Jeremy Sommers, USA

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This retreat was honestly the most liberating and peaceful thing I’ve done in my life. I was very nervous going into it because of a lot of things I researched before going. I had expected to be shown the depths of who I was, my core self, and thought I was going to have to face a lot of demons.
Throughout the ceremonies, (with Father San Pedro to be specific) my thought patterns and my belief systems were challenged, and ultimately shredded to nothingness. After my thoughts were no longer present, my heart opened up and felt the oneness of this universe. Unlike before when I just had an idea of the oneness of the universe, I felt it deep within. During the ceremony with Mother Aya, I was able to let go of everything I had held onto since birth. Which left me laying in a deep state of peace, stillness, and acceptance.
Throughout the weekend, I was able to bond with everyone there in a state of openness and acceptance. I came to love everyone and everything, not only there, but in the world and ultimately the entirety of the space this magical thing we call life which we exist in.
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Jeremy Sommers, USA