9 Day San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru

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Summary of our 9 day San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru

Most of all, you will be welcomed into a space, a community, a family, where you’ve never felt love or belonging like this before.

This is the one thing that all our guests keep saying to us, and the greatest gift that they leave with. Family.

This isn’t something that can be put into bullet points, but can only be felt, through the words on this page, and once you actually get here. You can see with how much effort and energy we put into educating you, and preparing you for this journey – how we go above and beyond what any other Ayahuasca retreat center out there is doing – that YOU are our #1 priority, in every single way.

So with that, I invite you to not only read these words, but feel the heart behind it all. And see, that not only do you get what is included in this list, but something so much more, that is truly inexplicable with words…

But with words, here’s a glimpse of a much bigger picture of your journey with us:

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 1 San Pedro Ceremony
  • Ongoing support, after your retreat (no other retreat centers offer this… but it’s SO needed)
  • Accommodation and all Vegetarian Meals
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong Classes
  • Sound Healing Journeys
  • Deep Spiritual Inquiry through a Day of Silence
  • Group Integration Sessions after every Ceremony
  • Day-trip Adventure Around the Sacred Valley
  • Teachings around Mindfulness and Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Healing Techniques
  • Community Building through Bonfires
  • Pick-up and Drop-off from Cusco
  • Private 1-on-1 time, for those who need additional support
  • Special gifts from the Sacred Valley
  • Family. Community. A place you can always call home.


The New Paradigm of Ayahuasca

Everything that we’ve shared about The New Paradigm, is what our San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru are all about.

Note: If you have not yet read this page, “What is Ayahuasca? How can it help you?”, and shares all about the New Paradigm of Ayahuasca, please, stop right now, click here, and read that entire page from top to bottom. It is very important, especially for your safety, with this sacrament.

Ayahuasca has the potential to change your life, in the most beautiful ways possible, but if you come to this medicine, without being fully educated or ready, it can be dangerous. So please, if you havn’t already, visit this page, and take the time to really go through and read everything that is there.

If you’ve already read that page, and you’re certain Ayahuasca is for you, and you truly feel ready for this journey of a lifetime, then enjoy the rest of this page!

Every thought, action and intention, put into creating and leading our San Pedro Ayahuasca Retreat, are to bring the highest vision of working with this sacrament to the world.

If the vision that we’ve shared about Ayahuasca – and how it must be coupled with other healing modalities, in order to receive its greatest benefit, calls to you, then thank you so much for being here, and being willing to do this deep inner work.

Your healing, brings healing to us all. And it takes people like you and I, to come together, to commit ourselves, to healing what we need to within, in order to really create a beautiful and very real change on our planet. The time is now!

And now, I’ll explain in more detail a few of the points above, and how we make this highest vision of the New Paradigm of Ayahuasca possible:

It’s All About The Holistic Approach

See, it’s important to first realize:

As people who grew up in the society that we grew up in, we face a very different set of challenges and obstacles than people who grew up in the Amazon.

The amount of fear-based programming that we have in our minds, from news, media, and the people around us…

The stresses from work/school/family that leave us stuck in our minds, always thinking…

The pressure to make money, pay bills, eat, and possibly even support a family in one of the most expensive countries to live in the world…

Deadlines, schedules, and constantly thinking about what we have to do next, never being present…

And the deep-rooted conditioning, that essentially teaches us we are not enough… leaving us always wanting more, searching for fulfillment outside of ourselves, caring so much about what other people think about us…

This is the problem that we face.

That people who grew up in the Amazon, and who traditionally used to work with this medicine, do not.

This is why, the same way that the medicine has been used for thousands of years, isn’t the same way we will resolve our modern-day problems and challenges.

You need a HOLISTIC, integrative, and multi-faceted approach for your healing. This is the New Paradigm.

It’s not just about Ayahuasca. But about bringing together so many different wisdom paths, and healing modalities, from around the world, to create the deepest, and longest-lasting transformation within you.

With an emphasis on…

The MOST Important Time is AFTER Your Ayahuasca Retreat

It’s a sad truth that the support that you need before and especially AFTER your experience with the medicine, just isn’t offered by many people sharing the medicine. I know some people are doing it out there, but it’s unfortunate that a lot of the larger Ayahuasca retreat centers, just aren’t offering this much-needed support after your retreat.

So many centers focus on just Ayahuasca, but not enough on the time AROUND your ceremony. Which is more important than anything!

Think of the Olympics. Athletes train for months, even years, for a single day. The quality of their experience in the Olympics is completely determined by their PREPARATION, and what they do around the time of their “big day”.

The same is with your Ayahuasca ceremony. If you want the deepest, and most profound experience… if you don’t just want a beautiful week, but real, LIFELONG transformation, then you have to put a lot of energy on the time before your experience, and especially the time after.

That means, working with the lessons and realizations you receive, to really integrate them into permanent changes in your life.

I would honestly say, the time after your Ayahuasca ceremony is more important than the actual ceremony itself.


Because, what good is it to experience the deepest revelations, epiphanies and insights… only to go back home, and return to your old way of living?

It’s sad to say, but that’s how it is for many people who enter this path.

The solution?

We Provide Ongoing Integration Support After Your Ayahuasca Retreat

I can not emphasize this enough.

Like I said, this is honestly the MOST important aspect of your journey with this sacrament.

So many of us, struggle and have a hard time with life, especially because we have no support.

We as a society have grown so disconnected from the Natural Way of Living – together, in community, focused on family, and growing together…

And as a result, when life gets hard… it only gets harder. Because there is nobody there to truly understand us, to listen to us, and help us, just by being there.

