Lesson #6 – How To Choose The Right Ayahuasca Shaman

In order for you to have the best experience that
you possibly can with an Ayahuasca shaman…

It’s really important that you stay as tuned
in to your intuition as much as possible.

This applies to every step of your journey
with the medicine.

When should you drink Ayahuasca?

Where? Around your city? In Peru?

Which Ayahuasca shaman should you sit with?

Should you do a retreat or not?

Which retreat center do you go to?

Whatever your questions are, and no matter
what stage you’re at in your journey with
Ayahuasca, the same rule always applies:

Follow your heart.

Tune into your own internal guidance.

Do what feels right.


Don’t think.

It’s about tuning into what feels most
aligned for you.

There is no ‘best’ Ayahuasca shaman for everyone.

There is no retreat center that’s right for everyone.

When you drink, wherever you drink…

All of this, is up to you, or more so, up to
your own Internal Guidance.

Your Internal Guidance system is communication
from Who You Really Are.

Your Higher Self, Your Inner Being, Your Spirit,
Soul, or whatever label you want to use…

The fact is, there’s a part of you that’s so
much greater than this little physical human
you, or the mind reading these words.

And this part of you, is always communicating
with you.

In every moment.

How does this communication happen?

Through how you FEEL.

Essentially, there are only 2 feelings that exist.

Feelings that feel good.

And feelings that do not feel good.


And when you feel GOOD…

That is your Inner Being telling you that you are
in alignment with all that you want in the world.

That everything you want in life is coming closer
to you, and whatever you are thinking about is in
alignment with what serves you best.

If you feel BAD…

That is your Inner Being telling you, that you are
NOT in alignment with what you want…

And that you are in fact, in that very moment,
creating all that you do NOT want in life.

Your thoughts in that moment are bringing to you
the things that you do not desire, and that do
not serve you.

This is what is called your Emotional Guidance System.

And THIS… is how you know if anything is
supportive to Your Highest Truth, or not.

Does something serve you in your Highest Purpose
and joy in the world?

If it does, it feels good.

If it doesn’t, it doesn’t feel good.


This applies to not only choosing a curandero,
or an Ayahuasca shaman to sit with…

But to every aspect of your life.

The more you can stay aware of how you FEEL in
every moment, the more powerfully you will be
able to create the life that you want.

When you feel good, you’re moving closer to
what you want.

When you feel bad, you’re moving closer to
what you do not want.

These are the ABC’s of manifestation.

So make sure you don’t approach this journey
from a place of fear, or else you’ll just attract that.

When you feel fear, it feels bad because that
is your Inner Guidance saying that your thoughts
are bringing what you do not want closer to you.

In other words, through your fear, and the
vibration you hold when thinking those thoughts,
you attract what you are afraid of.

Remember, everything is your own creation.

So in every step of your journey with Ayahuasca,
it’s very important that you stay as tuned
in to your Emotional Guidance System as much as

Even more than you normally would.

Because, this is very touchy territory, and if
you aren’t aware, and end up sitting with somebody
who doesn’t have your highest intention in mind,
the ramifications can be very unpleasant.

So tune in.

Learn about the Ayahuasca shaman, and the people
who stand
behind the medicine experience that is
offered to you.

Connect with them.

Feel them.

Tune into their intentions.

And feel if there is a resonance or not.

Does it feel GOOD? Or not?

Most importantly, follow your heart, and do what
feels best.

That’s how you get clarity on choosing the right
Ayahuasca shaman, the right place, and the
right time.

And really, how you get clarity on anything.

Just ask: what feels best?

And do that.

I know it can be hard to know who is the right
shaman Ayahuasca to drink with, which is why
personally drank with plenty of people…

So I can honestly only refer you to those I know
from experience holds good space, can take you
really deep, has clean intentions and simply
stated, is really here for the sake of healing.

So you don’t have to even risk having a bad
experience with a shaman, I’ve drank with
countless shamans over the past years, and
have done the work on the ground for you.

To learn more about our retreats and everything
that we’re about, click the following link:


The bottom line is, we’re here to bring the deepest
level of Healing and Awakening to those who are
ready and feel the call towards our retreats.

So we can all live from our hearts, be happy,
be present and return to the natural great peace
and joy of being alive.

To spreading love all over the world,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS – Although it’s really important to only work
with an Ayahuasca shaman who is capable and
qualified to be
able to hold a safe space in ceremony…

It’s still important that you know how to protect
yourself from any energies that don’t serve you,
for any Ayahuasca ceremony you attend.

And we’ll go into that in the next lesson.

Much love!