What I Learned Living In The Woods Alone

I’m in Mt. Shasta, Northern California.

By now, it’s September, 2012.

I’ve been living in the woods alone for
almost 3 months.

I’ve gone through the most profound
journey of healing.

There was this inexplicable experience
I had…

Where my consciousness would
naturally shoot out of my body.

And I would watch myself, like a
character in a movie.

It’s like I sat above myself, about 30 feet,
looking down, watching everything I did.

From this perspective, so much was
taught to me.

I received such profound clarity about old
patterns I had, which brought so much pain.

I saw the deepest unconsciousness that led
me to such pain and heartbreak.

Rooted in my confused idea of “love”…

I saw how our society teaches a very
unconscious form of “love”, that is rooted
in dependency, attachment, unconscious
sexuality, neediness and even ownership…

I was able to see how I was brought up in
a world, where this unconsciousness idea
of love, was automatically what I learned.

But after my divorce, after being torn open,
being so raw…

I was like a baby, born in a new world.

And I had to learn… what Love really is.

Non-physical Masters and Guides came
to me, taught me, and showed me…

And ultimately, led me to see that I am here
to be a Messenger of Love in this world.

Everything I share is rooted in opening you
to the Deeper Truth of what Love really is.

Within yourself, and within the infinite
connection we have to the Divine.

I’ll go into this in future emails, but
the point is…

When do we ever just give to ourselves?

When do you ever stop to really take
care of YOU?

I don’t mean working, or making money,
or taking care of people around you…

But really, time that is just for you.

This is why I created our healing center.

Because we need this.

We need time to connect with ourselves,
to connect with nature, and just give
to yourself.


Can you think of a time you last did that?

When you just gave to yourself, and
nothing more?

It is life-changing beyond words.

And I say that, as I share everything I do,
only ever from personal experience.

Living in the woods alone showed me
how deeply transformational time to
myself really is.

So I invite you

Come to Peru.

Give to yourself.

You deserve it. You need it. And it will be
the greatest thing you ever do for yourself.

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite gratitude for this journey we walk together,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

While living in the woods alone, I wanted
to leave so many times…

But my Heart told me to stay.

I learned at a young age that there is nothing
more important
than following my heart.

It is truly the fastest, easiest and only way
to create the life that you really want to live.

How did I learn that lesson?

Back in 2007… when I left highschool,
all I cared about was making money.

Because that is what this material-driven
world, and our western society taught
me is the most important.

I chased that illusion, only to find pain,
struggle and disappointment…

I’m sure this story will help so many of you.

I’ll share more soon!

Much love!!


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