Unfulfilled With Work…?

In 2011, I met one of my greatest teachers.

When we met, I just came from backpacking
across Mexico and had nothing.

I barely had $50 to my name.

Just my backpack with a few clothes,
after having everything stolen from
me in Nicaragua.

(Yeah… I needed that to teach me
a priceless lesson. You gotta hear
this story!)

When I met my mentor, Ted McGrath, in
San Diego, he saw something in me.

We continued to stay in touch, and very
quickly, he invited me to move in with him.

The exchange was clear:

I would help him build his coaching company,
with the skills I have online.

And he would teach me, house me, take me
under his wing, and bring me into his
million dollar lifestyle in San Diego.

He gave me everything.

But more important than the lifestyle
and abundance in every way…

Was what I learned from him.

He is very gifted at helping thought-
leaders and business owners make a
bigger impact in the world.

I learned the very skills that have now
helped Ayahuasca Healings be the
international movement that it is.

The point is:

Near the end of our mentorship…

I had choice.

He offered me to be a partner in his
company, which I KNEW would become a very
successful multi-million dollar brand.

(And it now is)


I could leave with the information that
he taught me and go my own way.

On one hand, there was guaranteed
success and financial abundance.

On the other hand, was my purpose and
true calling.

But honestly, I had no idea what to do.

I went through such an internal struggle.

My mind was telling me to stay.

My heart was telling me to go.

There was everything I thought I wanted,
presented to me on a silver platter.

The money. The lifestyle. The security…

And on the other hand:

Was complete uncertainty.

I had no idea where the other path
would lead me.

All I knew…

Was that staying with Ted and becoming
a partner…

Just didn’t feel completely right.

Although it was 98% of what I wanted…

It wasn’t 100%.

So… I went inside.

Meditation was my saving grace.

I calmed my mind which was so anxious
and unsure…

I found a stillness.

And was whispered the words…

“Never settle for anything less than
what you really want”

I heard the voice of my Heart.

After calming the mind, which was
telling me to choose the money…

It became so loud and clear.

I had to go.

I had to follow my heart.

I had to find what I was really
here to do.

And fulfill my own purpose.


Was one of the hardest and BEST
decisions of my entire life.

Because here’s the point:

If you’re stuck in an unfulfilled
career, or finding yourself feeling
trapped by society, bills or needing
to make money…

There IS a way out.

And NOTHING is more important, than
listening to your heart.

Even if that means making less money
(or no money for now).

Most important, is your JOY and FREEDOM.

So the question is…

How do you listen to your heart?

Especially when the mind can be so

And the mental programs, and societal
expectations can make it so hard…?




This is the ONLY way I know, of how
to calm the mind, so we can truly
listen to the Heart.

And there is NOTHING more important.

Because the Heart is our compass, and
our greatest teacher.

You need to calm the mind to be able
to listen.

And this is meditation’s greatest gift
to us.

When you learn to listen to your Heart…

And ignore the fear…

You’ve found the secret to the life
of your dreams.

So, I share this story, praying it
paints the picture of how important
meditation truly is.

Especially if you want to find your
deepest fulfillment in life.

It’s the only way.

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, here to point the way inside,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

By making the choice I did, and choosing
to listen to my Heart over anything else…

I found my purpose.

And my deepest fulfillment.

You will, too.

If you make meditation a focus in your life.

But more important…

Is how to overcome the fears that get in our way.

More on this, in my next email!

Keep your eye out for it!

Much love!!

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