We are here to bring back, the Natural Law, where we are connected to the Earth, where we celebrate around a fire, with each other, in our hearts, giving thanks, and deeply connecting to a profoundly still and beautiful place within ourselves.

And of course, to bring us back to helping each other.

This is why, after your retreat with us… it’s only the beginning. Of a beautiful new life, a beautiful new perspective, and a connection with a family, that never dies.

So we have a private Facebook group, for all our retreat guests who come to our land, and we are here for you, through email, chat, or even by phone if you need it – in a way that gives you priority, and a feeling like we hear you, and we are here for you, unlike you can find anywhere else.

This, I am certain.

And for many people, this is the biggest reason why they join our Ayahuasca Peru Retreat over any other.

On top of that, it’s the understanding that it’s not just about Ayahuasca, but about the Holistic Approach that we bring together. Where at our retreats, you’ll also experience:


Yoga & Meditation

As we mentioned earlier, there is nothing more important than you having a consistent spiritual practice, if you really want to get the most out of this journey of a lifetime.

Ayahuasca is NOT the path.

Your spiritual practice is your path.

Here, at our retreat, you will open the door. You will see. You will experience reality in a way, unlike you ever have before.

And then when you return home, you need some sort of spiritual practice to continue to re-visit these expanded states of consciousness that you experience at our retreat. Ultimately, to get to a point where you can go to those places WITHOUT Ayahuasca.

You can’t rely on something outside of you to take you to these higher frequencies. And you most definitely can’t take Ayahuasca every day or every week.

This is why we offer yoga and meditation classes throughout your retreat.

So you can practice two of the most powerful spiritual paths (that we recommend more than anything) for you to keep practicing, after you return back home.

Think of it this way –

If you don’t do something to continue to re-visit, and ground these frequencies into your daily way of living, through a consistent practice like yoga or meditation, it is like working out in the gym once a year, and expecting positive results.

It just doesn’t work that way. You need consistency, if you want real results.

So, we provide these classes to you, to help those who are new to yoga or meditation, to start your practice; and for those of you with a yoga or meditation practice already, to strengthen it and inspire you to take it deeper.

We also offer:

Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong

These ancient practices from Asia, are healing modalities that teach you how to move energy, and ultimately how to open yourself deeper energetically.

This is important because as you open yourself energetically, you will be able to receive so much more from your ceremonies, go deeper into your meditation and yoga practice, and most importantly, learn how to use energy for your own healing, even after you’ve returned back home.

It’s really simple actually. We are giving you all the tools that you could need, to know how to continue your own healing, even after you leave our retreat.

Of course, we don’t expect you to be a master at any of these practices after learning them with us for just a week, but the point is, you can get a good feel for what resonates with you, what you like, and what you would like to continue to learn and practice, when you return back home.

No other retreat offers this level of holistic healing that we do, and this is the foundation of the New Paradigm of Ayahuasca.

To remind you, that Ayahuasca is just ONE piece in a much bigger puzzle, that is your life-long journey into consciousness.

We also guide you through:

Sound Healing Journeys

Vibration is one of the three languages of the Universe.

The other two are light, and form (sacred geometry).

Massive amounts of information are passed through vibration.

And certain vibrations, or frequencies, have the ability to penetrate deep into your physical body, into your cells, to help release memories, traumas, blocks, and densities, that are at the very root of some of your continuous and repetitive unconscious patterns or thoughts.

Using a wide array of instruments, with a specific focus on Brass Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Crystal-Infused Singing Bowls, members of our community who have trained for decades with music therapy, and healing through sound, will guide you through a Sound Healing Journey, serenading you with these beautiful sounds and frequencies, that will work to heal you and open you on the deepest, and most subtle layers.

Everything that we share with you during your retreat, works so symbiotically and powerfully together. As each day with us passes, you are being opened and expanded deeper and deeper, so that every day you are able to receive more and more from these sacred plant medicines.

By the end of the retreat, you’ve opened yourself up so much energetically, and you’ve released so much on many levels, that it is literally impossible to leave as the same person you came here as.

Who Will Lead Your Ayahuasca Ceremonies?

Let me tell you a story.

In the past, for previous Peru Ayahuasca retreats that we would run, we brought the Shipibo, the old traditional jungle shamans, to lead our ceremonies.


Because I knew that many people who are looking into the medicine, wanted that.

So I would bring these jungle shamans to lead our ceremonies, even though I honestly didn’t really like the way those ceremonies were led that much. They didn’t resonate with me, since I’ve sat with other people who’ve lead ceremony, that were so much more powerful for me than any Shipibo ceremony I’ve been in.

I realized, I can not do that.

I can not sacrifice this highest vision that I have, and what I know to be the most powerful way to share this medicine, to make other people happy, since they wanted a jungle Shaman.

Because I realized… many people who are new to the medicine don’t actually know what they want!

They think they want a jungle shaman, because it makes sense logically. And because they don’t know what else is out there!

But I see so clearly now, I have to live my truth. I have to share the medicine in a way that is in full alignment with what I know I want to see, and what I’m here to bring to the world, when it comes to Ayahuasca.

Those who resonate with me and my vision, will come to our retreats. Those who don’t, won’t! And that’s perfect!

But I see SO clearly. The New Paradigm of working with the medicine, working in the light, in the heart, with the feminine energies, basking in love… is how I know I need to bring the medicine to the world.

So, I’ll say it clearly, from now on, the Shamans that I have leading our ceremonies will not be the jungle shamans that many of you think you want.

Why? Because there is a new way of working with the medicine, that is MORE powerful.

And most importantly, more ENJOYABLE.

