Ibogaine Treatment Centers – Your Miracle Cure For Addiction, Depression & Substance Dependency?


I know what it’s like.

To stay up at night, worrying if my family or partner finds out that I’ve been using again…

Living my life as a secret, as a lie.

How hard it is to say, ‘I promise I’ll stop’, but then I keep coming back. I keep relapsing.

Feeling controled by these drugs. Like my life isn’t mine anymore.

Feeling trapped, lost, confused, alone, and hopeless.

Even denying that I had a problem.

But soon realizing that my addictions are killing me, and hurting everybody around me.

The fear of withdrawal. How hard it is to get off. And having my body literally depend on these drugs.

The shame and guilt, of hiding it from my family…

You know.

Losing my job, lying to people, and stealing so I can afford it…

Almost dying from overdose, multiple times, and STILL not quitting.

Like hell, with no hope or way out…

It’s been harder than words can ever describe.

And after 15 years of addiction, constant relapsing, failing at the 12 steps, and multiple rehab centers…

I finally found a solution that works.

That allowed me to get clean. To find myself. Regain my freedom, and ultimately, find a way that I can give back… and heal all the relationships that I ruined.

Because your addictions are your GIFT, and your greatest teacher – and I’ll go into that later, but most importantly:

This all happened to me, so I can help others who are suffering, right now, with the same crippling addictions that I did.

And this page, is dedicated to helping you finally GET CLEAN, get your freedom back, and your LIFE back…

So read every word on this page, if you are serious about healing, so you can finally quit, WITHOUT relapsing.

Who Am I? Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Scott, and for 15 years, I’ve been a constant relapser.

You name it. Alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, cannabis, cigerettes, pain meds…

I tried it all. The 12 steps. Stopping cold-turkey. Traditional rehab and therapy. Harm-reduction, by replacing one addiction with something else ‘less severe’…

Nothing worked.

I remember being 20 years old, and stealing my grandmother’s wedding ring, to hawk it for drugs…

Being homeless, and instead of being ‘responsible’ and paying rent, I would use the last of my money to buy drugs.

Not coming home, partying for days. Afraid of being alone, yet, no matter how many people were around me, feeling so isolated and seperated.

I was just a fucking mess.

Back in 1999, I had the job of a liftime, working for a major search engine, and I had a presentation to make to the CEO.

After partying for 3 days straight and not sleeping, I walked into work on Tuesday, and did a line of coke before my presentation.

And while I was speaking to a board-room of high-level executives, and the CEO of the company…

I had a line of coke dripping out of my nose.

As soon as the presentation ended, I was fired on the spot.

That was one of the most humiliating, demoralizing moments of my life.

…and that STILL wasn’t enough to get me to quit!

Who knows where I’d be if I kept that job.

Over my 20s and 30s, I’d have periods of sobriety. Even long periods, of a couple years or so. But something would always happen, that would get me using again.

It was only after the most depressing moments, that forced me to see how low I’ve gotten…

I remember being at the beach, after partying all night, seeing the sun rising… everybody around me being responsible, going to work, exercising, and I was in such denial.

I was lying to myself, even though I was so miserable inside, I was trying to tell myself how great my night was.

But I couldn’t help but see… how everybody was mad at me. How alone I felt… and I thought:


‘I can NOT be here 10 years from now!’

After feeling as destitute as I did in that moment, feeling like I hit rock bottom, I actually quit. And I even had a period of sobriety for 2 years straight.

But the stress of life would get too much sometimes.

And I never delt with the CORE ISSUES for why I had these addictions.

So, something would happen, after each period of sobriety, and I would always end up in the same place I was before.

Using again. So ashamed of myself. Feeling like I let everybody down. The guilt of failing, and hiding it from my partner…

And I remember, 10 years after that moment on the beach, being there again, after being up all night high on coke, how I was in the same position… as 10 years earlier…

Actually, I was worse off than before. I was homeless, with no money. With more people mad at me. More people I owed money to. And more ruined relationships than before.


It was easy to GET sober… but STAYING sober was the hardest thing ever.

Until I finally found plant medicine.

To avoid relapsing, I had to go to the root issues, of WHY I was addicted in the first place.

I had to find a way to regulate the TRAUMA and STRESSES that led to the relapses, every time.

And after trying everything, I knew I had to do something different…

Plant Medicine Saved My Life

Plant medicine, is an ancient form of shamanic healing, that native tribes from around the world have used for thousands of years, for deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

It’s the only thing that ever worked for me.


I will share all about Ibogaine with you – the most powerful plant medicine available, to help you heal from your addiction – in just a bit. What it is, how it can help you, and why it is so effective…

I just I wanted to share with you first, my experience with plant medicine, and how deeply it helped me.

Because plant medicine allowed me to SEE the root of my addictions, go into my past, heal my CHILDHOOD, and reprogram the beliefs that I had about myself, that forced me to keep coming back to drugs…

Plant medicine allowed me to access parts of myself that I couldn’t access otherwise.

What I mean by that is, there was so much pain and trauma from my childhood, that it was nearly impossible to look at, and heal, without plant medicine.

And these traumas – which I forgot about, which controlled me, and forced me to act in ways that would hurt myself, and the people around me – were at the very root, and cause of my addictions.

