Kelsey Cruver, USA

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My experience at the retreat this last weekend was, with a doubt, the most incredible, moving time of my life. The struggles and breakthroughs experienced by me and everyone else helped to rebirth me into a completely new person. Of course, absolutely nothing happened like I had expected, and that was the first lesson we were told! The structure of the events was intimidating at first, but with so many truly amazing people around, you’re on top of the world and can handle anything.

This retreat really helped me create a whole new life, and I am sooo grateful for that. I feel remarkably blessed for getting to connect and love openly with people who were complete strangers to me just a few days ago. We were only there for three whole days but it felt like at least three weeks, truly the most heart felt time of my life. I know I’ll be returning as a volunteer someday, maybe even as a guest again. Just love and live free!

Thank you again for that truly beautiful and moving weekend. I have already noticed significant changes in myself with the practice of the lessons you gave us. My heart feels so good and I just want to thank you so much! My life has truly been changed forever 🙂

Peace, Love, and Happiness,
Kelsey Cruver

Kelsey Cruver, USA