Ayahuasca Healings Church Guidelines and Commitments


The following guidelines are here for the benefit of every person who come to our land. This is so much more than just a project; we are building a sacred sanctuary, a place for the deepest healing and inner journey to take place. To discover the depths of who you really are, and in the process, let go of all that no longer serves. This is no simple process.

Doing something like this requires an incredibly high standard, that every single person who comes to help make this project a reality, must abide by and live by. We understand that the guidelines and commitments we are asking you to agree to below, are probably more strict than what you have currently been living by, and by coming to be a part of this community with us, the energetic space we hold is for nothing less than the deepest transformation.

This won’t always be easy, but it will be beyond worth it. For your own personal transformation, and the transformation of our planet, it takes such a high standard of energetic cleanliness, for something of this magnitude to be successful.

This standard, and the guidelines listed below are not negotiable. Many of the rules have a ZERO STRIKE tolerance. Meaning, if you break one of the commitments below, you will need to kindly be asked to leave the land. (Such as the first bullet in our list of commitments)

For other guidelines, we understand that this is probably very different than anything you’ve ever experienced, and we will do our best to be as understanding as possible. However, if you simply can not abide by the following guidelines, with our support and loving understanding to help you in your process, there just might not be a right fit for us to work and serve together. 

The bottom line is, this is for you. These guidelines, these commitments, although some of them may not be easy, this is for YOUR benefit. You may have wanted to live by this standard, but didn’t have anybody to help you, or support you in that process. But now is the time. We are here for you, and the strength and energy of our group of beings so committed to the service of healing for our planet, will make the below commitments much easier than you may initially think.

“If you are willing to do what is hard, life will be easy. If you’re only willing to do what’s easy, life will be hard” – T Harv Eker

So join us, step up to the plate, for the way that you know you want to live. If you are willing to commit to the following guidelines below, then this WILL be the most transformational journey you’ve ever experienced.

The medicine path isn’t easy. But letting go of the things that no longer serve us, rarely is.

The time has come for you to do this, for yourself, your people, and your planet.

The question is, are you ready?

Only you know.

We’re here for you when you are.


Here are the Ayahuasca Healings Church Family Guidelines & Commitments:

  • No recreational or casual use of drugs of any kind on and off the land including alcohol, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, caffeine-related addictions (e.g. coffee or black tea) and commercial cigarettes. Only special ceremonial events will be permitted for specific substance use outside of the retreats, and this will happen with special permission only.
  • No casual sex or sexual need-based relationships are allowed here in our community (strictly no sex or masturbation during all retreats, including all couples). Deeply committed Heart-based relationships only please.
  • Couples must refrain from overly heated public signs of affection at all times. They are to remain respectful, aware and sensitive to others healing processes in relation to the work that we are all doing here together, and to be mindful always of what behavior is appropriate in community public open spaces and how it may affect others negatively.
  • Everybody wakes up at 6am sharp for morning Open heArts Space (personal time for yourself to reflect, meditate, write, do art, yoga, or any of the things that you need to do for yourself before starting your day). Breakfast is at 7.00am sharp everyday and there is a community gathering every morning from 7.00am-8.00am daily. 
  • No high levels of frequent swearing, spitting, or low-vibrational conversation is permitted at anytime (i.e. gossiping, bullying, negative criticism or disempowering comments, actions or speech, or talking about other people if they are not there.)
  • All disagreements or negative feelings towards another team member MUST be communicated or expressed only during community gatherings, nowhere else. No personal attacks, emotional venting, or verbal abuse is to take place one-on-one or outside of our community gatherings and sharing circles.
  • Everyone must be committed to the work internally (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and externally (physically) at all times. We expect for everyone to make good use of the meditational and creative arts time (Open HeArts Space) provided everyday between 6am and 7am, and 5pm and 6pm.
  •  No leaving the land is allowed under any circumstances unless you have direct permission from the retreat center management team and principle medicine man/woman. During retreats you understand that the land is in lock down mode and nobody must leave and arrive to and from the land under any circumstances, unless there is an emergency.
  •  No inviting others to the land is permitted unless you have direct permission from the retreat center management team and principle medicine man/woman.
  •  Urinating or defecating is only allowed in specific designated places, nowhere else is permitted under any circumstances.
  •  Always remain respectful, kind, caring, supportive, compassionate, non-judgmental to everybody on the land at all times.
  •  You are responsible for your own possessions at all times, and our Ayahuasca Healings Church / the management team are not responsible for any lost or damaged material items during your time on the land with us.
  •  All members of the community are encouraged to use their own initiative wherever necessary. For example if something obviously needs doing which has been forgotten about by another community member, or is a clear safety hazard, then please just do it yourself in the moment and take it on yourself as your responsibility to find a solution. Please be as proactive, as possible.
  •  Keep everything private and confidential that is witnessed in our community. What happens on our land and in our community stays on our land and in our community. The information we share with you is for your ears and eyes only, unless direct permission by the management team and principle medicine man/woman is given to you, to share this information with anybody else outside of our community.
  •  No excess public talk of Ayahuasca or the use of Shamanic Plant Medicines (i.e. Our sacred church sacraments) outside of our retreat center and church land is permitted. Please be consciously aware and selective of who you share information with at all times and where you are sharing this information. You represent the project at all times and are a symbol of our professionalism on and off the land wherever you are and wherever you go. This applies especially near-by in our local town community environment directly outside of the land. Any careless or irresponsible behavior or actions will not be tolerated.
  •  Our location and physical address should never be disclosed to anybody but your very close family for emergency contact reasons only. This is so that our privacy is conserved and protected and that our sacred space and its highly clean energetic state is maintained at all times, which is of paramount importance to the whole community’s success.
  •  Everybody must work and stick to the community structure. There will be no exceptions and no special treatments given to individual members e.g. even on birthdays, unless direct permission is given from the management team, or you are ill and cannot work. Under these circumstances please let somebody know immediately first of all if this is the case, so that the management team and principle medicine man /woman are made aware of your weaker condition as quickly as possible and can assist you if necessary and when required.
  •  Respect people’s personal boundaries during Open Arts Space, evening relaxation time and days off, especially if requested by the individual. 
  •  Use natural organic products as much as possible and stay conscious of recycling and composting. Please keep the use of the following to an absolute minimum: plastics, aerosols, polystyrene, toxic waste products, and using unhealthy processed sugars, oils and chemicals in food.
  •  When instructions and guidance are given by the Church ministers, medicine men/women or project leaders, please listen, follow, and take action immediately without dispute, especially during retreats. However, if you disagree with what you are being asked to do, or how you have been treated, you have the right to bring this matter up consciously during community gatherings (only with the rest of the team and the particular person in question present), so that it may be addressed quickly and appropriately.
  •  Internet use is limited to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays past 6pm, for all volunteers. Please refrain from all video streaming, video skyping, and large file uploads/downloads to conserve monthly Internet allowance for everyone in the community.
  •  Only high-energy inspirational positive media is to be watched, listened to or shared on the land. e.g. no horror movies, pornography, sexually explicit material, or low-vibrational obscene humor is acceptable etc.
  •  Any negative or suspicious behavior or information circulating in or around our community should be reported immediately to the management team and principle medicine man/woman without delay.
  •  You understand completely that the Ayahuasca Healings Church management team and principle medicine man/woman, are not obliged to give you a second chance if you do not adhere to the above Guidelines & Commitments. If we must ask you to leave the land for a violation of this Code of Ethics, we expect for you to gather your belongings, and proceed with our request for leaving the land in a respectful, understanding manner. This decision is only made with love, for the health of our community, and all guests involved.