The Art of Non-Doing

“To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” Lao Tzu

“By letting go, it all gets done.” Lao Tzu

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

Can you remember a time in your life when you were most relaxed and at ease?

When everything seemed to just flow naturally, effortlessly, and you were able to just so fully and completely enjoy being present, in the moment, regardless of what was going on in your life?

Maybe this was back in your childhood, when you were a kid, and you didn’t have any worries of “adult life”. Or maybe there was a time in your life you were on vacation, or reached a big business success, or got a big bonus, and everything seemed easy for a brief moment.

What was it about those times that allowed you to so fully be present and enjoy, to the deepest depths, Here. Now.

As I’ve been getting the most profound clarity and inspiration from all different areas of my life, traveling to places where the energy of non-doing is so apparent and palpable, where people are happier, not rushed in the go-go-go of life, running to the next thing…

As I’ve really been getting messages from my guides and teachers, it’s so clear, that the most powerful place of creation that I, or any of us, can create true magic from, is “non-doing”.

But what does that even mean?

There are many nuances, and such fine distinctions that continue to come through, and I’m hugely inspired to share these, and ground these into something concrete, not only for each of you, but also to help me get more clarity of these for myself.

Writing is such a powerful form of processing, and I highly recommend writing more, especially if you’re going through an experience where you’re being forced to grow a lot, in a short amount of time.

It’s like if your cup (your mind) is full, you can’t add more water (truth, growth, wisdom). So writing empties your cup, empties your mind, and allows you to continue to receive so much more, and opens you as a greater channel and vessel for the Divine and Great Spirit to flow through.

The Old vs New Paradigm of Creation

For so many years, since the turn of the 1900s, we’ve been taught how to create from a place of “getting it done”. It’s been a very masculine approach of creation, from the lower chakras, of work work work, even if that means 14-16 hours a day, day in, day out, for years, and then once you achieve your success, it’ll all be worth it.

But I did that, and I still felt empty. From the age of 17-19, I dedicated 2 years of my life to just lock myself in my room, and work, until I figured out how to make a lot of money – and I got there, I was making over $10,000 a month at 19, but… I wasn’t happy.

I worked so hard to get there, to make it happen, stopped seeing my friends, made so many sacrifices, but when I finally got to that place that I thought I wanted so badly… there was still this incredibly strong feeling that there was something more.

And I started asking the questions that really matter. What am I really here to do? What is my mission? My purpose? My passion? And… how could I know that if I don’t know who I am? So… Who Am I?

The seeds were planted. And I set off on this magnificent journey, into the depths of the I AM Presence. Truth. God. The I Am, that knows no labels or words. That is nameless, boundless and infinite beyond measure.

The point is, in that journey, I’ve come to discover the new paradigm of creation, that isn’t rooted in having to “get shit done” as I used to so eloquently put it.

But it involves creating from the heart. Creating from our Heart Source Center, and the Divine Inspiration in every moment. Not about creating a list of things to do, and even if I don’t want to do it, forcing myself to.

No, it’s about following my bliss in every moment, and from there, as Pure Consciousness, creating the most magnificent, magical creations beyond my wildest dreams.

I just co-founded an Ayahuasca retreat center in Peru and it’s been the biggest creation of my life, helping people to the deepest depths that I ever have, and at the same time, it’s been the easiest creation of my life so far.

So, how did I do it?

And that’s what this article is about. To share this new paradigm of creation, how I look at it, and how I continue to unfold the most powerful visions of service, grounding them into the physical, with such ease, grace & speed.

Non Doing vs Non Action

The first distinction I want to make, is the difference between Non-Doing and non-action.

There’s a huge difference. First of all, “Non-doing” doesn’t mean non-action.

Non-doing means resting as Pure Consciousness, and from there, birthing and creating what we want from the position of Who We Really Are. This is the first step – it’s being rooted and grounded in our Truth, beyond who we think we are from a mental-perspective. It’s about knowing who we are, to the deepest depths, and creating from our most powerful place – as Source. Pure Consciousness. Pure Potential. Existence. The Ultimate Creator.

This is really the first step in being able to create your life deliberately at all. It’s the understanding and knowingness and deep remembering that you can create whatever you want in life. It’s seeing past the illusions of what we were taught as children in this world of insanity, with all the limitations that were taught to us – that you can’t do that, or you’re not good enough, or you don’t deserve it. Seeing through those illusions and coming back to knowing that you can DO, BE, or HAVE whatever you want in life.

Getting to this place of creation is a journey, not a destination – this is something that we can only continue to step more and more fully into, and if you’re still in a reality where you think you need to be doing something because your parents want you to, or because that’s what you were taught how it “should be”, then this is your first step:

Break through the illusions of limitation on what you think you are capable of. Expand your reality of what is “possible” by learning from people who are on the leading edge of creation. Find mentors, teachers, and people who have created what you want to create, and let them inspire you & show you that it’s possible. Expand your beliefs about what you can do, because if they can do it, you can do it.

