn towards drugs. Two years ago, as the drug epidemic plaguing the nation was getting worse, ibogaine surfaced as somewhat of a miracle and phenomenal cure for addiction. If you are wondering whether the ibogaine drug is miraculous or not, you can search for ibogaine treatment reviews online.

These days, ibogaine is popularly known as the “addiction interrupter.” It does indeed interrupt addiction since it refreshes and resets the opiate receptor sites, providing relief from the withdrawal symptoms experienced when undergoing opiate detoxification. Ibogaine also eliminates the negative emotions that are associated with addiction, helping people gain deep psycho-spiritual insights and feel like they have a sense of purpose.

Ibogaine drug is basically a psychoactive alkaloid substance that naturally occurs in Tabernanthe iboga shrub’s bark and is derived from it. Since it is a psychoactive substance, those who use it experience intense psychedelic “trip” that may last between 24 and 36 hours, or even longer. For centuries, indigenous West African communities have been using ibogaine for initiation rituals and spiritual healing. Howard Lotsof, the first person in the modern western society to discover ibogaine, was a heroin addict himself and according to him, it completely eliminated his opiate cravings and withdrawals. Many ibogaine reviews speak of the same result.

Numerous small-scale studies have also confirmed the effects of ibogaine as an “addiction interrupter.” Unlike a majority of detox programs, the administration of ibogaine for addiction treatment does not revolve around substituting one addictive substance for an equally addictive substance that is supposedly less harmful. Ibogaine detox helps eliminate the dependence on medications for treatment by significantly minimizing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This proves that ibogaine success rate is remarkably high. 

Ibogaine detox treatment is generally administered at specific ibogaine treatment centers for drug, alcohol and heroin addiction. Sometimes the patients even undergo a pre-care program and may speak with a recovery coach, depending on the center. Before undergoing the treatment, a licensed physician also conducts drug screening and physical evaluation of the patient. Bloodwork, EKG and opiate withdrawal stabilization are also performed.
Often, patients are also made to perform breathe work and meditation before the treatment. The medical team may also carry out a final orientation. To keep the patient hydrated, pre-treatment IV fluids are also administered. Prior to the actual treatment, a test dose of pharmaceutical grade ibogaine HCL is also given. The lead physician then determines what the subsequent doses of ibogaine will be. The actual detox and healing phase using the pre-determined doses of ibogaine may last anywhere between 8 and 12 hours.

Even if it seems too far-fetched to consider ibogaine as a miracle cure, this much is certain – it works. On the other hand, undergoing ibogaine detox treatment does not mean that patients will simply no longer experience minor cravings. However, the likelihood of that happening can be considerably minimized by making healthy lifestyle changes and improving the patient’s social environment. If an addict manages to bring a meaningful change in their life after undergoing ibogaine detox treatment, they will never have to worry about addiction again. If you’re interested in this approach to get rid of drug addiction, you can contact the most efficient ibogaine treatment center in Mexico.