Guatemala Community – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions asked by other guests interested in this beautiful community experience. To make it easier for everybody, we decided to collate them and put them here for your ease of reference!

  • How do I get the center after arriving in Guatemala? (And what is the cost?)

To get to our land after arriving in Guatemala City, you have two options.

Both options are offered from the same shuttle company, which operates out of, and has their service booth, right at the airport. You can’t miss them, it is a small airport, and you’ll see them right after you pick up your bag and leave customs. They speak English, and will be able to easily help you out.

– The first option, which we recommend, is to take a shuttle directly to Panajachel. This will cost about $100, and takes about 3-4 hours depending on traffic.

– The second option, which takes a little more time but is cheaper and more adventurous (fun!) is to take a shuttle from the airport to a little town called Antigua. This is a beautiful old colonial town, amazing cobblestone roads, lots of culture and shops, good restaurants, beautiful buildings and has a big towering volcano overlooking the town.

If you want to arrive a day early and spend a night here, I’m sure you’ll love it. The shuttle to Antigua (about 1.5 – 2 hours) is around $50, and then from Antigua, you would take another shuttle from Antigua to Panajachel (4 hours, approximately $30). There are tour companies everywhere, just go talk to any one of them and you can book this in Antigua. They speak English.

It will cost 10q (about $1.50 USD), and the ride takes about 15 minutes. The boat will leave when there are enough passengers on it. We recommend you have the money ready, and pay exactly 10q, so they don’t charge you more because you’re a foreigner =)

Call us before you get on the boat (we’ll give you our phone number upon registration), and we’ll have someone pick you up at the Santa Cruz dock, to bring you to our land. =)

  • Is Guatemala safe if I arrive a day early also?

Absolutely! It is very safe, especially if you go to Antigua like we mentioned. You won’t spend any time in Guatemala City, just to arrive and catch the shuttle to Antigua, all from the airport.

And most important, you create your own reality. If one exists in fear, they will attract the very experiences that they are worried about. If you live in trust and love, knowing you are safe, you will be!

Either way, it’s very safe here, you have nothing to worry about!

  • What is the approximate cost to get back to the airport from retreat?

First you would take a boat from our land to Panajachel, which costs only $2. And it’s actually cheaper to get to Guatemala City from Panajachel than the other way around. A direct shuttle (approximately $50) will take you straight from Panajachel to Guatemala City, and they can drop you off at the airport.

  • Is there anything else you expect? (I have some experience with communities and groups who expect all kinds of  “selfless service”, even unpaid labor etc, that is why I am asking)
Thank you for asking! There is no need for “unpaid labor” as you mentioned in your question, or any expectations we have from you other than the said commitment to really commit to the Self and your daily practice. Everything is optional, and in no way at all are we here to force any experience upon you whatsoever.
We will ask people to volunteer for little tasks around the community, which support us all, but in no way at all is it like working in the garden, making food, doing dishes, or anything laborious. Only little tasks to keep the space clean, conscious, and the highest vibration for us all.
Additionally, if people want to share their gifts in any way, they are more than welcomed to. We have an open space for people to lead workshops or classes, and share that with the rest of the community, if that is what inspires you. But again, in no way at all is this mandatory. You are more than welcome to just experience all that is already offered and put together, that I will be guiding us all through, throughout this experience.