The Matrix Has You

Knock, knock.

It’s Trinity.

The Matrix has you.

… What is the Matrix?

It is the veil that has been cast over your eyes.

It is the cause of all pain, struggle and suffering…

It is invisible, can not be seen, only described…

It is all around you, in every person, everything,
and everywhere you look…

It has trapped you.

And if you want out –

If you want to truly be free – in a way that you
have never known is actually possible…

Read these words.

Listen, not simply with your mind, but from
the deepest place within…

The Matrix is the system that enslaves you, and –
without you knowing it – feeds off your pain.

It is inside of you, inside your mind, like a
parasite, controlling how you think from
the inside out.

It is designed to stop you… from thinking for
yourself. Rather, to “follow everybody else”.

In order to distract you from the Voice of
Your Heart,
The Matrix controls you by

taking over your mind.

You can see it, in almost every belief you
have of the world.

For many this is hard to hear. For the control
of this system, is so strong…

It has trained people to NOT want to get out.

It has made you believe you are “safer” inside
of it. And the “world is a dangerous place”.

You can see the control of The Matrix within you,
through your belief and fear around money…

Your need for it. Your enslavement by it.

Addictions to thinking, eating, drinking, work,
shopping, vanity, and caring what people think…

It poisons you through the food you eat,
and the very water you drink.

It brainwashes you, since childhood, to
“want to fit in,” “gain approval” and “be liked”…

It is designed to make you all the same.
To be a cog in a system. A hamster in a wheel.

To never question, and follow the rules blindly…

But there IS a questioning within you.

Which has led you to this message.

And this questioning, is the key to your

For this message is only here, and will
only be read by those who seek answers…

Those who are ready…

To truly wake up.

From the illusion of a world that has
been cast over your eyes, long ago…

From the system, designed to keep
you trapped.

Look around you. It is everywhere.

It is in the very beliefs you hold about
the world, that you think “are yours”…

But these beliefs aren’t yours. You didn’t choose them.

These beliefs… were planted in your mind –
without your permission, by someone and
something – to blind you from the Truth.

Felt, in the constant struggle for survival…

Seen, in the seperation we have from each other…

Heard, in the news, media and music…

There are fears placed in your mind –
ever since your birth –  that now stop
you from following your Heart.

These fears exist, because the system was
designed in every way, to instill them within you.

Through television, movies and the radio…

Even through your own parents and many
of your friends, who they have so deeply…

The “authority figures” that many of you
look up to, like teachers and doctors…

They are all in place, as pieces of the system,
designed solely to make you think a certain way.

To make you operate from fear. And stop you
from thinking for yourself.

Everywhere you look, the system is doing it’s job.

Look at the education system, healthcare system,
money, banking and debt systems…

They are all designed, so geniusely and effectively…

To. Keep. You. Trapped.

They want you in debt… because then,
they have you even deeper.

Then… you NEED them even more…

And it is one endless loop.

Look at all the ways they get you in debt.

Through university, buying a car, or house…

All the things you’ve been taught are
“what to strive for in life”.

These are the very control mechanisms that
steal your own freedom from beneath you.

But you HAVE a choice…

How do you get out of the system?

How do you wake up, and free yourself
from The Matrix…?

How do you unshackle yourself from
the invisible chains of bondage, you
didn’t even know you have…?

How can you stop letting your programmed
mind, and fear from controlling you…?

Come to Peru.

Let us help you, in person.

This is your next, and only step.

[To be continued..]

Planting seeds, praying they open your eyes,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family