Guatemala Community – What to Bring & How to Prepare


Now that you’re officially confirmed, it’s time to start thinking about what to bring and how to prepare.

The best way to prepare, we actually recommend you watch these 4 videos, which we send to people who register for our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru, as our Pre-retreat Preparation Course:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

What To Bring

A smile on your face! =D And on top of that…

  • warm clothes (especially if you’re tenting)
  • clothes for all season (it’s quite warm and sunny in the day, and can get colder at night)
  • swim suit / trunks (we now have a hot tub!)
  • headlamp
  • meditation cushion (you can also buy one here)
  • yoga mat
  • books of your interest
  • a book you’d like to leave at our library =)
  • musical instruments
  • anything you want to spend your time going deeper into!
  • anything you want to share with the community <3
  • anything you want to place on our communal alter
  • a set of white clothes for ceremony
  • towel
  • toiletries
  • natural bug repellent
  • sunscreen
  • a small backpack for day trips
  • water bottle
  • 2 journals (to be explained later)

Optional, but recommended:

  • vegan protein if you plan on working out with us! (I use/recommend Vega)

And if anybody wants to bring gifts =) These are highly appreciated since they’re hard to get here / highly used!

  • almond butter (please!)
  • nutritional yeast
  • coconut oil
  • dates
  • glass bottles, with sealable lid

Thank you!!

How to Get Here

First of all, we recommend you book your flight to arrive in Guatemala City (GUA) between 7am and 2pm. This is especially if you are planning to go directly to our home from the airport. (Option 1, described below)

To get to our land after arriving in Guatemala City, you have two options.

Both options are offered from the same shuttle company, which operates out of, and has their service booth, right at the airport. You can’t miss them, it is a small airport, and you’ll see them right after you pick up your bag and leave customs. They speak English, and will be able to easily help you out.

1. The first option, which we recommend, is to take a shuttle directly to Panajachel. This will cost about $100, and takes about 3-4 hours depending on traffic.

 You will be dropped off at “Muelle Tzanjuyu” (Mweh-yay San hoo-yoo) in Panajachel.
From here, you will take a private boat to our home. It’ll be 100-150q ($15-20), depending on which boat driver is available to pick you up.
We will give you the phone number of the person who operates the private boat. You need to give this phone number to the person who is driving you to Panajachel. They will communicate, and coordinate so that the private boat will be there to pick you up when you get to Panajachel.
Then, this private boatsman will bring you to our home.

Don’t worry about your spanish, it’ll all unfold smoothly 😉

Regardless of how you get to Panajachel, this is how you will get from Panajachel to our home. Here is another way to get to Panajachel:

2. The second option, which takes a little more time but is more cost-effective and adventurous (fun!) is to take a shuttle from the airport to a little town called Antigua. This is a beautiful old colonial town, amazing cobblestone roads, lots of culture and shops, good restaurants, beautiful buildings and has a big towering volcano overlooking the town.

If you want to arrive a day early and spend a night here, I’m sure you’ll love it. The shuttle to Antigua (about 1.5 – 2 hours) is around $50, and then from Antigua, you would take another shuttle from Antigua to Panajachel (4 hours, approximately $30). There are tour companies everywhere, just go talk to any one of them and you can book this in Antigua. They speak English.


Note: If you arrive in Panajachel past 7pm, the private boat costs a little more. This is why we recommended you arrive in GUA between 7am – 2pm. The private boat costs about 200-250q (about $30-35) after 7pm, depending on the exact time.

How to Communicate With Us In Guatemala


Please email us with your arrival date / time, and your approximate itinerary for getting to our home.

This way, we can have a rough estimate on when you’ll arrive.

We recommend using WhatsApp for communicating in Guatemala.

Please feel free to add us and message us on Whatsapp to communicate about your arrival: +502 5909 5030.

You can also call us when in Guatemala at the same number:

+502 5909 5030

(You don’t need to dial +502 if you call from a Guatemalan phone)

Money & Local Currency

To pay your balance due, please check with your bank what their exchange rate for Guatemalan Quetzales is.

If the exchange rate is over 6.9, please exchange the entire amount of your balance due in the United States at your bank for Guatemalan Quetzales.

If it is lower than 6.9 (small banks), please bring USD with you.

We also recommend you exchange about $300-400 for spending money.

This money will be used for your transportation to and from the airport, and optional experiences like local day trips we’ll have, buying gifts and times we eat out for example.

You can always buy more quetzales (local Guatemalan currency) here at the lake.

Recommended Reading

We highly recommend you purchase and bring the book: Oneness with you, which you can purchase from Amazon here. This channeled book does the most perfect job of describing the very process of ascension we are all in, and gives very real and practical guidance on how to best go through this process with the most ease, grace, and joy in our hearts.

Also, this book here, Eating For Energy, is marvelous for anybody who is new to raw food eating, and most important WHY it is the most superior path of nutrition for the body. (the password to the ebook is “energy”)

I’ve studied and personally tested out so many different forms of nutrition for my body and raw food is by far what makes me feel BEST. We will be eating a lot of raw food, and I will also personally teach more about this in person, but I highly recommend this if you want a head start!

What to Expect

This is a big one that we’ve only recently clarified.

We’ve learned so much about being CLEAR about what this experience is about… and what it is not. Thanking our interaction with our November 2017 guests, greatly!

First of all:

This is Not a Retreat

We need to be really clear, that this isn’t an experience where we are here to “heal you” or to guide you through a structured healing process.

The way I give, is not through structure or timelines. It doesn’t happen through any sort of obligation or expectation. Rather, it is completely guided by Spirit and Inspiration in each moment.

