Where does the money go?

From Trinity de Guzman, Ayahuasca Healings Church in America co-founder:

With the contributions we receive, people sometimes misjudge us as being money seeking capitalists who are here to exploit the medicine of Ayahuasca.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are here to share this medicine, with the highest, purest intentions of healing, for you, our people, and our planet.

And 100% of the contributions we receive, every single penny, is directed towards the healing of our planet.

My Background

The fact is, I came from a business background, and I have learned after many years working with million dollar corporations, and at a young age, making a lot of money, that money is NOT what I want.

Money is not the solution that our world and society makes it out to be. It is not the answer to your problems, it will not make you happy, and if you work your whole life to accumulate it, personally, I found out first-hand, that it only leaves me feeling empty, off-purpose, and seeking answers to the real question:

What am I really here to do with my life?

I learned very young, that no matter how much money I could make, it didn’t make me happy. And no matter how hard I worked, it really left me feeling more empty than anything.

Ultimately, money led me to my awakening.

Our Relationship With Money

Money is neither good, nor bad.

What matters, is the intention behind it.

Money only makes people more of what they are, so if one is greedy, money would only make that person more greedy. If one is generous, money only makes that person more generous.

A lot of us have very unhealthy relationships with money, which is why a lot of us struggle financially.

As a society, we demonize money, and there are beliefs in the collective consciousness, like “money is the root of all evil” and “in order to have money, you have to manipulate others”.

Countless belief systems exist around money, which makes people have a very negative perspective on it.

And if anybody is accusing us of being money-hungry capitalists, more than anything, that is a reflection of their personal relationship with money.

The State of our World

I am here to transparently and openly say, yes, we receive an abundance of contributions.

For one reason, and one reason only.

To bring healing to the world.

The time has come for money to no longer be in the hands of billion dollar corporations who are raping our Mother Earth, lying, stealing, cheating, and exploiting people, and our planet, in order to fill this unconscious, ego-driven need for more; to accumulate, to hoard – rooted in the fear of not having enough.

Which is really just a reflection of the disconnection from Truth. From God. From the Creator.

When we forget that we are One with Source, we live in a state of separation. Separation from the knowingness that we are always taken care of, and we always have everything we need in this moment.

When we come to Earth, and these physical bodies, we perceive to be separate from Source, and we forget. It is our spiritual work in this world to Remember.

And if you don’t Remember, Who You Really Are, What You Really Are, and your connection to the One, there is this silent feeling deep down, of constantly being afraid of not having enough.

This fear of not having enough, is at the very root of our world & humanity’s pain.

It is the unconscious need for power, rooted in fear of not having enough, that causes so much pain, suffering, and torment in our world.

This is where our Church, and what we are doing, comes in.

Our intention, to wake people up, to remind you of Who You Really Are, is to heal these collective fears of not having enough, and in the big picture, is exactly what we need to bring peace back to our world.

Through taking this Inner Journey, that these sacred plant medicines and teachers help you with so profoundly, Mother Ayahuasca, and Father San Pedro, you can heal the root of all pain…

Which is ultimately the separation from God, from Truth, from Source, from Who You Really Are.

Through sitting with these sacred sacraments and plant medicines, these words aren’t just something you read on a screen, or something you hear about “out there”.

It becomes something you live. You embody. And from every cell of your being, the old fears that used to run you, seem to automatically have no more control over you.

That is why we receive these contributions.

To redirect this energy, which money is, to the healing of our planet. To the Divine Remembering.

We do this by channeling that financial energy in these ways:

1. Our ONAC – Ayahuasca Healings Church in Washington

This is our fist Ayahuasca Healings Church in America, and it’s really important that we are able to deliver the highest quality experience to every single Church Member who visits the land.

Anybody who ever comes to an Ayahuasca Healing Retreat, we commit, that we are doing absolutely everything in our power to create the most transformational, healing, and positively life-changing experience, that has ever been available in America.

With this intention and commitment, the fact is, it takes a lot of money.

Everything from building the Center, from the base necessities like your lodging – the Tipis, and everything that goes inside of them, to your food, the medicine, taking care of the volunteers who make this all possible, paying for the land, the healers, facilitators & teachers who serve at the retreats, and everything in between… honestly, our operating expenses are about $25,000 a month, for this center alone.

We also have our online team to pay, and without them, none of this would be possible. The ones who reply to the hundreds of emails we receive every day, who followup with all the applications, and conduct all of your interviews.

These people have living expenses, and in order for them to fully dedicate their lives to this movement, this Church, and everything we are doing, they get a very nominal salary, just to cover their base necessities.

There are so many expenses we have just to run this one Church, and your contributions are the only thing that make any of this possible.

To be honest, I don’t even receive a salary. Marc Shackman and I (Trinity de Guzman), do NOT receive salaries. We dedicate 100% of the contributions we receive directly back to the vision, to grow this, for all of us.

2. The Scholarship Fund

Your generous contribution allows other people who are struggling financially, to be able to attend our Ayahuasca Healing Retreats.

Simply stated, there are a lot of people who are struggling financially in our society.

Our North American culture is built on a system that depends on people struggling. People at the top make money, while people at the bottom suffer, and can barely make ends meet.

Unfortunately, that’s the truth, and you’ll be shocked to really get a glimpse into the lives of the people we talk to daily – all the people who need this healing so badly, but simply do not have the money to make it possible for themselves.

That is why we have a scholarship program. For those who are struggling financially, your generous contribution makes it possible for these people to experience this deep healing that they, and our society, need so deeply.

3. Future Ayahuasca Healing Churches

We aren’t here to just be a single Church, and serve a small number of people every weekend.

No, we know there are THOUSANDS of people every single day who are searching for Ayahuasca, for healing, for answers, for clarity, for purpose…

We aren’t here to play small.

