Future Offerings

Our current retreat offering is the 4-day retreat led by Marc Kumooja Banyan Tree Shackman, details found here. However, we intend to have both shorter and longer retreat options available very soon.

Many applicants have asked us, “Will I have to contribute $1,500 every time I want to drink Ayahuasca with you?” The obvious answer is NO. Anyone and everyone who attends one of our retreats will be considered part of the extended Ayahuasca Healings family. One of the primary benefits of this will be the ability to attend our single ceremony offerings.

Single Ceremonies: We envision having larger, one-off ceremonies, especially after we have constructed our permanent Ayahuasca temple in the coming months! Such ceremonies would not be open to first-timers, as we could not provide the same kind of focused, intimate care. We will hold these ceremonies on powerful and synchronistic dates and holidays – such as on solstices and equinoxes. Especially as we might have dozens, even up to one hundred, guests at a single ceremony!

The energy of this will be amazing and will allow for profound healing experiences. Not just for us as individuals, but also for the entire planet, together. Due to the large size of these ceremonies, they would be open only to those with significant Ayahuasca experience, or who have already completed a 4-day retreat with us.

These ceremonies will be largely inspired by the Full Moon ceremonies led every month by Diego Palma, Trinity’s teacher. Every month, Diego hosts incredible, heart opening ceremonies at the moon’s fullest at his large temple in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru. We hope to bring this style of “Valley Medicine Ceremonies” to the United States, in dedication and focused on the world’s collective healing. Details to be announced as we know more!

Coming fall 2016

14-Day Sacred Mythic Journeys to Mexico & Guatemala and Peru & Bolivia.

For those looking to experience our Sacred Plant Sacraments in their indigenous homelands, ONAC of Ayahuasca Healings is pleased to announce that in late 2016 and 2017, there will be limited options to travel with Kumooja Banyan Tree and the Ayahuasca Healings Family on their Sacred Mythic Journeys to the most high energy power sites in Central and South America that they personally have ever experienced. For many years now, Kumooja Banyan Tree has been hosting epic, intensive, life-changing Journeys to sacred sites all around the globe. These journeys are dedicated to traveling both outward and inward, more deeply than you ever thought possible. To bring you in complete alignment, in touch and in tune with your true, authentic, most powerful self. More details to be announced soon.