There is so much that I can offer, and by letting go of how I think it “should” look, and asking you to release any expectations of how I support you, my gifts can truly flow through for the highest good of all of us.

I want to ask:

If neither myself of Infinity were there… what would you do with your time?

Look at this experience as a time to be with your Self. To go inside. To feel. And to return to Stillness, and let that be the root of your highest truth to unfold.

Important Disclaimer

Being around myself and Infinity, as well as this lake…

WILL accelerate your process of self-awareness.

Patterns, conditioning and old beliefs that you’ve picked up from a dysfunctional world, unconsciously as a child…

WILL arise.

It isn’t always pleasant and easy to have these patterns come up.

It is not my “fault” that they come up around me. But I act as a catalyst for all that does not resonate in the highest frequencies of Truth and Love, to arise. To be seen. To be felt. And to be released.

Understanding this is key to receiving the most from this experience.

We’re Here to “Do The Work”

When you are triggered, when you don’t feel good, when something comes up within you that makes you unhappy…

The MOST important thing to do… is STOP.


If you are reading this, then you understand that in this moment there is something for you to learn about yourself, above all.

This is why you’ve created this experience externally. So you can learn a deeper layer about yourself, and your perception of the world.

Rather than distracting yourself, finding something to do, or trying to ignore these feelings…

The most valuable thing you can do…



All that arises within you.

This is the key to allowing these emotions to pass through, and stopping the repeat drama that this deep-seated emotional charge attracts to your life.

I’m Here For You

I have a deep ability and gift to be able to help anybody go through their process of Self-realization and Self-awareness, and whenever you feel stuck or you need clarity… like there is an emotional charge that you can’t seem to get past, then come talk to me.

You are only being invited because there is a foundational commonthread that we share. The highest value of “doing the work”. Feeling when something doesn’t feel good. Not projecting or blaming, but always looking within as the root of every external experience.

This is my whole life. Looking inside, again and again. Clearing every layer that doesn’t serve.

I have a lot of experience personally with so many patterns I’ve cleared within myself, as well as a deep gift to be able to see, and help you when times are tough.

Please Remember, This is Our Home

We have a newborn baby, and our own inner work that we are always doing. As much as we are here for you, please respect and understand that sometimes we may just need silence, or own personal space.

Here, that is celebrated. When you take time for your Self. Because we truly believe that is one of the most valuable things we can EVER do.

Communication is Everything

For all of us to be in harmony, and for us to have the most enjoyable experience possible, we need to practice clear, open, honest, transparent and authentic communication, more than we ever have.

This is the place where you can experience this as one of the highest gifts this space holds for you.

When you don’t feel good, it is ESPECIALLY important to share and communicate openly. In these times, the best thing to do is just go inside and feel.

And if you are getting upset at someone around you (projecting), we encourage you and ask you to please communicate openly, and then take time to go inside.

No matter what unfolds, clear, open communication is always the key back to harmony. We are here to hold that expectation, and support us all as each of us really learn how to Speak our Truth, and receive others’ with non-judgement.

On “Running Away”

Many of us have the pattern, learned as a child as a safety-mechanism, of “running away” when things get hard. Or feeling like we have to “do it alone”.

The fact is –

This space will bring up a lot within you. Regardless of plant medicine ceremonies, just the energy we uphold IS the medicine. And deep layers of self-awareness are inevitable.

This is beautiful, powerful, and extremely life-changing.

And allows the peaks and joys of life to be even greater than we’ve ever known them to be.

You are in the process of becoming who you are really here to be.

There is only a very rare, small handful of people we feel in resonance with to open up our home to.

(This is why there will only be about 2-4 people joining us a month).

This is a very private experience, for those who we truly feel have a deep level of self-accountability for their experiences, and a deep relationship with stillness.

We know there will be so many shared moments of love, joy, gratitude, stillness and celebration.

And at the same time, many deep moments with the Self.

If you are committing to this experience… then commit fully.

If you get triggered about anything… go into it. Learn from it. Discover your Self, through it…

Come to us if it’s ever really hard.

Communicate openly, and transparently.

And most of all…

Don’t run away.

It’s not “our fault” that what is within you… comes to the surface.

It’s one of the biggest gifts of being around us.

As clear mirrors, we will help you see what you most need to see within yourself. Always with as much love and compassion as possible.

If you choose to leave during your stay with us, you are completely welcome to, but we kindly say, there will be no refunds if you choose this option.

Commit to this process. Even when it’s hard. And it will give you more than you can even imagine.

The answer, is always going Inside.


We had to share more about what this experience is, and what it is NOT so we can really be on the same page when you get here.

We aren’t here to hold your hand, but we are here to hold you in love, as you just be YOU, in this beautiful experience that will undoubtedly uplift us all.

There is so much beauty, and so much in place here to support us in really taking the time to go inside, to connect with the Self, to learn, to grow, to heal, to discover, and to ENJOY life in the highest.

We look so forward to having you here, and opening our home to you. Truly. Or else we wouldn’t have said yes to approving you to join us.

Thank you for reading these words, and taking them to heart.

We feel a deep resonance with you, your values, what you are looking for and what you look to experience in coming to Guatemala. For this reason, we write these words for you, and look forward to when we meet face to face!

Thank you!

With SO much love, from the depths of our heart to yours,
Trinity, Infinity & Baby AvaSanika
And the Ayahuasca Healings Family! <3

How To Prepare For Ayahuasca Retreat

PS –

If you need it for any reason, you can note this for our address:

Santa Cruz la Laguna
Panajachel, Lago Atitlan

Yay!! Love!!!