Why would you suffer through a difficult ceremony if you don’t have to? If you can have the same depth, or even deeper level of transformation, from a ceremony that is so much more peaceful and enjoyable.

The fact is, you don’t have to do it the old way anymore. The dark, dense, masculine, difficult, purgative experience in the shadows… Experiencing Ayahuasca does NOT have to be like that.

And I can no longer invite you to come to a ceremony led by a jungle shaman, because it is just not in integrity for me to do so.

Because I know of a way that is much more powerful, and creates much deeper transformation. So why would I not share that with you?

I’ll say it again:

It doesn’t matter what you think you want. Or who you think you want to lead your ceremony.

If you resonate with everything I’ve shared with you so far, then you are going to enjoy any shaman that I bring to come lead our ceremony, more than any ceremony led by a jungle shaman.

And please note, I have SO much respect, and gratitude for them, and their tradition. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have this medicine, and it’s beyond-words powerful healing that it is bringing us. Their tradition, has brought us to this point in our collective evolution, and now, there is a new way of working with Ayahuasca, that is bringing us to our next levels of consciousness.

More important, than staying attached to anything that we think we want (and this applies to all aspects of our lives), is to let go of what you think you want… and just listen to your heart.

Our heart guides us in every moment.

It doesn’t matter what you thought you wanted. What matters is what your heart says, right now. (Every “now”).

Honestly, without judgement, many of the jungle shamans, just do not vibrate at the higher levels of frequency or consciousness, that I know is so important in my life, and what I know I’m here to share with the world.

What do I mean?

Remember, I do not judge, I am just sharing with you what I see and feel:

As with many people who are placed in a position of power, it is common for people to get corrupted by that power position. Which means, people who initially had beautiful and pure hearts and intentions, are sometimes taken over with many qualities that no longer exist or vibrate in those higher frequencies. So things like greed, abusing power, and even taking advantage of people, in many different ways, with money for example, and sometimes even sexually, is something that happens in this world of shamanism.

The point is:

The frequency of the person who leads your ceremony, is the frequency that is transmitted to all beings inside the ceremony. That means, if the person who is leading your ceremony has personal issues or unconsciousness that they do not clean up, that will weigh on the frequency of the ceremony.

While we always honor the heritage of the healing we are bringing, we must honor the individual needs of each guest. Which means, more important than bringing you someone from the jungle, is our need to ensure that the person leading your ceremony, exists in the highest frequencies possible.

If the person leading your ceremony lives in elevated frequencies and higher states of consciousness, then that is automatically transmitted to all participants inside the ceremony, helping you to reach those elevated states, so much more easily.

They literally hold the space, through the vibration they are in. So, whatever frequency they exist at, is where you can expect to go in your ceremony.

And personally, I have found that when I sit with shamans who have a spiritual practice outside of just plant medicine, meaning they walk the path of yoga, meditation, tantra, or any other ancient wisdom path that has stood the test of time, then that is when I experience my most profound ceremonies, time and time again.

This is a deeper explanation of the difference between The Old Paradigm and the New Paradigm of Ayahuasca.

Those who resonate with the New Paradigm of Ayahuasca, walk a path of consciousness, of love, of light, of bringing together many different wisdom paths from around the world, and are constantly working on themselves, evolving, in every way possible.

I see those who resonate with The Old Paradigm of Ayahuasca, mainly focus on physical healing with plants, like a doctor, rather than really walking a path of consciousness.

Note: If you have deep physical healing you need help with, then I would honestly recommend you go to the jungle, for a long time, for help with that. The Old Paradigm is very powerful and effective at healing physical imbalances.

The bottom line is:

It is so important, that if you want to experience the medicine in higher frequencies, that align with what I’ve described as The New Paradigm of Ayahuasca, that the person who leads your ceremony, walks the path of consciousness, that is not just exclusive to plant medicine.

All of this, are the little details, as to why I see the New Paradigm of Ayahuasca to be so much more powerful than the old, traditional way.

I can honestly go on and on about this. I am so passionate about sharing this message with the world. We are in a new age. We need a new way of working with the medicine, to take us to higher levels of consciousness. It really makes so much sense when we go deeper into it, right?

Another thing is –

You Don’t Have To Be From Peru, To Share Ayahuasca”

If we expect only those who were born in Peru and grew up in the jungle, to be shamans, and to share the medicine in the world… the medicine would not get very far.

We need this medicine. Around the world. We have some deep rooted unconsciousness to clean up in our collective.

That means, we need those who have pure intentions, to learn how to share the medicine, to serve others, and the whole, and to really commit to that path, walking it whole-heartedly with everything you are.

In fact, Mother Ayahuasca has asked me to share this publicly, that she gives permission for those with pure intentions, who feel the call of learning how to serve and share Ayahuasca in the world, to walk that path.

It will take a long time. And so much dedication. But if that really resonates with you, She – Mother Ayahuasca – will be your teacher.

It is time for those who feel called to that path, to feel confident about doing so. “I give you permission,” She says.

In the coming years, we will need more people to share this medicine. From people who understand and agree with The New Paradigm of how this medicine is to be shared in the world.

If this calls to you, then let’s connect. Come to one of our retreats. We are here to support you on that journey. And our retreat would be the first class, in a much deeper and longer journey of learning what you need to, to be able to hold space for others with this medicine.

There are many people who heard this call, who were not Peruvian, to learn how to share the medicine.

One of them, is this amazing man, and dear brother, who we are happy to partner with to help guide you through this incredible retreat in Peru:

Meet Our Ayahusaca Shaman

First of all, please visit this page to read amazing testimonials & reviews from people who have experienced Ayahuasca with our shaman, Paul Diamond.

