What To Do When Life Is Hard

body>Life isn’t always easy.

Especially for my friend Noah, when
we went to live in the woods.

We had a small RV. Tiny. Really
meant for just me…

But he asked to come. He needed
healing too.

So, we went together.

But the journey wasn’t very pleasant
for him.

It was cold. We were in the mountains,
and although I had a bed, he chose to
sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag.

We woke up around 7am, and before
the sun rose, it was freezing.

He was going through a hard time
with his girlfriend.

And his business was really sucking
a lot of energy from him.

He was getting triggered by everything.

Everything seemed to bother him.

Little things I would say or do
annoyed him.

Wherever we were, he just seemed to
not enjoy himself.


What was happening for him?

There’s a phenomena called perturbation.

Which I learned about from one of my
teachers, many years ago.

In fact, we were both going through this,
which is why we were clearly in this

Life wasn’t any easier for me. That’s for sure.

The only thing that seemed to bring any
sense of peace, was sitting there with
my eyes closed…

So, perturbation

Just like carbon before it becomes a diamond,
it undergoes an immense amount of
pressure from everything around it.

And all of a sudden, it pops. And there is
a deep molecular shift…

The same thing happens to us as humans.

Before we are about to experience a huge
in our lives… it feels like the hardest,

heaviest, most difficult and intense
experience ever.

Before we pop, it feels like everything
around us is pushing on us, weighing
on us, and squeezing us, in a very
uncomfortable way.

This is what it was like for Noah, and
although he had such a hard time…

Something, very quickly inside of him…

Popped open.

And he was able to experience such
deep liberation,  joy, and love again.

He was able to stop seeing through the
eyes of misery, struggle and complaint,
and truly see life for the beauty it is.

Something happened to him, on a deep
cellular level.

And the pressure from all the difficulty
in his life was necessary for this shift
to happen.

For me, it didn’t happen so fast…

Noah was able to leave after 3 weeks,
having received the clarity he needed.

I needed 3 more months.

Living in the woods alone tested me,
challenged me and pushed me in
ways I wasn’t ready to face…

I’ll share more about that soon!

The point is –

When life is hard…

When life is nowhere close to easy…

Know, that you are on the verge of
a huge shift in your life.

The pressure from everything around
you is necessary, for the pop in your

And soon, there will be a deep,
irreversible change in the way that
you look at the world.

Mother Ayahuasca can help push you
over that edge to the change and
deep shift you are so close to.

Join us in Peru.

And see why life has been pushing
you in this direction.

It’s all here to teach you something.

And once you’re on the other side…

You can’t help but smile and give thanks
for life, and all that has happened, all
that has led you to this moment, and
all it is here to teach you…

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite, endless, eternal love,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

In my last email, I was sharing about my
Astral Projection, and what I was shown
about my future…

I saw myself flying with huge silver wings,
descending into a massive crystal ball,
which the 3 Archangels led me to…

Inside of this crystal ball, I saw myself
holding up a platform, with many people
on top of it.

I lifted it…

Up towards a bright, glowing white light.

And we eventually dissolved.

“What does this mean?” I asked.

“We can’t tell you,” they replied…

And it was up to me to interpret…

What do you think it means?

We’ll speak soon!

Much love!!


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