I’m talking about being sexually abused, being abandoned by my parents, being yelled at, beat and abused physically…

Aspects of my personal history, that were so hard to look at, so hard to admit happened, and so hard to understand, how these were the REASON I was suffering from substance dependency in the first place.

And it was only after I experienced plant medicine, which allowed me to finally look at these traumas and wounds, and actually heal them.

‘Addictions always originate in pain, whether felt openly or hidden in the unconscious.’

Gabor Maté, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction


We All Have These Wounds…

So many of us, who’ve suffered / are suffering from substance dependancy, don’t actually realize:

It is our traumas, our terribly difficult and messed up childhoods, that are at the root of why we use drugs in the first place.

Or whatever you may be suffering from, like an eating disorder, or any type of addiction, I’ve learned so clearly:

It all comes down to our childhood.

The fears these experiences created within us…

The fear of abandonment, or the need for love and attention.

The gaping hole in our heart, that is so painful, that we need these substances, to feel better about ourselves.

This is why, if you don’t heal your deeper wounds, it doesn’t matter what you try – the 12 steps, rehab, stopping cold turkey, promising yourself you’ll quit…

The drugs will always come back, unless you heal the ROOT of your addictions.

Why Plant Medicine Is So Effective

There is absolutely nothing in the world, that is as effective, for helping anybody with substance dependancy, let go of their drugs or addictions, as effectively as plant medicine.

Because nothing else can help you see, and HEAL, the underlying conditions that are at the root of your addictions in the first place.

But don’t get me wrong –

Plant medicine isn’t a ‘magic pill’.

It’s not just going to ‘fix you’ and make all of your problems go away.

Only YOU can do that.

So the question is:

Are you really ready to quit?

Are you really ready to get clean, and do what it takes?

If so, plant medicine can give you everything you need –

To go inside, find the ROOTS of your addictions, why you have them, and finally heal…

So you don’t keep coming back, and returning to the same old habits that have kept you trapped, for as long as they have.

It won’t be easy.

But you know you need to.

After suffering from addiction for as long as I have, and seeing how hard it was to get clean…

Once I found a solution that really worked for me, that left me without cravings, and finally helped me stop relapsing –

I knew…

I Have To Share This With The World

I was finally able to forgive myself, for all the mistakes I’ve made, all the people I’ve hurt…

I stopped lashing out in anger and rage, at the people I cared about most.

I was finally able to have a healthy relationship with someone I love.

Pay back the people I owed money to.

And finally get my shit together, pay my bills, have my own place, and ultimately, help other people, and make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Once I got clean, I could see, that everything I experienced, all my challenges, and the darkest places that I’ve been… it all happened for a reason.

And I’m here to show you, that the same is true for you.

That your addiction is your gift. And I truly believe you’re reading these words, because there’s a deeper meaning to us meeting right now.

There are no mistakes, and I know I’m here to help you, if you’re ready to help yourself.

Why You Have Your Addiction

Imagine this –

You are finally able to let your addiction go. You get clean, stop having cravings, and even stop wanting drugs altogether.

People can even offer it to you, and you can say no.

You have a sobriety date, and you can say, you got clean on this day…

You get your life together, maybe land a solid job, and you no longer feel controlled by these habits or substances.

You start creating healthy habits –

Eating clean, getting a good night’s sleep, maybe even exercising, and you are able to enjoy a relationship, better than any other you’ve had in the past.

But most importantly, you find your passion. You find your purpose. Your deeper reason for being here on this planet.

THIS is why your addiction is your greatest gift.

You’ve been too sensitive to deal with life, as it is.

Because, you could feel, deep inside, there is something wrong with the way the world is.

Your addictions have forced you to heal from the messed up world we live in.

And it will lead you to your greatest work in the world.

You’ve been led to this page, these words, and this very moment… for this life-changing journey you’re about to embark on.

In fact, by reading these words, your journey has already begun. (so get your ass over here, and let’s start 😉 )

You needed your addiction, to lead you on this path of healing. And to open yourself up to the deeper spiritual truth that this journey will show you.

This isn’t just about addiction anymore.

This is about your presence on this planet, your impact, your gift, your purpose, your reason for being here, and your future.

Together, as we help pull you out of the darkness, you will see, there is so much more to why this happened to you, and why we have met, other than to just help you ‘heal from addiction’.

I know, because it happened to me.

Through my journey, I found my purpose, and so much meaning in my life. Beyond anything I ever thought possible.

And after helping so many people get clean, I’ve seen it happen to others, again and again. And this is why I’m here to help you.


Believe In Yourself

On the other side of your addiction, is a life full of meaning, joy, purpose and fulfillment, greater than you can even imagine right now.

I’m committed more than anything, to you. To your healing, and your deepest freedom.

And I will give to you, as much as you are willing to give to yourself.

We’ve developed a program that is more effective at treating addiction than anything else out there, but at the end of the day, your success comes down to you.

So please, only keep reading if you are truly ready, to walk this path, take this journey with me, and let me help you, more than anybody else out there.

And I will show you, secrets that I’ve learned from getting clean, and helping so many others do the same.

What works. What doesn’t. And what you need, to let go of your addiction once and for all.

So, is this a commitment that you can make to yourself?

Well, if you’re still reading this, I know you’re serious –

Which is the key to your success.