Find your teachers. This is done simply by asking, by setting the intention to, and by following the flow of divine grace & guidance, listening as teachers & mentors show up. Seek help, assistance, and go within. Be humble, be open to letting go what you think you know about life and creation, and learn from those who have created what you want.

And what comes to mind as a great first starting point is Esther & Abraham Hicks’ book, “Ask And It Is Given”. I really recommend that you buy it and read it if you havn’t done so already.

Continuing on, as I was saying, Non-Doing doesn’t mean non-action.

You can absolutely still take action from a place of Non-Doing, but the focus isn’t on taking action – the focus is on your bliss. It’s about resting in the deepest stillness, calming your mind, and returning back to and existing from the place of Pure Consciousness.

Simply stated, it’s about doing what fills your heart and brings you the deepest fulfillment in every moment. It’s about lifting your vibration, higher and higher, until it sometimes feels like you’re going to BURST with the love you have of life.

When you can come back to this natural great peace of being alive and loving life, this is your most powerful place you could ever create from. And then, when you do take action, the little that you do, can create the biggest impact, if you’re so deeply rooted in this space of bliss and Truth.

So let me explain this in a way that would be more tangible to you. For me, I love building teams, inspiring people and moving visions forward through the creation of systems, where everybody loves what they’re doing, and serving a greater vision for the whole.

So the most important thing is that you architect your life in a way so that you use only your strengths, and only do things you love. If you don’t yet have this reality, or know how, it starts, as everything does, with the questioning.

Ask: how can I create my life in a way where I am only doing what I love?

The quality of our life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you ask.

So ask the question above, drop it like a pebble in a pond in your consciousness. Don’t think about it, or wait for an answer – let go, and in the stillness, let the answers come. The deepest truths and most profound answers will always arise from Stillness, as that is where Truth resides.

I’m Not Saying This Is Easy

For many of us, doing nothing is harder than doing something.

Being still, truly still – not watching TV, or reading, or thinking, or listening to music or an audiobook, which might look like being still on the outside – but truly coming to the Stillness and Silence between the thoughts and the breath… this is harder to do than almost anything else. So, many of us taking the easier path, we continue to let our lives run on autopilot, doing, doing, doing, without any space to come back to the deepest Truth that can only be found in Stillness.

It is so deeply engrained in our collective human condition to need to do something – anything – and constantly be on the go, needing to get something done, so we can get to the next.

Literally, as I’m in the Philippines right now, writing this on New Year’s eve at this beautiful resort, I was just told that they’ve literally coined what I’m describing as an actual “disorder”, called “Hurry”.

It’s the Hurry disease, and they have medication to help people with it. My opinion on that is a whole ‘nother article, but the point is, it’s such a pervasive epidemic in our collective condition – the need to do, or the inability to be present.

We fear, what would happen if I don’t _____.

Or, if I don’t _____, then _____ will happen.

And most commonly, I can relax once I ______.

Whatever the blanks are, doesn’t matter.

The point is, if we place being able to be present and enjoy life outside of this moment, then it will always exist outside of this moment – we will never get there. Because the thing we need to finish, so we can relax, will always be in our way. Even when we get it done, there will always be something else.

So instead, place relaxing and being present as more important. Place your bliss, your joy, your highest vibration, above anything else. Forget about what you think you need to do, before you can do this.

Do what makes you happiest. Today. Don’t wait for anything. Don’t wait until your finances are in order, or until you ______…

Let go. Let go. Let go.

And when you think you’ve let go enough, let go even more. If you can fully and completely surrender to following this life where all you do is follow your bliss, you will enjoy more than you can even possibly begin to imagine.

It’s such a paradox. Some people may call it irresponsible, but I know from first hand experience, that by living this way, not only do I create more powerfully than words can ever describe, but the act of creation is INFINITELY more enjoyable.

So follow your heart. Do what makes you happiest. Forget about what other people want or expect from you. The most important thing is that you follow your own truth. Even if that makes other people unhappy. You serve NOBODY by allowing your heart’s burning passion to dwindle away, so that you can make somebody else happy.

Selfishness is your greatest service. Only once you are in your highest vibration, full to your deepest degree, can you truly help and serve the people around you the most that you possibly could. So let yourself by your #1 priority, and from there, the vibration you hold and your energy will serve every single being on this planet.

Trust vs Fear

For so many of us, creating from this place I describe can be scary. Or just straight up confusing.

“You mean… all I need to do is what makes me happiest? What about making money? Or my bills? Or ______?”

We have so many fears that stop us from following our heart. And they go so deep, with so many layers… it’s rooted in the collective condition, in what it means to be human, and it’s our path to learn how to clean up the roots of these fears, so we don’t continue to operate from past programming, unconsciously.

When it comes to cleaning up fears, I’ve never found anything more effective than the medicine of Ayahuasca, which is why I’ve gone through such lengths to share this sacred plant medicine with the world.

I truly believe it’s up to us to cut the chords of unconsciousness within us, to clean up our fears, and these patterns that keep us playing small… so we don’t pass it down to future generations. We’re here to be the change that we’ve been waiting for.