This amazing man is a perfect example of somebody who lives, breathes, and so deeply understands the New Paradigm of Ayahuasca.

He understands, that in order to create real, deep, life-long change, it is not just about giving you a cup of Ayahuasca. But rather, using Ayahuasca as one piece of a much larger puzzle of holistic healing.

Paul had his first cup of Ayahuasca over 15 years ago, and has been learning from her so deeply ever since. But more importantly, Paul had walked the spiritual path with such dedication, having studied with spiritual masters across the world for over 20 years now.

He has studied healing modalities and wisdom paths from all over the world. Paul is an initiate in the Mongolian Buryat Shamanic Tradition, the Vodoun Tradition of Haiti, the Western Magical Tradition, the Tantric Maha Vidya Tradition of India, and of course, the Shamanic Ayahuasca tradition of Peru, being initiated by Don Agustine Rivas of Tamshiaku, Peru.

Paul is even a fully qualified Acupuncturist, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Qi Gong & Tai Chi teacher. He also holds a Masters degree in The Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience from Canterbury University, England.

So let me ask you:

Is Sitting with Paul for You?

Honestly, your experience has very little to do with who the shaman leading your ceremony is. Even if we bring a different shaman to lead our ceremonies, (which is a possibility. Of course, it would only be someone who I believe is one of the best of the best out there), it doesn’t matter. It’s not about the person leading the ceremony.


It’s simple.

This is about YOU.

The Old Paradigm of Ayahuasca is dark, difficult, intense, masculine, earthy, and far from easy.

The New Paradigm of Ayahuasca is a space that is filled with love, light, angels, and the highest and purest beings of love and positive intentions to support you. It’s filled with the energy of the feminine, the Divine Mother, and heals you through the highest vibrational frequencies that are enjoyable, beautiful, and fill your heart so deeply.

Ceremonies led within the frequencies of The New Paradigm of Ayahuasca are not only so much more pleasant, but from my personal experience, having sat with so many different shamans in Peru, they are SO much more powerful when it comes to their ability to heal you.

The question is:

What Do You Want to Experience?

No matter who we bring to lead our ceremonies, it is somebody who resonates with this higher vision of The New Paradigm of Ayahuasca.

And if you’re reading these words, I’m pretty confident that we resonate on the same level, of how we see the medicine is best shared in the world.

With Paul’s background in spiritual studies, and his commitment to spirituality and healing, outside of the use of plant medicine, and the energies he works with and invokes during his ceremonies… the vibration that he is able to open and hold, automatically creates the deepest levels of healing within everybody in the ceremony, that no words can ever fully describe.

Most importantly, trust yourself.

Trust your heart.

Listen to your own inner guidance.

Has what I’ve shared with you resonate with you?

There are no mistakes.

You and I meeting.

You reading these words.

A beautiful synchronicity, that I invite you to really feel into. Why are we meeting right now?

There is no other Ayahuasca retreat center that is out there, that I see sharing the medicine with this highest vision that I’ve just spent so much time writing and sharing with you.

The medicine HAS to be shared in a way that honors the deeper, longer process that is needed – before, during, and after your retreat.

Without that, you can come to Peru and have a beautiful experience… but will you really create lifelong change in your life?

There’s only one way to find out.

It isn’t about the Shaman. The person who leads our ceremonies is just one small aspect of a much bigger, and very thoroughly thought out plan, of how we are sharing the medicine in the world.

Ultimately, Mother Ayahuasca is here to bring you, me, all the other guests, and the amazing healers who will be leading your retreat, together.

That is where the real magic is.

So listen to your heart.

Stop. Right now.

And feel…

No matter what your heart – your inner guidance – says, I support you to follow that. Unconditionally.

This is the only way to all that you truly seek and desire in your life <3.

Future Ayahuasca Ceremony Leaders

I want to be clear –

The quality, power, and depth of transformation that you receive by choosing to come to one of our retreats, is NOT dependent on who is leading your Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Of course, that plays an important role, but more so, it is the collective energy, and everything that we are bringing together for you (that you can’t find from any other Ayahuasca peru retreat out there) that makes our retreat as powerful as it is.

As you continue to read this page, you will find that we put a certain emphasis on a holistic approach, as well as your preparation (the time leading up to your retreat) and most importantly, your integration, which is the time after your retreat.

After sharing this sacrament over many years, to so many hundreds of people, we’ve discovered, what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to really get the most out of this journey.

And as I mentioned earlier, it is a possibility that Paul Diamond may not be the one leading your ceremonies. Life happens, other commitments arise, travel plans come up, and possible unforeseen circumstances could lead to us having to bring a different shaman to lead your ceremonies.

But listen carefully.

This is what really matters:

We have the highest standard for everything we do, especially when it comes to how this sacrament is shared in the world.

If Paul is not there to lead the ceremonies or retreats, know, that there will be someone who will be just as amazing, or BETTER, to lead the ceremonies.

We absolutely can not settle with bringing you just “anybody” to lead your ceremonies, other than the best of the best.

Personally, I have such a high standard, to make sure that anything I bring in the world, fully aligns with the profound visions that this sacrament has shown me, and asked me to help bring forth, for those who need it.

That means, no matter who leads your ceremonies, if it is not Paul Diamond, I promise, it will be someone who will hold the most beautiful and profoundly transformational space possible.

And just so you know, I really resonate with women who lead ceremonies. They bring in, and hold the space of the Divine Mother, in ways that only a female voice and energy can…


This unconditional love, softness, and tender embrace of the Mother, is what has opened me to the deepest experiences of love, than I ever imagined possible.

And I am doing everything I can, to make sure that the one who leads ceremonies after Paul, will be one of the best that I can possibly find out there.