Our Ibogaine Treatment Center – 70% Success Rate?

The success rate of our Ibogaine clinic is one of the highest in the drug and rehab industry.

About 70% of people leave our center with a new start, a commitment to staying clean, and a sobriety date –

This is 7 times higher than ‘the best’ traditional rehab centers out there, which have success rates of less than 10% (and even that is considered good in this industry).

Naturally, over time, there are people who relapse. But the percentage of people who relapse, especially those who go through our 30 day treatment, is very low.

Our job, is to do everything we can, to keep that ratio as low as possible, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to you, and how willing you are, to create a new way of responding to your cravings.

After helping hundreds of people get clean over the years, we’ve found some very effective ways, to help you create these positive, new habits, of how to not ‘crack’ if you ever get cravings again. And we share these with you, in detail, during your stay with us.

So, how do we achieve such positive results for our patients?

We have 3 pillars to our addiction treatment program, that nobody else out there is combining, like we do. We’ll share all about that below.

The amount of in-depth, scientific, highly-researched, and complimentary therapies that we bring together in our addiction treatment program, is what allows us to see so many people leave our clinic, healed from their addictions seemingly overnight.

That means, you have the highest chance at actually getting clean, at our center, compared to any other.

What About The Other 30%?

We do everything that we possibly can, to help 100% of our patients get clean.

As much as we are here to help you, your success comes down to you.

So, what you you do, to make sure that you get everything you come here for?

Most importantly, you need to be completely ready to let go of your addiction, substance dependency, depression, or whatever it is that is calling you to ibogaine.

We find that if people are ‘sent’ to our ibogaine clinic, by their friends or family, those are the people who don’t always get the results that someone else might want for them.

So, I’ll say this:

If You’re Not 100% Ready To Quit, Right Now… That’s Okay

The unfortunate thing about human nature is…

Unless there is a dire NEED to change, an URGENCY, many humans don’t.

Unless there is an IMMENSE amount of suffering, or loss, many people don’t do what they know they need to.

For a lot of people, it takes hitting rock bottom.

Losing a relationship, losing a job, being homeless, overdose, or years and years of silent misery that just builds up.

I really pray that by reading these words, you don’t choose to keep going down the same path you have been.

But rather,you decide to quit, now.

Today, you make the decision that you are absolutely done with drugs.

Or whatever brought you to Ibogaine, you decide that you are DONE with that chapter of your life.

If you don’t…

There will only be more suffering, until you eventually get to that point.

It will happen, either today, or another day.

I hope today, so you can avoid needless pain.

But either way, the seed has been planted.

You now know about us, and our clinic.

And if you’re not ready today, I’m sure ibogaine will keep coming up in your mind, until you are 100% ready for this shift.

We’re here for you, throughout that journey.

And regardless of where you’re at, I recommend, when you get the chance to apply below, fill out an application.

So we can talk, get to know each other, and see how we can support you in moving closer to getting clean.

It’s a process, and I know how hard it can be.

You’re not alone, and we’re here for you, with love, compassion, and understanding, unlike any other ibogaine treatment center out there.

The heart, and family-feel behind all that we do, is what makes our program so effective. Because we care. And we give more, than any other center is willing to, to see you succeed.

Which leads me to share…

Why We Started Ibogaine Institute

There is one reason why we started Ibogaine Institute.

One of our founding-partners, Tyson, used to work at a popular ibogaine treatment center, for 4 years.

There, Tyson saw that the way they were using ibogaine to treat addictions, was irresponsible.

He saw, again and again, that people would come for their treatment, get clean, but be sent right back to the same environment where their
addictions thrived.

Meaning, they would go right back home, and although they got clean without withdrawal symptoms, many would still return to their old addictions.

This was NOT okay for Tyson.

He couldn’t work at an addiction treatment center, watch people get clean, only to be sent back to the same environment where those addictions responded.

It was irresponsible, and nowhere close to as effective as it could be.

So, Ibogaine Institute was born, out of necessity.

After seeing, that these people NEEDED more time to get clean, and actually stay clean.

For the highest chance of success, anybody who is coming to let go of an addiction, needs more than just ibogaine.

But most importantly, you need after-care. The space to create new habits, and gain a deeper understanding of how to process your ibogaine experience.

So you can learn how to integrate what you receive into a new and improved way of living, for when you return back home. And ultimately, so you don’t relapse ever again.

THIS is what you need, if you really want to get clean. And stay clean.

And this is what we offer, on top of our treatment with ibogaine. An in-depth treatment program, to take care of you before your treatment, and most importantly, after your treatment.

Nobody else is offering ibogaine treatment like this.


It’s a LOT of work.

There is so much to manage, with such a large team, and so many therapies that we offer. (You’re going to love our team!)

But the fact is, you need this level of support, and that’s why we’ve developed our ibogaine treatment program, to be the most comprehensive and holistic, compared to any other ibogaine treatment centers out there.

And this is why, you stand the best chance of success with us, than anywhere else.

So, let’s share more about ibogaine, and how it works to help you.

Iboga – The Miracle Plant

Iboga is a plant from Africa, that has been used for thousands of years, in rituals and ceremonies by the Bwiti Tribe of Africa.

