Ibogaine Success Rate: Just How Effective is This Treatment?

ibogaine treatment success rateAny treatment that claims that it can remedy one’s addiction may seem dubious to most people. This is because they have been conditioned to think that addiction is incurable. Although, the high success rate being enjoyed by patients administered with ibogaine pretty much refutes the said claim. 

Part of the reason why there is an apparent lag in the progress of addiction treatment in the US lies in the fact that there is a lack of treatment centers in the country. The same can’t be said for other countries with booming ibogaine treatment centers such as Mexico, where Ayahuasca Healings, one of the most successful treatment centers in the country, can be found.

Ibogaine’s Success Rate

While there is no definitive study yet, which could reveal the exact figures that would serve as proof of ibogaine’s efficacy, the numerous patients cured at ibogaine treatment centers are proof enough. Further evidence about the miraculous addiction treatment abilities of ibogaine can be found in an article published by Psychedelic Times. It sought to highlight the truth about the effectiveness of ibogaine, as is evident in countries like Brazil where it is unregulated and multiple treatment centers, hospitals and abuse clinics that use it flourish. 

Just how high is the ibogaine treatment success rate? Well, after much research about the subject and based on numerous verified sources, as much as 60-80% of patients have been classified as abstinent after as short a period as eight months. The 80% figure has always been underscored by advocates, but findings show that ibogaine treatments are particularly effective for patients who suffer from opiate addiction. This doesn’t mean that it is limited to only that, though, for it has also been found to work well in treating cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana addiction. The success rate of ibogaine for depression is similarly high. 

It’s for these reasons why it’s not for nothing that ibogaine is being considered as a miracle cure. As for how ibogaine was able to bring about such a positive effect, evidence in ibogaine research shows that it is actually able to reset the neurotransmitters found in the patient. Of course, being able to revert a body part prior to its pre-addicted state implies complete healing, and you can expect only that from proper ibogaine treatment.

Safe and Slow Ibogaine Treatment is the Way to Go

Nonetheless, just like any other treatment, ibogaine requires correct administration and proper guidance if used as an all-out remedy for addiction. You would need the care and counsel of expert facilitators to ensure the success of your treatment. This would also ensure your safety while being treated. 

As a closing note, keep in mind that you would also have to be willing to invest your time, effort, and willpower to completely erase addiction from your life. These factors go a long way in aiding you, regardless of what treatment you choose to undergo. Lastly, when weighing your options, always have an open mind and carefully consider all the details that have been laid out before you. Even better if you can visit treatment centers like Ayahuasca, so you would be able to get a first-hand account of just what it’s like to undergo ibogaine treatment