Important Update Regarding The Community

Thank you so much for your desire to be a part of this beautiful vision and community with us.

I have a very important message to share, especially if you are sincerely interested in making it a reality to come join us in Guatemala. If you really feel this experience calls to you, and the infinite transformation that comes with it – please read this entire page from top to bottom.

I just recently came out of a very powerful ceremony.

In this ceremony, I saw some very deep programs, that I didn’t know I was carrying. Especially in regards to “being a healer”.

In my past, I have dedicated years of my life to not only studying countless healing modalities, but all I did was live my life to share those healing gifts. At the end of several years living as a nomad, traveling and sharing such profound healing with anybody who was ready to receive, I got burnt out.

I got tired of “being the healer” and put that part of me aside. I still knew the deep importance of the path of healing and looking inside at the deepest aspects of ourselves, in order to create a shift in the reality we live in – which is why I created Ayahuasca Healings, and our retreats in Peru.

As much as I was the messenger and the voice of inspiration that comes through me, is what inspires so many people to this path, I never wanted to be the one to lead the retreats.

Now, as this community is coming together, I am being prepared and groomed for those of you to come, in a huge way.

I see more and more clearly every day, what is asked of me. To hold space for those of you who join us, and to really support you in the deepest transformation of your life.

Even if you just spend 30 days with us, this will be, without a doubt, one of the most healing experiences of your entire life.

Not only do the energies of this land play a huge role, and our conscious intent to gather and grow, but I know very clearly, just being around me creates such a powerful shift within people. The energy that exists around me, through me, amplifies and accelerates the purification process we are all in, and deep layers of illusion, limiting beliefs, patterns and anything that keeps us stuck in anything less than LOVE in every moment… comes up.

When I show up, especially with the intention to heal and support one’s transformation, lives are changed.

Why does this matter? Why do I share this?

Not only to emphasize what kind of experience is waiting for you if you choose to really commit to this experience, but to comment on the pricing that I have asked for previously.

Our retreats in Peru are $1500 for 8 days. I asked for a minimum of $600 to live with us at our private home for a month, with all food included. Does that seem imbalanced? It is.

I priced this community experience as low as I did, because I didn’t want you to come here “expecting” something from me. I thought that by simply opening up my home, and creating a community-run experience, was enough.

But now I see, as I come out of such a powerful ceremony, I am really being asked to show up for you. To really facilitate the deepest transformation that I know so deeply how to.

I was afraid of all the energy this would take from me. How it may take me away from my family, my relationship, my baby, and enjoying life.

But as the belief and illusion is shown to me, I see how deeply I will LOVE being here for you, to share what my whole life has been about. Consciousness. Awareness. Healing. And how to be the most loving, pure, joyous beings that we can be in every moment.

Which is why, I am stating now, how much this community will be something that I am so happy to facilitate, lead and guide for us all. And by saying yes to this, it will create ripples of healing – or more so, remembering – that go so deep within you.

This is why I write this message.

Because I am shown how I need to honor the value that I give. My time, my energy, and the transformation that happens around me.

So, I have decided to update the pricing one more time.

Mind you, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Next year, the prices for this community experience will be at about double. Because I now see my worth, my value, and I am not afraid to ask for money in compensation for it.

And the money is not for me. It is for the community. All money I receive is always redirected to support a higher cause and vision, in some way or another. In this case, it will help us purchase land, so we can have more people gather, and support certain individuals who we offer financial aid to.

That means your contribution is helping others who may have less financially, come experience this profound and beautiful community.

So, these are the prices for this first year of this community experience: (max, 8-10 people/month)

– Tenting Option: $500/month (We’ll provide a mattress and pillow, you bring your own tent & sleeping bag)

– Shared Room: $600/month (4 person occupancy)

– Private Room: $900/month for 1 person, $1200/month for 2 people

  • With Discounts For:
    – 2nd month, $100 off/month
    – 3rd month and beyond, $200 off/month

Please add $350/month for food and cleaning to the above prices to calculate the total price of this community experience, per month.

I hope you still recognize how completely inexpensive this is. Especially considering that an 8 day retreat in Peru with us is $1500. And more so, that I will personally be the one leading this experience.

For $850 – $1250/month, with all food and cleaning included, you get something that is infinitely more valuable than a retreat. Not just 8 days, but a full month, for a fraction of the price.

Many monthly retreats cost at least double this, and I don’t know if you can find any for under $2000/month.

I’ve done my best to keep this as affordable as possible, at the same time honoring how much I will be offering.

I will be leading daily yoga and meditation, which is infinite in it’s value, as a true connection to the root of Eastern Yoga as a path of self-realization (not just toning your muscles).

As well as different classes, workshops and lessons will be shared, to support you on your path of deepest self-awareness. (There is no set schedule, as we live outside of time, but teachings will be a very big part of this experience)

The vision of what is coming together, what we are creating, and what will happen to each of us…

Is so clear, beautiful and palpable.

Such a massive shift is awaiting all of us, even me of course, as we collectively say yes to this experience.

This is truly unlike anything you’ve experienced, in the best way possible.

And I am so excited to meet you, support you, and really co-create such a beautiful life together, for the months that we are meant to!

It’s time to step away from the chaos, the materialism, and all the density of the city, even if just for a month. This will be the much-needed reset that can shift everything in your life.

If you still want to join us, and you recognize how valuable this really is, far beyond money, then please reply to the email I sent you, confirming:

– The months you want to join us

– And which accommodation option you want

(For those tenting, the weather here is amazing between the available months of November – April)

We look forward to hearing from you!

With SO much love, so excited that this is really happening,
Trinity, Infinity & Baby AvaSanika

important community update

PS – Each Ayahuasca ceremony is $80/ceremony, and will be held 2-4 times a month. At least on the full moon and new moon of each month, and based on the interest, more are available.

PPS – This vision is absolutely not about the money to us. This is about gathering, community, healing, love, joy, celebration, and all the values that we can not help but LIVE by, as we ground this into a reality for us all to share.

If the money is the only thing that is stopping you from joining us… don’t let it be. Because there is really nothing that should stop you from making this a reality for yourself, if you really want this. Especially the money.

If you really want to join us, but the above requested contribution is not financially feasible for you, then let us know. Communicate with us. We are here for you, above all. Let us know this is important to you, but money is an obstacle. And we will find a way for you to join us and feel good about the energetic exchange. <3