Off To The Woods!

It’s June, 2012.

I just got divorced, and I’m paralyzed by pain.

I didn’t know anything anymore.

Everything I thought I wanted, everything
I thought I knew… I now questioned.

The only thing I knew… was I needed healing.

At this point, I didn’t know much about

All I knew, is that I needed it.

And after reading “Iron John” by Robert Bly,
(which is a must-read for all men).

I prepared for my journey into the woods

I bought an RV and I started telling my
friends that I was leaving San Diego.

One friend, Noah, was going through a
hard time in his life as well.

He was also having a hard time in his
relationship, and when I shared with
him about this journey I’m going on…

He was really inspired.

He was excited for me, and I can tell there
was a part of him that wanted the same.

Time alone. Time in nature. Time to
reconnect with the Self, with no

(We all need this really…)

And then one day, he called me up.

“I want to come!” he said.

He shared a story with me, about how
the name “Trinity” popped up in his life,
and he knew it was a sign to join me.

“…Really?” I asked hesitantly.

“I know it won’t be easy, but I have to,”
he replied.

And this is a sign, of all great achievers.

The willingness to walk a path, even if
it isn’t easy… because we know it will
really serve us.

And walking with Mother Ayahuasca,
like I’ve said before, is not easy… and
that’s why we have to do it.

Because it’s especially the things that
might be hard, that we often need most.

I can tell Noah’s intentions were in the
right place, and he needed the support.

So I said yes, of course.

And off we went…!

To live in the woods, and do some deep
inner work.

The journey that unfolded was the most
beautiful, powerful and transformational
of my entire life, up until that point.

And I’m so excited to share more about
this beautiful journey with you!

… We’re going to Mt. Shasta!

Now, the point of today’s story is –

When you follow your heart, follow your truth,
and walk this path of inner transformation…

You inspire the people around you to do
the same.

As you do what is against the “norm,” yet,
you know you need to…

You all of a sudden give the people around
you permission, to also follow their hearts.

I see it around me, again and again.

Just by following my heart, and living my
Truth, as loudly as I do…

I inspire people, to also follow their Hearts.

And this.

Is one of the greatest gifts, you can give
the people around you.

Because after all…

We all want to live a life of joy and freedom.

We all want to follow our hearts, deep inside.

But so many of us are afraid.

And when you can stand above your fears,
stand above what people think of you, and
follow your heart

You inspire, empower, and encourage
everybody else around you, to do the same.

Without even speaking a word.

People notice.

Even if they don’t comment.

And deep inside, even if they say negative
or doubtful things to you…

They admire you.

For following your heart.

And doing what is important to you.

Remember this.

As you walk into the life you really
want to live.

You are helping the people around you,
in ways so deep, and so beyond words.

Thank you!

For walking this path with me!

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, from the depths of my heart to yours,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

You ever heard of Mt. Shasta, in Northern

It’s known as the root chakra of the world.

And it’s a place, unlike any other…

It’s like an antenna, for higher dimensional
frequencies, to be channeled into our Earth.

The moment I got there, I had this overwhelming
feeling like I needed to sit and meditate.

And I had an instant Astral Projection.

I sat down by a tree, and my consciousness
was literally pulled out of my body…

What I saw…

I’ll tell you in my next email.

Much love!!


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