Carlos, USA

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How has Ayahuasca impacted your life?

“Ayahuasca has been a very powerful tool and spiritual awakening for me. Through this medicine much was revealed to me about myself and how to live my life from the way I eat, to the way I see and interact with the world. This is a super food for the detoxification of the body and mind.”

Can you think of a specific example of how it has shifted how you interact with situations in your life?

“I used to get sick much throughout the year, Ayahuasca pointed out specific information for me to pay attention to about my health. My health has been better than ever and my understanding about my body has greatly expanded. The number one things I learned from many things is how to properly hydrate, how to clean my skin, chi breathing, the use if infrared sauna, and sun gazing. I would have never paid attention to these things without Ayahuasca, I was stuck with the standard American diet, which was creating an environment for sickness.”

What is one of your most memorable Ayahuasca experiences, and why?

“I just recently had in experience in March 2014, That I would like to comment on because I nailed the preparation for the ceremony, and it was a very magical experience. I was able to harmonize my body, mind and spirit. I have found that because I prepared my body correctly Ayahuasca allowed me to see and analyze whatever topics I wanted. The connection and energy that I felt was like no other! The truth I saw and the love that overwhelmed me cannot be put into words only those who have had similar experiences know what I’m talking about.”

Why do you believe the medicine is on this earth?

“I believe it is a tool to help those who are called to the plant, remind themselves who they are and how to live as a human here on earth, because life is complicated and the majority of us do not know how to live or be human!”

Anything else you feel important to share?

“Ayahuasca is a great tool if you know how to use it, although Ayahuasca is a powerful tool, one has to do their part to fine tune there machine (your body) and use breathing to control your super computer (your emotional mind). Learn how to properly prepare for these ceremonies so you can have a better experience than you otherwise will have without proper preparations. My preparation went as follows: flushed my stomach with baking soda aluminum free 1 teaspoon, still had a great breakfast, hydrated throughout the day, cleaned my skin, and sun-gazed, after I did twenty minutes of chi breathing (breathing in and out of your nose with you mouth closed) takes some getting use to, but its amazing, went into the sauna for thirty minutes but drank about a half gallon of lemon water with minerals, after I got a chiropractic adjustment and massage. I did all this before the ceremony and my experience was like none I have ever had! It may sound like a lot of stuff to do to do to get ready but I made it happen, so you can too! This is what worked for me, I’m just sharing what I did! Take care and be safe.”

Carlos, USA