To emphasize –

Your retreat experience isn’t just about Ayahuasca. As we bring together the most incredible team of healers for this retreat, you will undoubtedly receive so much, from all aspects of your retreat, outside of your Ayahuasca ceremonies.

We do everything we can, to not only create a powerful, holistic retreat program for you, but in the long-term, build community, that can help you in ways that you know you need so deeply.

For the deepest, and longest-lasting transformation, we are here with you, to walk with you hand in hand, every step of the journey, before, during, and especially after your retreat with us. And to bring as many of us on this path, who are so called to this deep inner journey, to walk together, and support each other, in as many ways as possible.

So, that leads me to share:

What else will you get by attending our San Pedro Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru?

A Family, Where You Can Be You

One aspect that we see our guests so grateful about is the ability to really connect with other like-minded people, who are on the same path as you.

From around the world, this medicine calls us. The ones who are here to do this deep inner work, so that we can show up more powerfully in service for others.

This retreat is a beautiful experience where, for many people, it’s one of the rare times that they can really just be themselves. No facades, nothing to pretend, but you can just be YOU.

This is where you can be real, be vulnerable, and share things that you’ve probably never shared with other people. And this aspect, the family, the community, and the bond that you develop while being here, is probably one of the most healing aspects of this journey.

It’s so beautiful to see, how people from around the world, of all ages and races, can come together, and truly, the depth of connection that can be created in such a short time together.

I’ve experienced some Peru Ayahuasca retreats, where they really discourage talking and connecting with others, and strongly advise alone time and silence, but I see that a healthy balance of these two is what works best.

Not only will you have this rare opportunity to connect with people as deeply as you will, but most importantly, you’ll have the ability to connect with yourself, unlike you ever have.

Silence – Your Sacred Sanctuary

For a full day of your retreat, and at specific times throughout, we will set the expectation for a “Noble Silence”.

That means, unless something is absolutely critical to speak about in that moment, silence is requested.

Have you ever spent a day in silence?

It is such a powerful practice, that can be so deeply transformational, and most importantly, bring much-needed stillness to your mind.

“Stillness externally, creates stillness internally.”
– Eckhart Tolle, Author of “The Power of Now”

By having a full day of silence, and our meals in silence for example, this is a powerful practice that will teach and train your mind how to be calm, and ultimately, pave the path for deep inner peace.

This is where you can practice mindfulness, stillness, and these deeply healing ways of living.

You will see, as we have our time in silence together, practice yoga, different types of meditation and energy work, share and communicate with each other, you will find what works best for you.

Ultimately, we want to help you find the path that is most powerful and effective for you, so you can continue your healing and spiritual growth, even without plant medicine when you return back home.

This is our highest intention, and our entire retreat is designed to really give you the tools necessary, so that you can access the deepest states of joy and peace, no matter what is happening in your life.

Joy – The Greatest Medicine

There is nothing that is more powerful for your healing, than joy itself. The deepest states of happiness, gratitude, inner peace, and celebration of life.

Just being able to tap into, and experience these feelings, can bring such liberation to your heart, mind and soul.

From this perspective, and these highest frequencies, your problems and challenges in life, seem so much smaller… or even inexistent.

This is why, your retreat with us isn’t just about medicine work, and being serious the whole time.

Of course, this is serious work, but we understand and see the deep importance of being able to give you experiences that are simply designed to celebrate life, to bring you into the highest states of gratitude and love for being alive.

How do we do this?

In many ways, which you’ll see all throughout your retreat with us. We’ll keep this as a surprise, but one thing that you can look forward to is:

Animals and The Sacred Valley

Animals are the greatest healers.

Their natural connection to Source, stillness, and the deep presence of being alive, helps us so deeply tap into the same frequencies, in their presence.

Not only do we have amazing animals on the property, but we’ve organized a day trip into the beautiful mountains of the Sacred Valley, exploring magical lands, lakes, rivers, and sacred sites.

If you come to the Sacred Valley, you need to explore these powerful lands. It would be such a waste to come all the way to Peru, and not enjoy this breathtaking scenery.

ayahuasca retreat
This land is what dreams are made of. It almost doesn’t even seem real, until you see it for yourself. And those are llamas! They’re everywhere here =)

Let’s share more about the land!

Your Home For 9 days

Our holistic healing center, El Camino Sagrado (which translates to “The Sacred Path”), is located in The Sacred Valley, Peru, near a beautiful town called Pisac.

ayahuasca retreats
A panaramic shot of the breathtaking Sacred Valley, surrounding our land.

They call it “The Sacred Valley” for a reason. The energy here is so powerful, so clear, so light, and just being here, regardless of taking any plant medicine, creates transformation.

Machu Picchu, Peru

We are just a couple hours from Machu Picchu – one of the “7 Wonders of the World”.

ayahuasca retreat peru
A complete stone city, built high into the mountains, lost and discovered not too long ago.

There’s a reason they chose these mountains to build this sacred site. The magic here, and the ability to connect with the Spiritual realm, is so powerful.

Note: If you would like to also visit Machu Picchu (not included) as part of your trip to Peru, we can help arrange that for you. Just let us know when you apply (more on applying, below).

The Ayahuasca Retreat Sanctuary

The beautiful property includes a breathtaking view of the “Apus” (Mountain Gods), which will watch over you and protect you throughout your retreat. They are so close, surrounding us, it’s like they are right there holding you…

There is even a waterfall, right behind the land, that you can walk to as you please, for some solitude, reflection, and deep connection to pure PachaMama (Mother Earth).