“Leap, and the net will appear”

Step forward in the knowingness of what you want. Unapolagetically. Trust, and you will always, always find yourself taken care of. All the resources you’ll ever need, will always be there. Trust, and with inexplicable confidence, expect only the best.

Imagine it this way:

Imagine a stairwell that goes from in front of you, all the way to the heavens above, where everything that you want is yours.

The only step that is lit up, is the one right in front of you.

The next step after that, you can’t see.

And it will only light up, when you’re standing on the step before it. When that step is right in front of you.

This is exactly what it’s like to create your ideal life. You’re always given the one step, the one thing that you can do, that will serve you most and bring you closer to the reality you truly want to live… and only once you take that step, will the next one be made known to you.

For so many people, they are paralyzed in fear, not following their heart, because they don’t know what to do after that first step. They don’t see the whole picture, or have a clear plan, so they don’t do anything. But don’t worry about having to know the whole plan!

You don’t need to know it. You just need to know your next step (which deep down, you know what it is)… and then do THAT. Period!

The next step after that will make itself known.

So this is a big test and lesson in trust. Doing this is the only way you can step forward and create the life that is most important to you, fulfilling in every way possible.

I left my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, over 4 years ago with about $500 to my name, and the only thing I knew at the time, was I was meant to go to San Diego. So I got a one-way ticket. I trusted. I knew my one step. And I did it.

Where that journey led me… well, just 2 months after leaving my home, I was living in Nicaragua, had a home for less than $100 a month, had 4 meals a day made for me, had private salsa lessons every day for $2/hr, learned Spanish, and was boxing & surfing 7 days a week. My ideal life at the time.

And now, I have a retreat center, never have to worry about money, and am launching another center in 2015. Most importantly, I’m happier, more present, and helping people greater than I ever thought possible. I have deeper purpose and passion, bliss and fulfillment, love and abundance, in every aspect of my life, and it only gets better…

Point is: this only happened because I trusted. Because no matter what happened in my life, I always just followed the one step in front of me…


Follow your heart.

Do the one thing you know you want to do, but are afraid to.

It’ll all work out. Why? Because that’s all that can ever happen.

Intentions vs Plans

When you move forward in this path, it’s really important that you understand the difference between intentions and plans.

When you have no plans, nothing goes wrong. So let go of your plans, let go of how you think things should be, let go of any and all attachment to what you want, and instead, set loose intentions for what you want to experience… and let go.

Intend how you want to feel and what you want to experience.

“If you want chaos, make a plan” – one of the greatest things ever said to me, when I was on my way to hitchhike through 6 countries, from Nicaragua to California (through Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, ALL of Mexico, and part of the US).

I’ll share that story more fully another day, but the point is, I had only THE most amazing experience that I possibly could have, was SO surrendered, had SO much fun, learned SO much, met SO many amazing people, and got exactly what I needed… why? Because I had no plan. Because I wasn’t attached to how anything should have been. And because I LET GO.

So as you move forward with creating from this place, as the most powerful creator that you can be by following your bliss, let go of any attachment you have to how you think you want things to be. Just move forward, step by step, trusting to your deepest degree, and if something doesn’t go the way you want it to, let it go, don’t worry, and understand that it’s always ever happening to serve you, even if you don’t see it right away.

And when it comes to intentions, when your intentions are to serve the greater whole, you have the entire power of the universe backing you, and your ability and capacity to create is amplified more than 1000x. So have your intention always be to serve the people around you, the collective, and the whole, and you will have the infinite power of the universe backing you every step of the way.

Final words

Creating from this place of Non-Doing is about returning back to Who You Really Are, as Infinite Potential Source Energy, with no limits. And as you rest more in that space, through stillness & meditation, or the fullest expansion and bliss, when you intend something, it can not help but manifest.

This is Sourcery, true magic, in the deepest sense. “Sourcery” – the root of this word is Source. So Sourcery is all about connecting to the deepest degree, with Source. When you do this, you tap into the infinite potential of creation, at your very fingertips.

This is modern day wizardry at it’s finest. The time has come. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. The new earth awaits us. A new humanity, connected, whole, loving, complete, awake, is what we are here to ground. And we do that by living it. So go!

Live the life you’ve always wanted to. The only time is now. The new year is upon is, what better time than now, to make the changes that you so deeply want, that your soul so deeply yearns for?

The longer you wait, the more you’ll suffer – sorry to say. So just do it! Follow your heart. There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing more important. You’ll figure it all out along the way.

What’s your one next step?

Really, ask yourself that.

What’s the one thing that you know you want to do, that you havn’t yet?

Or that you’ve been putting off?

I invite you, with the deepest love, to move forward in that direction.

Infinite blessings on your journey!

With SO much love,
Trinity de Guzman

PS – If you want to learn more about Ayahuasca and how it can help you create the deepest shifts, and how this path that I’ve described above can simply be your natural way of operating, then you can learn more about our 10 Day Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru, here.

Much, much love!

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