When I Got Married & Divorced in 4 Months…

It’s October 2011, and I just met the
woman of my dreams.

Our love, was like a fairytale to me.

So much laughter, play, adventure…

Romance, passion and all things that you
would imagine, in a beautiful love fairytale.

Within a month, I proposed. On 11-11-2011.

Yes, it was impulsive.

But I had to listen to my Heart.

My Heart told me to. It was so clear
that this was the next step I had to take.

And I had already learned at this point,
that everything my Heart tells me to do…

Is there for my greatest good.

Even if I don’t understand, it doesn’t
matter. I listen to my Heart.

And this is the key to living the most
beautiful and fulfilling life that I live.


In February, 2012, on Valentines Day,
we got married.

A beautiful beach-front marriage,
with close friends and family.

Celebrating our love and declaring
to the world, our union.

We both understood…

That, in this conscious relationship, we
aren’t promising to be with each other
“forever, until death do us part.”

Rather, we were declaring that we would
be together, for as long as we knew it
really served each of us as individuals.

(I thought that was going to be a lot
longer than 4 months though…)

Now, what happened next, was unlike
anything that I ever expected.

All of a sudden, because we were
“married” there were these expectations
that we had of each other.

It’s like, having this new title of being
“married” instantly changed everything.

There was a sense of control, ownership,
possession almost…

Deep unconsciousness arose.

And very quickly, the relationship
became very difficult.

I remember the day, she told me she
wanted a divorce…

And breaking out into wailing tears
of despair…

I’ve never felt so much pain in my

And I’ll continue the story from
there in my next email.

But the point is –

Relationships are here to be our
greatest teachers.

Especially intimate relationships.

Every single one of us has gone
through heartbreak…

And those wounds, almost 100%
of the time…

Are still unhealed.

Just because you’ve forgotten about it,
doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect you.

Most of the time, heartbreak teaches
us to simply close our hearts…

Which stops us from loving fully.

Stops us from receiving love.

Stops us from expressing our love, and
deeply connecting with another, again…


HAS to be healed.

Or else, it will lead to more painful experiences.

More heartbreak.

Because unless we heal the ROOT of our
suffering, we will continue to create
painful situations again and again…

That show us:

We NEED to heal.

Otherwise, we can get stuck in a reality,
where we create the same painful
experience, over and over again.

Especially in intimate relationships.

Have you noticed this at all?

The point is –

We’ve all had our hearts broken.

And one of Mother Ayahuasca’s greatest
gifts, is helping us heal from these
painful experiences.

So if this resonates with you, join us.

If you feel this type of healing is what
your heart yearns for, then Mother
Ayahuasca can be one of the greatest
gifts that you give to yourself.

We pray for you!

And we hope you follow your heart,
to experience the healing we all need.

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, here to open hearts all over the world,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Don’t let your past relationships
go unhealed.

Whether that’s a relationship with
your Mother or Father…

(I’ll share more about mother/father
issues, and pains we carry from our
childhood, later on)

Or a relationship with a past lover….

We all have relationships that need

Join us.

We’re here for you.


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