 Ayahuasca Retreat Sanctuary
An incredible view of the waterfall from the land. But wait ’till you see it in person…

There is so much space for you to enjoy some deeply healing alone-time at this powerful land.

There is a pond, running water, a eucalyptus forest, open fields, growing vegetables, plenty of animals, and just so much magic, that is waiting to be explored by you.

ayahuasca and san pedro retreat
Breathtaking nature surrounds you, as you are bathed in sun, wind, and the great flora & fauna of the Sacred Valley, which plays a powerful role in your rest, relaxation and deepest healing.

We are constantly developing and improving this land for you, it will only be better than these pictures can portray!

Sleeping and Housing

We are in this together.

Your healing, is everybody’s healing. And everybody else’s healing is your own.

One thing that separates our Ayahuasca Retreat from others, is this vision and intention, and deep understanding, that we are doing this work, not only for ourselves, but for the collective.

For the collective human consciousness.

As each of us wake up even deeper, unravel our true potential even more, and release the deepest layers of unconsciousness, we add to the momentum of the awakening on our planet, making it that much easier, for all others to discover the same truths, within themselves.

And helping all those, who are still suffering, still imprisoned by their minds, and still trapped by the old programs that we picked up in a society that values money and “more” – rather than heart, and this moment.

This is why, at our retreats, we are here to bring us back to the Natural Way of living, where we all used to live together, in community, and together, sleep, eat, grow, celebrate, and share, as one.

This is what so many of our guests love the most about our retreats. The feeling of community, family, togetherness, and the incredibly close bonds that are created, at our magical land.

A huge component of this, is our sleeping situation:

There are 4 main rooms, which are shared by all guests.

There are 2 rooms, that have 3 beds each (6 beds total), which are for people who either snore, or are sensitive sleepers.

The rest of the guests, will share the other two rooms.

What this does, is create an environment, where such beautiful connections can unfold, between you and the other guests. A deep feeling of family, is inevitably created.

Because this is the problem:

Many of you, are going through this awakening journey, and have nobody around you, who you can talk to. Who understands you, and who can help you.

And this is why, a huge focus of our retreats, is to give you the space, where you can make these connections.

Not only, are we here to support you after your retreat, but even more important, are the people you meet, during your retreat with us.

Again, we’re all in this together.

So our sleeping and housing situation, is all consciously designed, to really bring us together.

Deep down, this is what you need and want. And this sense of community, family, and most importantly, love, is what our retreats are all about.

Remember sleep overs as a kid?

Imagine that, in the best way possible.

Ultimately, you’ll love the sleeping situation, if our intentions for our retreats, resonate with you.

And take note –

Our retreats attract a very unique kind of person.

Think about everything I’ve shared with you. The words, the heart, the intentions. Our retreats aren’t just like any other Ayahuasca retreat out there.

Our retreats attract very heart-centered, conscious, self-aware people, who want to grow, not only for themselves, but for the whole.

We’re all Soul Family.

And these retreats, are about bringing us together.

It’s time!

The Food

The food you enjoy will all be locally sourced, highly organic, and vegetarian (with vegan options), to give your body the best nutrition throughout this deep release process.

We believe in delicious, healthy meals, with beautiful presentation, that will play an important part in your transformation.

san pedro retreat
Coconut milk vegan pancake, with “pizza tomato sandwich”. Because beautiful presentation is half the enjoyment!

Having done several different Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, I have seen a lot of different ways that they handle food, as part of the retreat program.

Simply stated, we’re not here to starve you, but to give you delicious, healthy, and well-balanced meals. We believe that it is important that you feel good in your body and well-nourished throughout this process, so we ensure you have meals that you will really enjoy.

You’ll love the food!

We Welcome You With Open Arms

We are so excited to give you the warmest welcome, as you call this sacred sanctuary your home, for this journey of a lifetime.

We have designed this property and this retreat, for nothing but the most enjoyable and luxurious, yet deeply transformational experience possible.

More important than the property though, is of course the depth of your healing through your plant medicine ceremonies.

By now, you’re familiar with the power of Ayahuasca and how deeply it can help you heal, let go of emotional trauma and wounds, and really bring peace to the personal history that continues to effect you today.

Now let’s take a moment to share with you more about:

Your San Pedro Ceremony

san pedro ceremony
Baby San Pedro Cactus growing.

If Mother Ayahuasca is known as the “grandmother” of plant medicine and healing, then San Pedro is known as the “grandfather”.

The contrasting and complementary energies of these plant medicines, when used together, bring us to whole new depths of insight and transformation, that far exceed just using Ayahuasca alone.

San Pedro, a cactus, has been revered by the indigenous natives of the Andes region of Peru for thousands of years as a Master Plant Teacher, just like Ayahuasca has been honored by the indigenous in the Amazonian regions.

It’s fascinating. All over the world, there are different plant medicines that are honored as great teachers and spirits, that have helped humans evolve, heal, and reach higher states of consciousness, for thousands of years.

Have you ever heard of Peyote?

Peyote, also a cactus, is the sacred medicine of the Huichol tribe of Mexico. In their tradition, they look at Peyote as the “flesh of God”, which they consume, to be taken back to the Source. Of creation, our reason for being here, and our deepest connection with all beings.

Peyote ceremonies date back thousands of years, and to this day, still continue to help people with addictions, alcoholism, depression, anger, anxiety, and a lack of passion or direction in life, to name a few.

The effects of San Pedro are very similar to Peyote. Although San Pedro and Peyote are two different and unique Spirits, the active component in the two are the same – which is mescaline.

At the end of the day, San Pedro is a Master Plant Teacher, that is undoubtedly here to teach us, help us grow, evolve, and return back to our divine nature and essence. Who you really are.