Traditionally, they consume the iboga root, in an ititiation ritual into adulthood. The process is intense, lasts for days, and is nowhere close to easy.

Of course, anything that is really worth it, is always hard.

The result, is an ‘ego death’ as many people describe it.

As ibogaine, the active alkaloid of iboga, enters the body…

There is a profound ability to see yourself, your habits, your pains, wounds, traumas, and the roots and cause of your addictions or depression, in such a powerful and clear way.

Ibogaine can show you why you have your anger, stubbornness, loneliness, seperation, sadness, reactions, and emotional triggers.

It can help you release the shame, guilt, and self-judgement. And can help you forgive yourself, for all the suffering you caused others, yourself, and the wrongs that have been done to you.

It’s almost like you can re-visit and re-write your past. So you can see the initial traumas, the FIRST experience that created a self-destructive pattern inside of you, and be able to understand it, receive new awareness around it, and ultimately let it go.

So you don’t keep living out the same self-sabatoge patterns, that keep you stuck in a repeating loop of pain and suffering.

Although every person’s experience with ibogaine is unique, one thing is common –

It’s like having YEARS worth of therapy in a single night.

BTW – I’m sharing with you, how ibogaine works on an internal level, and after, I’ll share with you, how it helps you on a physical level, to remove any withdrawal symptoms.

Now, here’s a deeper understanding of Ibogaine…

Have You Ever Watched The Movie ‘The Matrix’?

Remember the scene, when Neo was offered the red pill, or the blue pill?

If Neo chose the red pill, he would wake up, and see the world for what it really is.

If he chose the blue pill, he would go back to sleep, and get to believe whatever he wanted to believe. Continue living in the illusion.

He was warned, the red pill, and the Truth, wouldn’t be easy.

But it’s the Truth.


Is what ibogaine is like.

It’s like the red pill, from ‘The Matrix.’

If you take ibogaine, you will WAKE UP.

And see the TRUTH about who you are, and why you act the way that you do.

So, rather than being enslaved by the old parts of you that were addicted, unconsciously…

You’ll gain the power to CHOOSE.

Who do you want to be in the world?

How do you want to act?

What habits do you want to have?

How do you want to live your life?

How do you want to treat other people?

With this new level of awareness that ibogaine gives you, it’s honestly like Neo’s ability to learn new skills in an instant. A superpower, of sorts.

So many people, are controlled by their mind, and by unconscious habits.

But ibogaine gives you the ability to SLOW DOWN, so that instead of letting your mind control you, YOU have the ability to choose…

New habits.

And a new life for yourself.

Ibogaine Shows you the Truth

Once you see the truth, you can NOT go back.

And once you know the truth, you can’t keep living the illusion.

Just like ‘The Matrix,’ once you wake up, you can’t go back to the old way of living. It’s impossible.

This is why, such deep and profound shifts are automatic with ibogaine.

You can’t run, or hide from seeing the truth, once you take this life-changing plant medicine.

As ibogaine is an ‘ego destroyer’ it will crush the walls that have stopped you from seeing the parts of yourself, which is the reason you have your addictions or depression.

Without ibogaine or plant medicine, many people have no idea about the deeper reasons for why they are who they are.

Ibogaine will show you what you need to see about yourself.

Why you act the way you do.

And most importantly, what experiences from your past, caused you to be this way.

Are you ready for that?

The Truth Isn’t Always Easy

Honestly, the truth can be hard to handle.

Are you ready to see into your past? Into your childhood? Into your traumas and wounds?

You have to, if you really want to heal, and create real, permanent change in your life.

This is why, everything else you tried in the past, hasn’t worked.

Because you didn’t go into your past, and unravel the beliefs, that keep effecting you on a deep subsconscious level.

There is no other way.

If you want to heal, you have to go into the darkness of your personal history.

And true change starts, when you can accept it, as it is.

This is why ibogaine is so effective.

Because you can’t run away. This medicine will force you, to see what you need to see about yourself.

And this is why ibogaine is the most effective treatment for addiction and depression, on the planet.

The only way to create permanent change in your life, is to first understand the CORE ISSUES, and why you act the way that you do.

Once you do this, once you see the first core traumas, and see what experiences created the beliefs you hold about yourself…

Everything else crumbles.

And it’s like, you get to rewrite your past.

To create a whole new way of living, today.

Does that make sense?

Can you see, how going into your childhood, into your past, into your beliefs about life and about yourself, automatically leads to such deep transformation?

It’s all connected.

Ibogaine’s Greatest Gift

As you admit to yourself, that you need help.

As you take away the denial, and see, that you need this…

As you look past the lies, and the deceipt.

See the people you’ve hurt…

When you remove the crutch – the drugs that you took, or the addictions you had, to run away from the pain…

What’s left, are the parts of yourself, that you’ve been afraid to look at.

And when you finally look at these parts, the parts of yourself that you are ashamed of… the things that you’ve done, that you feel so guilty about…

Ibogaine, will give you the ability to forgive yourself.

To forgive others, who you might need to forgive.

Can you think of somebody you’re mad at?

That anger, is poisoning you.

Ibogaine teaches you forgiveness.

Teaches you… to love again.

To love yourself.

Love others.

And let other people love you.

There is so much, that this medicine can give you. Which is unique, from person to person.

