It’s June, 2012, and I’m on a beach
in San Diego.

It’s night time… dark, a little cold,
windy from the ocean breeze.

My wife at the time, asked me to go
for a walk, and we ended up on the
same beach we got married at.

I had no idea what was coming.

I knew we had some problems that
we were working through, but that
didn’t mean give up, right?

She sat me down.

And she stood there in front of me,
while I was sitting on the sand.

All of a sudden, she said it…

“I want a divorce.”

My heart stopped.

It skipped a beat. And completely
involuntarily, I started crying…

So loud…

I asked her, no, I begged her to

I told her she didn’t know what she
wanted, and that she just needed
more time…

Like it was a negotiation, I tried
to get her to change her mind.

Of course it didn’t work.

Nothing did.

My tears, my pleading…

My explanations… my promises…

Asking her what she wanted…

Nothing led her to change her mind.

Because she wasn’t meant to.

We were meant to get divorced.

And only after I started to really heal,
did I see, how necessary this experience
was for me.

I’ve never experienced so much pain
in my life.

I couldn’t do anything.

For days.

For weeks…

I couldn’t see people.

I could barely eat.

I was depressed, and nothing I did
helped me feel better.

During this period, I read a book
that my mentor recommended to me
called “Iron John” by Robert Bly.

(I highly recommend it for all men)

It speaks about how we have lost our
male role models in this day and age.

And tells the story about a boy, who
goes into the woods and learns
what it means to be a real man.

While reading this book, I got the
download that I needed to move to
the woods, and live there by myself.


I did.

And I ended up living in the woods
by myself for over 3 months.

What I experienced, all that I learned…

Was so life-changing, that it shifted
EVERYTHING in my life.

And I’m excited to share that story
with you soon!

But the point is –

We need pain.

It is the only thing that forces us to change.


Getting sick.

Losing a job, or money…

Unfortunately, we as human beings are
far too stubborn.

Unless we are FORCED to change, because
doing something HURTS too much…

We don’t.


Are you going to wait until life gets even
harder, before you make a change?

Or are you willing to say, “NOW!”

And step up and step forward into
creating the reality that you know
you want, so deep down inside.

Don’t wait.

Don’t wait for more pain, or more suffering.

Because one day, you will see that you
need to make a deep change in your life.

And I just pray, that you make that decision
now, rather than later.

Why suffer longer, if you are going to end
up at that same conclusion, anyway?

Do you really think going down the
same path, will lead you to where
you want to go?

Do you see yourself being truly happy
and fulfilled, by doing the same thing
you’re doing now?

Really look.

Where does the path you are on, lead you?

If you’re not happy with what that looks
like, come to one of our retreats.

Ayahuasca can be the “reset button”
that you need and want.

So you can have a fresh start, get
clarity on what you really want in
life, and actually take action on it.

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here for you more than you can even imagine,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Why did my partner and I actually break up?

The greatest lesson that I received from
all that pain…

I’ll share with you in my next email.

Much love!!


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