Want to Volunteer?

This is SO much bigger than just being a “volunteer” or doing a “work exchange”.

This is about pioneering, and being the example for what it means to be an awoken, connected human being, following our Divine Purpose of Service… together!

It’s about doing what you LOVE, and serving a greater vision of Awakening & Healing for the whole!

It’s about paving way for the new humanity, and the new earth to flourish!

We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for…

And we’re no longer waiting =)

Watch this video if you’re interested in learning about volunteering at one of our ever-growing 5th dimensional villages throughout in the world.

The current focus: The first public Ayahuasca Church in the United States!

Please watch this video, to get a better feel for our energy, and what we’re looking for =D

If you feel good about what I shared above, then you can move on to the application page here:

Click here to be taken to our application page to bring this EPIC vision forward

See you on that page!

With SO much love,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

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