But overall, it’s like hitting the ‘reset button’ in your life.

So you could stop the downward spiral.

Stop hurting yourself.

Stop destroying your life.

And pause…

Slow down.


Take a real, honest look at yourself.

Without the ego in the way.

Admit, you need help.

Admit, you need a big change.

Be honest, about the fact that you can’t keep going down the same path.

Do a life review, and really see…

How much you’re hurting others, by doing what you do.

And of course, how much you’re hurting yourself.

So, let ibogaine help you. Let us help you.

To stop, and really look at yourself.

And from there, CHOOSE how you want to live your life.

Be who you really want to be in the world.

Create new habits.

And finally, get clean. So you can experience life in the way that you were meant to.

And be more than you ever thought you could be.


Is ibogaine’s greatest gift to you.

And please realize –

It’s Not Your Fault

Your pains, your wounds, your traumas.

All the ways that people have hurt you. Especially your family.

All the habits, and self-destructive behaviours that you have.

You picked these up, to help deal with the pain.

We live in a fucked up world.

And your parents, did the best that they could.

They didn’t know better.

Many people, can’t help but put their pain onto others.

And many of our parents weren’t even ready to raise a child.

And their unconsciousness, their wounds that they received from their parents, they couldn’t help but pass on to us. They couldn’t help but hurt you.

On top of this, is our addiction-driven world, and the pharmaceutical industry that teaches:

‘Just take this and your problems will go away.’

We grew up in a society that teaches dysfunction, and pushes us towards addiction.

The fact is, we couldn’t help it.

We had to grow up in this way.

And now…

It’s Time For a Change

To clean up the unconsciousness that you picked up.

So you don’t pass it on, to our future generation, or to the people around you.

It’s our RESPONSIBILITY to heal.

To clean up our past, so we don’t keep hurting the people around us, or destroying our planet.

The first step, is being able to ADMIT, that you need a change in your life. No more denial. No more excuses.

You have to OWN your past.

Even though it wasn’t your fault, it’s now up to you, and only you, to clean it up.

So if you’re upset, you don’t lash out in anger.

If you’re hurt, you don’t hurt people back.

Stop Being So Selfish

And really start caring about other people, more than just yourself.

Like I said, this is about so much more than healing from addiction.

But about growing as people, so we can really make a positive impact in the world.

It starts with you and I.

As we heal, we help the world heal.

So don’t just do this for you, but do this for us all.

‘Heal yourself, heal the planet’

It starts right now. By making a decision. You are committing yourself to this path.

So let us help you. When we invite you to apply in just a moment, fill out an application. And move forward with this today.

If not now, when?

You’ll have the chance to apply, right after I explain the full details of our ibogaine treatment, and the different programs we have.

Our Ibogaine Treatment Program – Complete Details

Now that you understand how ibogaine can help you see the pains and wounds that are at the root of your addictions or depression –

And how this is the KEY to your healing –

Let me share more about our ibogaine treatment programs.

We have a 7 day, 14 day, and 30 day program.

The longer you stay, the higher your chances are, of getting clean, and staying clean.

By the way, here are some important links for you:

How Does Ibogaine Work In The Body, Scientifically?

What Conditions Can Ibogaine Treat?

The Different Therapies We Offer

We provide you with over 15 different therapies, included with our ibogaine treatment. And we are constantly adding more, to improve our service, and our success rate.

These therapies are critical to your recovery.

Click this link below, to learn more about our therapies offered:

List of Addiction Treatment Therapies at Ibogaine Institute

Important Note

No other ibogaine treatment center offers this many therapies. Nor can you find another ibogaine clinic that even offers a 30 day program.

We go above and beyond, and do everything that we possibly can, to help you, in every way possible.

It it shown, in how I pour my heart into these words, and how we educate you, more than anybody else our there.

You can expect the same level of commitment and dedication to you, in every experience you have with us.

I’m not here to ‘compete’ with other ibogaine clinics, or say we’re the best.

Rather, I want to create an example, for how I believe all ibogaine clinics must operate, in order to give the greatest service, and create the greatest success, within all of our patients.

There’s a reason, why Ibogaine Institute is quickly advancing to be one of the most sought-out ibogaine clinics in the world, and why addiction-experts from around the globe, refer so many patients to us.

Simply because, there is no other clinic out there, who offers as much, gives as much, or puts as much heart, energy and love, into YOUR healing, than we do.

This is also why, we have a waiting list, for people who desire so badly, to go through our drug and addiction treatment program.

But let me emphasize –

Why You NEED These Therapies

As you remove your addiction and the drugs from your life, there is a ‘void’ that is created.

This void, refers to the time that you used to spend, with your substance.

So when you take away your substances, if you don’t replace that time, with a NEW habit… guess what?

That addiction, will naturally come back.

So, you HAVE TO create new, healthy habits.

To replace the old habit, which was your addiction.

And this is where we help you most.

Why Do We Offer So Many Therapies?

Over many years, after treating hundreds of patients, and helping so many get clean, we’ve learned a lot about what works, and what doesn’t.

Not every therapy we offer, is for every person.

But we’ve designed our program, to introduce you to the most effective therapies that we’ve seen create positive results in people.

And when you come to our clinic, you will be able to experience a variety of therapies, so you can learn, what works best for you.

Which do you like most?