Those who are blessed enough to sit with this incredible medicine almost always report profound healing and revelations, and often speak about their experience as one of the most spiritually significant of their lives.

As part of your retreat, you will have a San Pedro ceremony, which will be your fourth, and final ceremony with us.

By having San Pedro as your final ceremony, it will help “tie a knot” on your entire retreat experience. Bringing everything together, culminating, and building up, to this final day, where you see how you’ve received exactly what you came here to receive.

The bottom line is, we only have 9 days together.

Our highest intention is to make sure: how can these 9 days be the most transformational of your entire life?

The way we have designed this program, is to fulfill that one intention.

It will be intense. It will be powerful. It will not always be easy.

And you will leave, more whole, complete, and in alignment with who you’re really here to be, in a way that no words can ever fully describe.

You just need to be willing to do the work. Are you?

We’re here to help, but after all, it’s up to you.

If you know this healing journey is for you, and you can feel that our Ayahuasca San Pedro Retreat deeply resonate with you, then here is when you can join us:

Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru – Dates Available

Please visit our new page here for current dates and updated information.


Contribution Amount

The contribution for the entire 9 day Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat is only $1800 USD (airfare not included). This also includes a lifetime membership to our Ayahuasca Healings Church in America. However, we do offer discounts –

How to Get a Discounted Spot

Above all, we are committed to sharing this life-changing experience with those who are serious about this inner work. If you are called to Mother Ayahuasca, but price is an obstacle for you, this is what you can do:


If you register for a retreat that is more than 60 days away, you will receive a $100 “Early Bird Discount”.

That means, from the day you pay your deposit, if the retreat starts in more than 60 days, your spot will only be $1700.


Click here and enter your email address to be notified of any future discounts we offer.

We regularly offer discounts, multiple times a year, to really support those of you who want to come, but money may be an obstacle.


If you really want to attend our San Pedro Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, but finances are a challenge for you, still apply today. Above all, we do this to share the healing and this life-changing sacrament. So, apply, explain your financial situation in our “Additional Notes” question, and let’s see how we can help you.

Click here to apply.

We’re here for you!

Although our Church does not own El Camino Sagrado, we have a special partnership with this Holistic Healing Center, to deliver these incredible retreats to you.

The point is, we do not run these retreats for generating profit, but to support you, and our mission of spreading love, healing and awakening in the world.

Almost all of the money that we collect goes to cover the overhead expenses of running these high-quality retreats, and any money left over is used to further our mission, give back, and support the local communities.

If you would like to apply, please visit this page, and please answer the questions with as much heart and thought as possible.

Where Does The Money Go?

The bottom line is, the money you contribute for your retreat is being used to bring so much love, healing and beauty in the world.

There is nothing more important to us than being of service to others, and the greater whole, so aside from covering expenses, this is how you are supporting a bigger vision:

1) Long-term Sustainability – Plant Ayahuasca

It’s beautiful to see so many people being called to this sacred plant medicine, and it’s profound healing benefits.

However, this also poses a problem in the Amazon, because the rate at which we are harvesting and using Ayahuasca, is much higher than the rate at which it grows, or how much people are planting this sacred vine.

This is why planting Ayahuasca, and long-term sustainability, is so important for us to think of now. Not later.

We have already begun this beautiful project, and have many hectares in the Amazon for us to plant this sacred vine. We have even already started planting!

A portion of all money left-over, after expenses, goes towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of this much-needed plant medicine.

Your application, and attendance to any of our retreats, helps support this bigger vision.

2) Help The Local Community

Through all of the work that we do here in Peru, we always make sure that a portion of all money received, goes back to the local communities.

We do this by involving the local communities in our retreats, and donating money to different organizations. Right now, our focus is to support the local schools here.

In our recent local community projects, we have helped build a much-needed kitchen for a school, so that the students could have more access to a teacher, who would then happily sleep there during the week (instead of traveling hours a day, just to be there).

We also help pay for the monthly lighting bill of an entire mountain community.

Essentially, we ask the communities what they need help with, and these are the answers we were given.

Additionally, not only for gifts for you, but to constantly bring money to the locals, we support the artisans through purchasing their work, and involving them in our retreats.

It would be amazing, if when you are here, you choose to purchase some of the locals beautiful art!

If you would like to be a part of this with us, and help support the local Peruvian communities, you can fill out an application here.

3) Develop our Center and Build a Conscious Community

The only reason we ask for money is to support our humble mission of spreading healing, love and awakening in the world.

If we could give away our Ayahuasca retreat for free, we would. Honestly, a lot of the money we collect, goes towards our expenses and operating costs.

The only reason we ask for money, is to be able to deliver such a high-quality retreat to you, and build a community, where healing, and serving others in their awakening, is a way of life for us.

Beyond covering the expenses to run such a powerful and life-changing retreat for you, we also put a certain amount of money into the development of our holistic healing center and conscious community.

We do this slowly, humbly. There is no rush. We just put aside a little each month to grow the community, and improve our service to the world.

This means better facilities for you, and all guests, and a more enjoyable and powerful experience, for all who come, and trust us with your healing in our hands.

Overall, the vision is to build a sustainable community. Of healers, of passionate people who are walking the same path, to live together, serve together, grow together, enjoy together, and lead these retreats together.

This is a vision, constantly growing, and is open to you as you read these words. If you would like to be a part of this community, come as a guest first, we’d love to meet you!

We believe conscious, intentional communities, are critical to our planet’s healing and through contributing to this movement, this is the big vision that you are helping support.

Click here to fill out an application.

Why is There an Application Process?

It’s simple, Ayahuasca isn’t for everybody.

