I Didn’t Know I Had So Much Pain…

“Your bucket will be your best friend,” he said.

“Keep it close, and make sure you don’t kick it
over, if you get up to use the bathroom”

“Nothing is worse than having someone
else’s purge, spill all over you,”
said the Shaman.

The room full of people, ready for their
ceremony, laughed.

And so began, my second ceremony.

I didn’t know I had so much pain…

I remember in the middle of the ceremony,
purging, shaking, convulsing, letting go
of what felt like energetic chains of bondage,
into my bucket…

I held it close. Hugged it, and made sure it
was right in front of me, throughout my
entire ceremony.

I even remember laughing, hearing the
Shaman’s words echo in my consciousness.

“Your bucket will be your best friend”…

Man, did I love and appreciate that bucket.

I didn’t know how Ayahuasca worked…

How this medicine, and sacred plant
Teacher from the Amazon, can help
me release so deeply, such dark pain
and sadness within my heart and soul…

All I knew, is that it did.

And after every ceremony, no matter
how hard it was, I felt lighter, more clear,
more free, peaceful, and more… ME.

More of Who I Really Am.

And I could feel so deeply, like a layer
of sludge, being removed from my
energetic body.

What was happening to me, was so far
beyond any mental comprehension.

I even remember Mother Ayahuasca
telling me, when I tried to “figure out”
what was happening.

“Don’t try to understand,” She said.

And honestly, nothing can ever show you
what an Ayahuasca ceremony is like…

Other than your own experience.

Everything I share, is just words…

Which point to the experience. But
of course, will never demonstrate
what an Ayahausca ceremony is
actually like, until you experience
it for yourself.

Trying to speak about my ceremony,
is like trying to put the ocean in a
water bottle.

No words, can ever do the job.

But what I can tell you –

Is that each ceremony I’ve ever had,
reveals to me…

Things that I didn’t even know, were
effecting me. Which were holding me
back and caused suffering, in some
way or another.

I get to see unsconsiousness, that, as
the word suggests, is something we
aren’t conscious of.

For example, in my second ceremony,
it showed me a painful experience
from my past, that tainted how I
looked at the world…

And even though I thought I was healed
from that experience, because I no longer
thought about it…

It didn’t mean, that I was fully healed
from it.

What am I talking about?

In 2012, I was married.

And divorced, within 4 months.

My heart was shattered. Everything that
I thought I believed about love, vanished
in an instant.

The woman I thought I was going to be with
for the rest of my life, left me.


That’s a story I’ll share in my next email.

But the point is –

Mother Ayahuasca is here to show us,
what we need to heal.

Because the things that you and I
need to heal most…

We aren’t even aware of.

Maybe you can see certain patterns
in your life, like anger, resentment,
addictions, anxiety or depression…

Maybe a lack of direction, feeling lost
or stuck in life…

The ROOT of these pains, lay in your

Meaning, the reason you may feel
such negative emotions, is attached
to a memory, a wound, a traumatic
experience from your past…

That, you have very likely forgotten

And this blessed sacrament, will help
you to SEE the root of your pain…

So that you can finally heal it, and
let it go.

When you do that, it automatically
shifts the quality of your life today.

Does this make sense?

You heal your past, and your present
becomes infinitely better.

It’s all connected.

And Mother Ayahuasca helps you
see, which experiences from your
past need healing.

This is why this medicine is so

And why I invite you to join us in Peru,
if you are ready to go inside and let go
of the root pains, that cause suffering
in your life today.

Nothing is more valuable, if you really
want to shift the quality of your life…

That’s all for today!

Speak to you again soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, here for you and your deepest healing,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Everything that has ever happened in your
life, has led you to this moment.

All your pain, has led you to this path.

And every difficult experience in your
life, is here to be your teacher.

A gift, that, when you look at it, with
these new eyes that Mother Ayahuasca
gives you…

Will be something that you can not
help but be grateful for.

The shift starts, by understanding…

Your pain is your teacher.

And it’s led you to Mother Ayahuasca.

And Mother Ayahuasca, will lead you
to a life more beautiful, than anything
you could even imagine…

Join us.

We are here for you, in every way.

Much love!!


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