Our vision is to create 30 ONAC – Ayahuasca Healing Churches, through the support of our Mother Church, the Oklevueha Native American Church, all over North America by the year 2032, the start of our New Golden Age.

Land is expensive in America. Building a retreat Center isn’t cheap, at all.

People often misjudge us by comparing what our suggested donation is, to what it costs for an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.

For the Ayahuasca Healing Center I co-founded in Peru back in 2014, The Garden of Peace, it cost $5000 for 5 acres of land. In America, you could expect to pay at least 10 times the cost.

Everything about building Churches in America is expensive. From the land, which in itself, will cost at least $500,000 for each Center, to the building supplies, paying the team, taking care of the volunteers, food, medicine, everything about sharing Ayahuasca in America is not in any way cheap.

So you can’t compare our suggested donation to the cost of Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru.

It’s important to understand, that the money we receive is to build more Centers, more Ayahuasca Healing Churches, and make this medicine more available to the country that we feel needs it most.

Eventually, as we build more Churches, we will give away more Scholarship Programs, to more people. The suggested donation we have is only that much because of how big this vision is, and the resources we know are required to make this a reality.

We are a non-profit organization, and we rely solely on your contributions to make any of this possible. We do not have some millionaire funding this in the background.

This is a community-crowd-funded vision, and YOU, through your generous contribution, are the one who is making this profound healing for America, and our world, possible.

4. Legal Fund

We are walking a fine line here, in bringing Ayahuasca to America, publicly.

The fact is, we are allowed to do this. What we are doing IS legal. The complete details on exactly how and why we are legal can be found on this page here

Basically, The Religious Freedom and Rights Act of the US Constitution, separates Church and State, to avoid religious discrepancy between any state / federal leaders and their beliefs.

This means that the State, the Government, has no right to interfere with our right to practice our Religion, as long as we are not interfering with anybody else’s rights or safety.

This is our Religion. Mother Ayahuasca and Father San Pedro are our Teachers. They are the Spirit of Mother Earth, and Father Sky, manifest into physical form, for us to sit with, learn from, and commune with, to deepen our connection with the Creator, and Who We Really Are.

The State / Government has absolutely no right to interfere with our Religious Rights or activities. If they do, THEY are the ones that are breaking the law.

If they try to stop us, we will defend ourselves, and we will win. It’s that simple.

But that would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, of legal fees.

We need to save up, and your contributions allow us to have the bulletproof legal protection that we are continuously building upon, to make sure that this vision will outlive us, and the ripples of what we are doing today, what we are standing for now, will bring freedom and peace for countless generations to come.

5. Our Children / Your Children

We can no longer let our children grow up in the world that we live in.

There is fear-based media, news propaganda that instills nothing but fear and worst case scenario, “what if” situations in our mind, that causes us to be paralyzed in our own fear and inaction.

This forces us to “follow the system” and “do what we’re told” ultimately silencing our passion, our truth, our joy, and keeping us from discovering the Secrets of the Heart. The Secrets to True Happiness.

Our children are growing up, addicted to technology, with their eyes glued to the TV, computer, or mobile phone, keeping their mind distracted, and their heart silenced.

The state of our world is in dire need for us to change the way we’ve been doing things, NOW. And it’s not us who will wake up the world… it’s our children.

It’s up to us to build a new way of living, create the model for humanity that allows our children, and their children, to grow up in conscious communities where they aren’t brainwashed, their minds aren’t poisoned, and they can hold onto the Divine Spark that they come into this world knowing.

If we don’t cut the cords, the same unconscious patterns of blame, reactivity, anger, and negative behaviors, will continue to be passed on to our children, and theirs… and so on and so forth… and our world will only grow more sick with time.

The money you are contributing towards this vision, simply stated, is to build the intentional communities where, for many of you reading this, is the place that you’ve been waiting for.

The place where you could feel like you belong, where the people around you don’t judge you for being who you are. Where you could follow your passion, grow your own food, live off the land, and enjoy life, simply, back to the roots, of Mother Earth.

It’s about creating a new-world, a new way of living, or really, coming back to the old way of living. For our children, to hold onto the Divine Remembering, of who they really are, and why they are here…

To bring love, light, and healing to the world.

Your contributions build these conscious communities, build these centers of love, of healing, of truth… to bring joy and happiness to all.

The Time Has Come

The question is…

If we don’t do it, who will?

Who will bring healing to this planet, if you and I don’t?

We can’t wait around for others to do it, or else it just won’t happen.

It’s time for us to unify our intentions, unify our vision of a better world, an awoken humanity, and a happy, thriving planet.

It’s time for the money that once fed “The Beast” – the society that runs off of consumerism, and the insatiable, constant need for more, to finally be in the hands of people who will do good with it.

That is you and I. That is this Church.

We want the same things you do, and we are just here to pool our money together, and redirect it in ways where it can truly create real, lasting, impact and change on our planet.

Alone, we are weak. Together, we are more powerful than words can ever describe.

Only together, is any of this possible.

Only together, is how the world will wake up.

So please, donate generously. Your contribution is the only way we can make this possible, to create the New Earth, and to bring healing, peace, joy, and love, back, into the heart of the world.

That is where your money goes, and you can rest assured, that all your money, is always, in all ways, being redirected towards the healing and awakening of our planet.

We are stewards of money. Shepherds. Channels.

The money you contribute isn’t ours. We don’t take or own any of it. We are just here to redirect it, to where you and I both know, we need it in our world.

Thank you so much for reading this page, feeling our heart, our truth, our intention, and knowing, that in supporting this vision, this movement, you are ultimately supporting the healing of our planet, during the time when we need it most.

With so much love, so infinitely grateful to serve,
The Ayahuasca Healings Family