What works for you?

And which, will you continue doing, when you return back home?

Our program is designed, to help you find what works best for you, and most importantly, to give you the healthy environment, to create those new habits.

So when you return back home, those healthy habits are more natural to you, and it’s easy to keep doing the things you need to, to stay clean.

This is the key to your long term sobriety.

You need to create new habits, to replace the old habit, which was your addiction or drugs.

This is what we help you the most with, especially when you are able to spend more time with us.

And this is also why we recommend our 30 day program, above any other.

If You Can, Stay For 30 Days

This isn’t about money for us.

This is about helping you, as a victim of our messed up world.

As somebody going through so much pain inside, having gone through that myself, I HAVE TO do everything I can, to help you.

I can’t help it.

I see so much suffering and misery in the world.

How twisted our government and society is.

How the system is designed to get people addicted, on drugs…

The TRILLION dollar industry, that pharmaceuticals are…

Profiting off of your misery and suffering.

Profiting off of selling drugs to children, to the sick, and dying…

Promising to help, but only giving you an endless black hole… that so many people never get out of.

I HAVE TO help.

Because I know, and I can see, how fucked up the system is.

Because I suffered from it, for so long, myself.

Because I can NOT keep watching, people like you, suffering, being torn apart inside, depressed, and addicted to substances… when I KNOW, the solution.

Of course ibogaine is illegal in the United States.

Because it is a REAL healing solution.

And it doesn’t require you to keep taking it, again and again…

Of course the government doesn’t endorse it. Where’s the profit in that?

So, when I say, come to our 30 day program.

Please, listen to me.

Trust me.

I can help you.

Beyond anything you can even imagine right now.

It’s not because of money.

In fact, we barely make any money from what we are doing.

There are so many medical expenses and costs, to running a clinic like we do. The huge team, the cost of medicine, and our 24 hour emergency medical staff, to name a few.

I have other businesses, that fund my life.

This is my passion project. My service, and my gift back.

Every dollar we earn, we put back right into the organization, so we can grow, share this medicine with more people, and help more of you, find the truest freedom possible.

7, 14 or 30 Day Treatment – Which Is Best For You?

This is something we will go over in detail together, when you get on the phone with us after applying, to help you find the best program for you.

The work we do is extremely personalized, and do not go off of a ‘cookie cutter solution’ like other ibogaine treatment centers out there.

So the best way to answer this, is of course, to speak to you, and learn all about your specific situation first.

But regardless of which program you choose for yourself, you will receive the following:

  • Your ibogaine treatment, which is administered by highly-professional, experienced and knowledgeable medical staff in a safe and calm environment, which will help you instantly cleanse your body of any withdrawal symptoms.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, emergency medical staff and caregivers, to give you the support and peace of mind, throughout your deep transition process into a sober lifestyle.
  • A private room at our luxury beach-front property, in our gated community in Mexico, just 20 minutes south of the San Diego – Tijuana border. (You’re going to love it here, we’ll show you pictures down below)
  • All meals, prepared with love by our kitchen staff, who makes everything from scratch. If you have any special dietary needs, we are more than happy to cater to your dietary requirements.
  • Private transportation to and from the San Diego airport, so you are completely safe and in our custodianship throughout the entire duration of your treatment.
  • 3 to 5 hours a day of therapies, which is the most essential part behind our ibogaine treatment, and why our success rates are as high as they are. In order to help you ‘fill the void’ after you remove your addiction, we dedicate so much energy towards helping you create new, supporting habits for when you return back home.

This includes private one-on-one therapy sessions before and after your ibogaine treatment, massages, energy work, and group therapies and classes, led by professional and highly-trained staff, who specialize in treating addiction.

These therapies are the KEY to your long term sobriety.

We can’t emphasize this enough.

And the longer you stay with us, the more time we can work together, to help you create these new habits, so you don’t relapse again.

This is why we recommend more than anything, for you to spend 30 days with us.

And honestly, we even recommend waiting, until you can experience the full 30 day program with us.

Because more important than having you join us quickly – is making sure that you get clean, and STAY clean. And the best way we can do that, is to have the most time together.

If you can only afford the 7 day program right now, the 30 day program is only twice the cost.

Which brings me to a question I’m sure you have –

How Much Is The Treatment?

First of all, let me ask you, how much do you spend on drugs?

I’ve found, for many people we treat, about $100/day is the average.

That’s about $3000 USD a month.

So, before deciding if you can afford the treatment, really ask yourself, how much will it cost you, to keep doing drugs, the way that you are?

And don’t just look at the financial cost.

But look at what it is costing you, emotionally. What is it costing you, in your relationships, or your peace of mind?

What is that worth to you?

How much do you spend a year, on drugs?

Could you imagine, what else you could do with that money, if you didn’t spend it on your addictions?

These are the things you need to ask yourself, and really look at, before deciding, if you can afford this or not.

The longer you wait, the more it costs you.

And because our treatment programs are so individualized and unique, we do not have a set price.

This is why, for all pricing and information on exact costs to join us, your next step is to click here , fill out the application to the best of your ability, and you can look forward to speaking with us on the phone soon.

Why Is There An Application Process?

We have many relationships with addiction specialists throughout the United States, who refer patients to us on a consistent basis.

