A Letter to Those in the Medicine Community

From Trinity de Guzman, written in The Sacred Valley, Peru:

A lot of people who are familiar with how much the medicine costs, judge us, or are upset by the fact that we are requesting $1497 – $1997 as our suggested donation for our Ayahuasca Healing Retreats in America.

We want to be very clear: this requested donation is NOT for the medicine.

This requested donation is for those who feel the call, to help support our Spiritual Mission. Just like any Church, we rely solely on donations & contributions to make what we are creating possible.

We are here to create countless conscious communities inside of North America, and completely re-create what it means to live together in harmony, with the land, and to do this in North America costs millions of dollars.

It’s time for people who have the highest intentions with money to finally have access to it, rather than putting it right back into The System, that feeds on unconsciousness & suffering.

Would you really rather people keep their money and spend it on meaningless things that they really don’t need? Feeding and fueling unconsciousness? Or would you rather that those of us who have seen the light, and know where our world has to go, has the money, so we can redirect it in all the ways it needs to be used, for the service of humanity?

Waking up the world will only happen when a massive amount of energy is funneled in that direction. That means, a massive amount of people need to be 100% committed towards that vision for our humanity. That means, they can not have one foot in for the awakening of our world, and another foot still in The System, The Beast, struggling to make money in a job, feeding all that no longer serves.

In order for us to wake up the world, we have to have as many people serving this movement, and that means they need to be 100% committed, and not be energetically split between wanting to be of service, but still needing to be in The System because they need money.

We collect this money so that we can grow our family of servants to the light – for those who are ready to leave the System, to come support this movement, fully, with their time, heart & energy.

The amount of expenses it takes to run a movement like this is multiple tens of thousands of dollars a month, and the expenses only keep going up.

Just one aspect of our expenses, is the need we have to take care of those who are supporting this movement. We have so many hands on board, so many mouths to feed, continuously increasing, and we need to take care of them, so they don’t need to make money from a J.O.B. or anything that is out of alignment with their heart and truth.

The only way this is possible is if every single person in the family of service is 100% committed to giving everything they have to this. To the Awakening of the World.

This is just ONE aspect of the expenses we have, if you want to know more about where the money goes, and what our expenses are, you can view this page here.

Let’s Give it Away

In sharing the medicine, we ask money from those who have it, and for those who don’t, we want to give the medicine for free.

Our vision is to create 2 Ayahuasca Healing Churches a year, every year, until 2032, for a total of 30 Churches by the start of our New Golden Age. This is no small endeavor. And madre has clearly shown me that it takes a lot of money, and a lot of energy, for that tidal wave of love to truly create it’s destined impact in the world.

We ask you not to demonize money, or to judge us for requesting donations as we do. It is only because we understand, that in order to create something that lasts for generations and generations to come, it takes a lot of money.

Eventually, our requested donations will be lower. But until then, we rely solely on these contributions to make any of this possible. To buy land in America alone costs millions of dollars.

We do not have a millionaire in the background funding this. This entire movement is a crowd-funded, community-supported project, and the only way it is possible, is by pooling our money together, and directing it for the creation of something that will serve humanity for countless generations to come.

We ask you to look at your own relationship with money, do you look at it as something that is wrong, evil, bad? Money is neutral, and it only amplifies the energy of those who are behind it.

Being awoken to the medicine of Ayahuasca, I understand that this money is absolutely the fuel that is needed to create the projects and movement that our humanity needs for it’s global awakening & healing.

We give all money back to the people. This isn’t about profit. I don’t take any salary or store anything in the bank just for the ego’s sake of it. No, this is about giving it all back to the people.

At the end of the day, we ask, do you want the money to go back in the system? Or do you want it in the hands of those awoken to what needs to happen in our world, and are risking their lives to actually make that a reality?

The Only Way This is Possible

We need your support energetically. Specifically those of you who are experienced with Mother Ayahuasca. We have to unify our intentions and energy for this to be successful.