We want to take a moment to connect with you, and really see where you’re at, and how we can support you, to feel if there is truly a right fit for you to be a part of this retreat with us.

We want to ensure your safety, and the safety of all our guests, so before we accept anybody to our retreat, it’s important that we spend some time to connect, to understand you, your intentions, and what you really hope to receive from this retreat.

It’s good to think now:

If you could receive any one thing from this retreat, what would you want to receive?


If you could have any one question answered by Mother Ayahuasca, what would you ask?

Taking some time to really feel into your deepest intentions, will pave the path for you to receive the most out of this experience together.

If you’re ready to apply, click here to fill out an application form.

What Happens After You Apply for Our San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreat?

After you apply, you will receive an automated email confirming your application, and an invitation to book a phone call with us.

This phone call is to connect with you on a personal level, and will be with one of our Ayahuasca Healings Family members.

We are so happy to be able to spend some time on the phone together, to help you clarify your intentions, to see how we can support you right now, and really see if there is a right fit here.

Ultimately, the reason we have this application process, and phone call, is to support you in the greatest way we can, right now, all the way until your retreat with us, and beyond.

This isn’t just about having you come to our retreat, and wishing you a good life. This is about real people, real connection, and real service, in every way we can.

If you like this additional level of screening, for you and all our guests, then click here to fill out an application.

Important Health Notes

To us, more important than your healing, is your safety.

Because your safety is so important to us, we can not accept people with the following conditions:

– Schizophrenia
– Low blood pressure
– Diabetes
– Those taking Anti-depressant medication

(If you can be off of anti-depressant medication for 30 days prior to our Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru, we would be happy to help you. Please mention this in your application.)

Beautiful Stories From Guests

I’ve taken a lot of time to paint the beautiful picture of what your retreat experience with us will be like.

But at the end of the day, it’s all just words.

The only thing that you can do, to know how deeply your transformation can be, is to sit with Mother Ayahuasca yourself.

No amount of words that I share, can really show you how powerful this journey will be.

But what I can do, is share with you some beautiful stories from guests that have been a part of the Ayahuasca Healings Movement.

Click here to read all about the blessed transformation and heart-opening experiences that people have had at our San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreat, Peru.

If you can feel the depth of healing, and the power of transformation that is possible on this path, and you are ready to take this leap, then feel free to apply for one of our retreats:

Click here to fill out an application form

Final Words

There is nothing that is more important to me, and to us, as a movement, than being able to spread truth, love, healing and awakening with those who are ready.

This path isn’t easy.

This path isn’t for everybody.

But if you’re reading these words, there’s a good chance this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

I’m not here to convince anybody to sit with this blessed and life-changing teacher and plant medicine, Mother Ayahuasca.

You know if this medicine is for you.

All I can do, is share with you, so passionately, from the depths of my heart, what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how to know if this path is for you.

That’s what this whole page was designed for.

To really help you see:

Is Ayahuasca for you?

Is this path, and this deepest level of transformation, for you?

When we do our personal healing, the world will know peace.

This is the greatest way that we can serve.

It’s by walking this path, for ourselves.

This is how we inspire the people around us, who may still be living in unconsciousness.

This is how we can so deeply understand, see and openly embrace our heart’s purpose.

And when we know our purpose, and we LIVE IT…

This is how the world will transform.

It takes people like you and I…

To walk this path. Unreservedly. Not caring about what other people think.

And when we do, when we release the chains that have been keeping our heart from shining as bright as it craves to…

When we free our own heart, from the prisons of the conditioning we grew up in…

Then, and only then, can we be the greatest service to the people around us.

We have to do our own work first, before we can ever hope to help others.

That’s the beauty of this path.

Once you commit to taking this leap, once you commit to going inside, taking this Inner Journey, then everything else just seems to sort itself out…

Our problems, our challenges, all obstacles and difficulties in our lives…

There is always a solution, inside our own hearts.

So many have us have just forgotten how to listen.

Our minds are too busy, our lives are too filled with schedules, and things to do…

When we learn how to come back. Inside. We can find a peace… a joy… and an answer – the answer we’ve all been looking for – right here, inside of us.

I write these words, to help you see the importance of this Inner Journey.

There is nothing more important.

No amount of money. No amount of physical possessions. No amount of sex or drugs… No amount of worldly desires, can ever give you even a fraction of the deepest level of fulfillment that is available for you.

Your job won’t make you happy. Not fully.

The fulfillment you desire can not be found in any career, or anything outside of you.

The only way to find the happiness, peace, and joy, that your soul so deeply craves for, is to look inside.

This is where all the answers you seek, lay.

And this medicine will help you see.

Mother Ayahuasca, Father San Pedro, the Sacred Valley, the community that comes together, this is all the medicine that will help you let go of the illusions, and help you really see, what you’ve been looking for, has been inside of you the whole time.

So, the question is:

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take the leap, and walk this path?

If you’re still reading these words, I’m pretty sure you and I both know the answer.

We’re here for you.

But more importantly, you have to be here for yourself.

If you feel this call, so deeply, and you know, the time has finally come for this pivotal moment of transformation…

And you’re ready to look back at your challenges and struggles in life, as something that is now behind you.

Then do this for yourself.

If you feel the deep call.

Click here to apply

We’re so excited to read your application, and possibly meet you in person!

What a beautiful journey we’ve taken on this page together.

Now, let the real journey begin!

With so much love, excited for you and the transformation waiting for you,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

Have any questions?

If you have a question, please make sure you visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, to see if we answer it there.

If your question is still unanswered, feel free to visit our contact page, and send your question through there. We will be in touch with you shortly!

Note: Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

Thank you!