And because we offer the most comprehensive ibogaine treatment program available, with an emphasis on pre and post-care, unlike any other ibogaine clinic –

We have a waiting list, for people who want to join us.

We also want to make sure, that you are serious about taking this journey for yourself.

We are about creating long-term and permanent change in people’s lives.

The way we do that, is by working only with the people who are 100% committed, to getting clean, and finding that freedom you seek so deeply.

Many ibogaine clinics just take anybody, because many approach this, unfortunately, as just a business.

But for us, this is about creating real, lasting change. Not only in your life, but as you heal, you help the people around you, heal as well.

And we are about creating real change in the world, one person at a time.

So, we want to work with the people, who are truly ready, for this big step, this leap, and this permanent shift in your life.

Is this you?

I don’t think you’d still be reading this, if it wasn’t.

So, click here to apply, fill out the application to the best of your ability, and we’ll talk on the phone very soon.

By applying today, you are saying to yourself, ‘YES’ I am ready to quit. Even if you don’t know how to afford something like this yet, if your desire is big enough, you WILL find a way to make this happen.

And we’re here to help you, throughout the process.

So apply now, and let’s talk.

Meet Our Loving Team

To learn more about our highly-trained and professional team, click the following link:

Who Are We? Meet Our Loving Professionals

Our Beautiful Property – Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Here are some beautiful pictures of the luxurious beach-front property you will be staying at with us.

We are located just 20 minutes south of the San Diego – Tijuana border, and will pick you up from the San Diego airport.

So you have nothing to worry about, when it comes to safety or security. We are with you, and you are safe, every step of this process with us.

On top of picking you up in San Diego, we are located in a private, gated community, to add to the sense of security that you can feel with us.

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We are here to not only help you get clean, but ensure that you can do so in an environment where you can relax, enjoy, and make this transition into a sober lifestyle, as easy as possible.

Click here to apply

Testimonials – What Others Are Saying

Listen to what other patients have had to say about our ibogaine treatment program, and how it has helped them.

We’ve helped so many people get clean, but more important than what I can share with you, hear it from them:

What People are Saying

  • Dave

    Recovering Addict

    ‘Being able to put together the thoughts that they’ve had, why they’ve relapsed before. I think that’s what Ibogaine really shows you. Our errors in our life. It brings out of us what’s inside of us. It’s not showing us the path to go, it’s more showing us the mistakes that we’ve made.’


Recovered Addict

‘I couldn’t even imagine the amount of warmth and comfort level I felt from top to bottom. It’s really amazing what they do here. It’s a life changing moment. I used the analogy of getting a new pair of glasses. How everything in the world looks different. It’s clear and you see everything you’ve been missing for so long when you can’t see properly.’


Recovering Addict

‘The staff on hand is unbelievable. They care, they get you going. You learn techniques for coping. Super important. You’ve got to have a life when you get home, and they try to prepare you for that as much as possible. So I really can’t say enough about it. I had a great experience. I think anybody out there who is going through the epidemic of opiates, there is a way to get through it. And not only get through it. But get through it where you won’t crave afterwards.’


Recovered Addict

‘I was addicted to opiates for eleven years, and I could never get off of them. Never stay off of them, and the withdrawals were too hard for me. So I read about Ibogaine, and I cam here and took it. It was the most amazing experience. I had hardly any withdrawals, and I was very comfortable. The staff is amazing. Everybody is so friendly. You feel like it’s a family here.’


Recovered Addict

‘I feel great from the treatment. I did the treatments a little over about 2 and a half weeks ago, and I feel fully recovered. I’m actually quite shocked at how recovered I am. I have no cravings for the first time in many many years. So I don’t have to take stabilizers, like suboxone, to cover those cravings. And I feel much happier as a person.’


Recovered Addict

‘It was absolutely amazing. From the second they picked me up I felt like I was just a friend. I wasn’t treated like a patient or an addict or anything like that. The Ibogaine itself was really helpful. I just dosed yesterday. Today is the next day, and there could be all of the drugs in the world on this table right here, and I don’t want them anymore. It’s the most miraculous thing ever. I don’t know how it works, but I’m glad it does.’


Pyscho Spiritual

‘My favorite part about the whole place, is the whole place. It’s very comfortable. It’s safe. The staff, from the cook to the medical staff, the therapist, the yoga instructor. Everything about it was done with love and compassion, it’s just the way that everybody treats you. I mean I’ve met people here that I would now consider friends for life.’


Recovered Addict

‘I felt like I was reborn. I felt like a new person. I felt that my way I expressed it to people was that I was born, I was reborn at my age. Totally clear head, totally brand new. Just totally…it’s insane what it does. It’s really, it’s a miracle when you do the treatment and you come out of it. You know, the first thing I think is miracle.’


Recovered Addict

‘It just made me be honest with myself. Any other time, I didn’t want to admit character defaults. And I didn’t want to take blame for my triggers, the reasons why I use. Like if I went and got a tooth pulled, it’s ok to take the medicine. Not it’s not. It’s just going to lead me down that path again. That’s actually something that I had to deal with a couple of weeks ago. It’s just been a positive mental awareness about myself. Now I’m able to deal with things and not shame myself for them.’


