How to Discover Your Purpose…

I didn’t always know my purpose…

And honestly, it wasn’t easy to find it out either.

But there was one thing that I later learned
was the key to discovering my deepest purpose…

Back in 2010, I left my hometown of Vancouver
Canada, after discovering that money isn’t what
really makes me happy.

(Despite what we are brainwashed to think)

I traveled, I searched, I looked and I wanted
nothing more than to really know… why I am
here on this planet.

I knew I was here to make a difference. I knew
deep down inside I was here to help people and
make the world a better place, somehow…

But I had no idea how.

I had a sense – like we all do, deep inside –
and for me, I got glimpse that I was here to teach.

But after learning from teacher after teacher,
traveling the world discovering so much about
myself, after years of searching, I didn’t feel
any closer.

I was frustrated and disappointed. I put so much
energy into asking the questions and seeking:

What is my purpose in life?

What am I really here to do?

Many times, I wanted to give up. I was honestly
so close to just going back home and getting a
job, living the life in a box that my parents
wanted for me.

But I couldn’t stand the idea of living the
same day, again and again.

And as frustrated as I was, I kept searching.

Until eventually, 3 years later, I ended up in
Peru and found Mother Ayahuasca.

And this blessed teacher taught me and showed
me exactly what I am here to do with my life
to share and live my gifts in the world.

You know what was the KEY to discovering
my purpose?

Yes, Mother Ayahuasca is so helpful…

But it’s something so much more than that.

It is the TRAIT:

Of never giving up.

Of prioritizing your purpose above ALL ELSE.

And never settling for less than what you
really want, deep down inside.

So many of us…

Settle for a life that we are silently unhappy
with. Whether that’s with a job, a relationship,
or our own fitness, health and diet.

But if you really want to know your purpose –

You CAN NOT settle.

For anything less than what you really want.

When you show the Universe that this is the
most important thing to you…

That is the only time you will ever know
what your deepest purpose in life really is.

So, take this step.

Come to Peru.

And really LIVE the fact that there is nothing
more important to you than knowing your life’s

If it isn’t that important to you…

And you’re okay with this silent voice inside
that will never stop until you discover your

Then you can put this off.

But, if you really want to know your purpose,
and the deepest fulfillment and joy that that
brings you, then join us.

We’ll talk again soon!

[To be continued..]

With so much love, here to help you discover your deepest truth,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Sometimes, other people’s expectations of
you can be the biggest obstacle to really living
the life that you really want.

Whether that’s your family or friends, deep down
inside we are programmed to care about what people
think about us.

And more so, to “make people happy”.

As a result, so many of us live a life that someone
else wants for us.

Sacrificing our own joy and deepest fulfillment.

How can you let go of other people’s expectations
of you?

I’ll go into this in my next email.

Much love!!

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