I have had my background in marketing and spreading messages for this reason completely. To spread the message of love, truth, healing & Awakening.

The idea of conscious communities aren’t new. They’ve been around for decades. But why isn’t there a conscious community in North America that is creating an impact in the world that we can all see, hear and feel?

Because they didn’t have the money, the energy, to make that level of impact possible.

I know that my ability to spread a message is the solution to this problem. And now, as we build these conscious communities with the ability to generate money built within the communities themselves, our ability to reach, transform, and change lives is amplified infinite fold, and The Divine Plan, is really unfolding through what we are doing.

Please, instead of energetically shooting daggers at us, see and feel the heart behind what we are doing. Support us, love us, and give credence to what we are “risking” to make this all possible for our world.

This is for the people. Period. Always. In all ways.

On Being the “First”

In terms of our claims of being the first public, legal Ayahuasca Church in America:

The keyword is PUBLIC. We are the first PUBLIC Ayahuasca Church in America.

Of course we know there have been other Ayahuasca Churches in America. But they’ve been very underground, and hard to get into for the general public. That is why I say we are the first PUBLIC Ayahuasca Church in America.

I give honor and credence to those who have walked before us, especially Jeffrey Bronfman, the founder of the UDV in America, who was the first to create the legal precedent for what we are doing to actually be possible, here, now.

We are in no way saying we are the first to be doing this.

We are though, the first ones to be doing this publicly and openly.

There is a very clear distinction.

Regardless, it’s all semantics.

Understand This

We don’t care about being the first, or the last, all that we care about is that the people HEAR about this. So that those who are ready for this medicine can finally have her enter their consciousness, and in the perfect time, they will sit with her.

Little by little, people are waking up to what Ayahuasca is, and these words are used to hook the conscious mind, because at the end of the day, we have to understand what game we are playing. What uphill battle we are fighting. The strength of the opposition.

The mind. The system. How deeply enslaved these people are to their minds & thoughts.

My art, is understanding how to speak to people’s minds, for them to be interested. I’m a bridger of worlds, from the western world, the world of consumerism, and more, more, more… to the world of Truth. The world that really matters. The inner world.

How can you speak to somebody who’s never looked inside, to take that inner journey? How can you communicate with someone who doesn’t know God, to want to? How can you talk to someone in a way where they can feel the inspiration to take this difficult and intangible journey of inner work and healing, and then happily give you money to support them with that?

That has been my lifelong study. And it’s been no easy road.

I use this rare gift with the highest integrity to bring these people from where they are, to where I know we are all going. Back to Love, back to Source, back to Oneness.

Simply understand, it is time for the medicine to be made known to the common man / woman, and what we are doing, is actually making that possible, in a grounded way in this physical world.

The time has come for us to stop speaking about what we know our world needs, and to actually just do it. Receiving money is an integral part to it. We have to understand the rules of the game we are playing within, in this destiny of our Awoken Humanity.

We are creating the bridge between the System, and the Plan. The Beast, and The Truth. The Concrete Jungle, and what is Real.

And our movement is the path, the bridge, that brings money from all we know is no longer serving for our collective consciousness, to the projects, energies, and intentions that we all know we need for our collective awakening.

If we don’t do it, who will?

We can’t wait for others to do it, or else it just won’t happen.

Thank you

This is simply a glimpse into the mind, the heart, and the highest intentions behind the energy that is creating this movement.

Do not judge, do not oppose, it is all divinity flowing & unfolding.

In fact, join us. Energetically, support us, with your prayers, with your love, with your highest hopes & visions that what we do is successful. Please.

That is the only way this will be possible.



With SO much love, grateful for our energies & intentions unifying,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS – If you are finding judgement or negative energy from those you know who see what we are doing, but do not understand the guidance behind how and why we are doing what we are doing, please send this letter on to them.

Thank you!


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