How Deeply Ayahuasca Has Helped Me…

It’s hard to believe, how much my life has
changed, since first experiencing Ayahuasca.

I remember, what my life was like, before…

There was so much doubt, so much fear,
paralyzed… unable to take action on what
I really wanted in my life.

No idea what my purpose really was,
searching, looking for answers…

I knew I was here to be of service to others,
but I didn’t know exactly how.

I knew I didn’t belong in the “system”
working a job for others, so I searched
and searched…

Until one fateful day, I ended up in Peru.

I’ll share that beautiful story with you
tomorrow, when I was in Guatemala, and
how this sacred plant, and life-changing
medicine all of a sudden “called me”.

But looking back, I can barely believe how
much She’s helped me.

It feels like a different life.

To see, what my reality is like now –

To feel this constant state of joy and love,
and to be so unaffected by my external

Like, it doesn’t matter what is happening
around me, this deep inner peace, and
feeling like I am completely in the right
place, on the right path…

Is one of the greatest gifts Mother
Ayahuasca has ever given me.

Of course, I need to emphasize –

It’s not just that you “take Ayahuasca”
and then all your problems go away.

There must be a life-long commitment
to this path…

The path of healing.

The path of consciousness.

The path, of letting go of all that
doesn’t serve you.

To let go, of all the things that keep
you stuck in pain and suffering…

Mother Ayahuasca, and this life-changing
sacrament, can be your greatest tool
for that, but most of all –

YOU need to be committed.

And you need to want to change your life,
more than anything else.

So the question is –

Is this the HIGHEST priority in your life?

Is your healing, and inner transformation,
the MOST important thing to you?

Is creating a life of joy, purpose, passion,
inner freedom and peace, what DRIVES
you most?

Are you truly ready to escape the pain
and suffering, and let go of the
unconsciousness that keeps you
unhappy, and stuck in your mind…?


Is what this journey is about together.

And this, is what I am here to help
you with, above all else.

So everything I write, and share, is rooted
in this number one intention.

Your freedom.

Your Highest Truth.

And your deepest joy, in every single way.

So, join me again tomorrow, if this path
resonates with you, and really sit with
the questions I’ve asked you today.

This is your homework.

Until tomorrow, speak to you soon!

Much love!!

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, so grateful for this journey together,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Like many of you, I’ve struggled
a lot in my life…

My struggles, my pain…

Are the very things that led me to

Just like they’ve done so for you.

So I’ll peel behind the layers of my
story, where I’ve come from, and
what I’ve gone through…

To show you, the freedom that She
gives, can also be yours.

Every moment, has led you to Now.

And this medicine, only calls people
who are ready for such a deep
transformation in their lives.

So ask yourself –

Are you really ready…?




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