Recovered Addict

‘The ibogaine for me was about family, about history, about what it took to make me. I felt confused. Why I felt so good. I couldn’t accept it, but I really was. When you come off of heroin, anyone who knows, I mean the first day, the second day. The third and fourth day are pretty bad, so it wasn’t bad. It’s like I was somewhere else through the rough of it. I felt weird and uncomfortable, but I feel good now. I would totally recommend this.’


Recovered Addict

‘It really cleansed my soul. It pulled out all of the evil, all of the disease, all of the addiction, the being a junkie. And it poured all of that evil out of my soul, and the Earth filled my soul with positivity. The Earth basically transformed my soul, and I was reborn. I was basically in my mother’s womb and I got reborn into my new life.’


Recovered Addict

‘We’ve been talking about our pasts here, me and the other patients, clients, and I used to get physical responses, just even talking about drugs. I would get rapid heartbeat, get a little nauseous, feel like I had to go to the bathroom or something, and now I just don’t. It just doesn’t even appeal to me. I’ve spent too much time doing that. I don’t want to stab myself with needles anymore. Making myself bleed everyday. I forgive myself, the past is the pas. But in the future, this is a beautiful vessel, it’s an amazing microcosm, I have to take care of it.’

  1. 1
  2. 2

We’ve helped people from all walks of life, from every addiction possibly known.

From opiates to amphetamines. Pharmaceuticals to depression. Eating disorders to depression, PTSD, and everything in between.

There’s a reason we see so many success stories, and why ibogaine is starting to be seen as the most effective treatment for addiction available worldwide.

We take that to a whole new level, through our focus on pre and post-care unlike any other center.

So apply here , and take this first major step towards your recovery, healing, and true freedom in your life.

Final Words – Please Read

There is very little information out there on what ibogaine really is, and how it can help you.

I’ve poured my heart and soul, and shared some incredibly vulnerable aspects of my life, from my journey of healing from addiction.

To show you, how deeply I understand, how much I care, and how much we are here to go above and beyond, what anybody else out there is doing, to help you truly heal from any addiction or substance dependancy you may be suffering from.

This page marks a milestone – in the level of information that is available online for ibogaine, and I really hope to see, more ibogaine clinics out there, following our example, to put more into helping their patients.

I know, there is nobody else out there who can help you as deeply as we can.

But don’t take my word for it.

Do your own due diligence.

And you will find, that no other ibogaine clinic offers as much as we do.

Or puts as much effort and care into what they do, than we do at Ibogaine Institute.

Ultimately, I want the best for you.

So if you find an ibogaine treatment program that you feel can help you, more than we can, honestly, go with them.

This isn’t about money, and never will be.

This is about your healing, and what is best for you.

So, I wish you the best in your journey, and really hope, no matter which ibogaine clinic you choose to go with, you really make this commitment, right now, to getting clean, and saying goodbye to your addictions.

The time has come.

And there are no mistakes.

You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason.

At the perfect time for you.

You know that’s true.

We are here to do everything that we possibly can to help you in this journey, but as I’ve said again and again, this comes down to you.

I’m so confident that you stand the best chance of getting clean, and staying clean with us, compared to any other clinic out there, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to this one question…

How Committed Are You?

On a Scale of 1-10, how committed are you to getting clean? And staying clean?

Please, stop reading.

Take a moment to answer that question.

Come up with a number between 1 – 10.

1, meaning that you are not committed at all, and that you don’t really care to quit.

And 10, meaning that you are willing to do WHATEVER it takes.

You are DONE with your addiction.

And you are ready, for your new life.

No matter what, you WILL find a way to quit.


Do you have your answer?

A number in your mind?


I’m going to be blunt.

If it was a 10, great. We’re ready for you.

And it’s just a matter of time, before you’re clean.

I know it.

If you answered anything less than a 10…

I have good news, and bad news.

Bad news is –

Anything less than a 10, is really a ZERO.

You can’t be 90% or 80% committed to quitting…

If you are, when it gets hard, if you get any cravings, that is when you’ll crack.

And you’ll relapse.

That’s why you need to be at a TEN, in your level of commitment to this journey.

But here’s the good news –

If you said anything less than a 10, you can choose, right now, that you are committed to getting clean, at a level TEN.

Right now.

The choice is yours.

Can you really keep living the same life you have been?

Can you really keep going down that same path?

Where will that path lead you?

Imagine, 5 years from now…

10 years from now…

Imagine that you’re still using.

What does that life look like?

What does that feel like?

You KNOW, you can’t keep going down that path.

You’ll either kill yourself, or quit.

That’s what I hear, again and again.

And that’s how I felt.

So, here’s your chance.

Let us help you.

And make this commitment, right now.

You WILL quit.

No. Matter. What.

Are you ready?

We are.

Click here to apply

And we look so forward to exploring with you, and helping you create a step-by-step plan, to getting clean, and staying clean.

For a brighter future.

A new reason for living.

A happier life.

And freedom, greater than anything you’ve ever known before.

The time has come.

No more waiting.

No more excuses.

No more denial.

Apply now

And we look so forward to connecting on the phone with you!

With SO much love, we’re here for you,

PS –

If you have any questions, which we havn’t answered on this page here, please feel free to ask us anything on our contact page here .

Or, call us directly at 1-800-351-9777

Thank you! We’ll speak soon!